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Timothy SULLIVAN married Mary or Hanorah BURKE, probably in the city of Cork and had at least 7 boys and 2 girls. The family at some point moved to the vacinity of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, where most of the children married. One by one, most of the Sullivans moved to the US and Canada.

Denis (stayed in Ireland)
John (stayed in Ireland)
Peter ????

Owen went to Ontario in the army. While living in W. Guillimbury twp, Simcoe Co., Ontario, he married Eliza POULIN-COLT. He had a large family there and King twp, York Co., Ontario. He died in Simcoe Co. in 1882.

Catherine m ______ Brown; lived in Simcoe Co., Ont.
Samuel m Mary _________
Owen, Jr. m Elizabeth O'NEAL
Dennis J.
Rose Ann m John HODGINS; lived in King twp, York Co., Ont.
Elizabeth m ________ FATHERBY
Margaret m ________ LUSTY

Thomas married Ellen Stack in Ireland about 1827 and had at least 3 girls before Ellen died there. He migrated to Illinois about 1838, and married Mary Ann FITZGERALD in Mar 1840 in Joliet, Will Co., Ill. He had a daughter Elizabeth in New York state in 1843, and 3 boys, Thomas, James, and John, in Canada (one probably in Adjala twp, Simcoe Co., Ont.) between 1844 and 1849. The 3 girls then joined him in Canada.
One of the girls, Ann, married Paul McCabe and raised a family Tecumseth twp, Simcoe Co., Ont. All the rest moved to Grafton, Ozaukee Co., Wis. in 1850. There he had 3 girls, Maria, Catherine, and Margaret. The two remaining girls from the first marriage, Julia and Mary Ann married in Ozaukee Co.. Thomas' oldest daughter by his second wife, also married there. Thomas and his remaining children moved to Racine about 1860, where Thomas, Jr. married. Sometime after 1870, Thomas and the remaining children m
Ann m Paul MCCABE; lived near Alliston, Ont.
Mary Ann m 1st Samuel SWANTON, 2nd Ed RYAN, lived near
Valparaiso, Ind.
Julia m Michael DOCKERY; lived near Cedarburg, Wis.
Elizabeth m Timothy REAGAN; lived in Chicago
Thomas, Jr. m Jane TALTY; lived in Monmouth, Ill.
James single ?
John died in childhood
Maria m 1st Patrick COFFEY, 2nd Francis LESTER; lived in Chicago
Catherine m Andrew MCLELLAN; lived near and in Detroit, Mich.
Margaret m Maurice GORE; lived Mt. Clemens, Mich & Detroit, Mich.

Hanorah married Michael HICKEY and moved to Simcoe Co., Ont. about 1847, where he had one more child before he died in 1848.

Patrick m Mary CONNELL; moved to Chicago where he died in 1866
Mary m John NAEGLE; lived in Simcoe Co., Ont.
Thomas m Johanna LANGLEY; lived in Guelph, Ont.
Margaret m John Ralph
John m Catherine O'HEARN
Michael m Isabella O'NEIL; lived in Saginaw, Mich.
Catherine m Francis CONWAY; lived in Seattle, Wash.
Hanorah m Daniel O'LEARY; lived in Simcoe Co., Ont.

Michael married Kate CREIGHEN in Ireland and moved to Chicago, Ill about 1851. He died there in 1853 and his wife a few years later.

Catherine m _______ CONWAY
Margaret m Patrick CROAK

Denis stayed in Ireland and married Aunty FEEHAN.

Hannah m Edmond FOGARTY
Anne m Patrick BROOKES

Timothy Sullivan married Jane CONNELLY and with most if not all of his children moved to LaSalle, LaSalle Co., Ill shortly after the Civil War. He died there in 1871.

Mary m William O'BRIEN
Alice m Michael WHELAN
Dora died in Calif.
Nora m _______ HOLLAND
John m Mary FORD
Philip m Mary ________

John stayed in Ireland and married Ellen DORGAN.


Peter ????

Margaret married Michael DWYER and after his death and the death of their only daughter, she migrated to LaSalle, LaSalle Co., Ill about 1860.

Timothy m Margaret _______ ; moved to Olympia, Wash.
Martin m Margaret _______ ; stayed in LaSalle

I'd be interested in anyone with possible connections with this extended family.

John Hartmann
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