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Subject: Your Great Great Great Granddaughter Is Looking For You
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 15:13:44 EST

Your Great Great Great Granddaughter Is Looking For You

by Kathleen Mirabella

The year is 2060. Your great grandson John, and his wife, Elizabeth, are in
their small two bedroom apartment preparing for the arrival of their first
child. There is barely enough space in the second bedroom for a crib and
small dresser. The closet is stuffed with boxes of old notebooks and books
that John had received from his grandfather. John had never looked in the
boxes. His grandfather had told him the boxes contained family research done
by his father and mother. John and Elizabeth considered it junk, they needed
the closet space for the baby, so on recycling day your work of 30 years was
thrown away.

The year is 2110. Your great great great granddaughter, Catherine, at age 25,
has begun to trace her Family History. She had heard stories that one of her
ancestors had traced the family back sixteen generations. No family member
knew where these research records might be. Her grandparents, John and
Elizabeth, had died before she was born. Her Aunt stated the family had come
to America on the Mayflower. There was also the story about the family being
in Macoupin County, IL, for five generations. Utilizing the Macoupin County,
IL Home Page she decided to visit the Staunton Public Library. She looked
through all the index cards and files. Nothing! She did not give up. She
drove to the Carlinville Library. Nothing! She searched the Macoupin County
Historical Library. Nothing! She could not comprehend how someone could do
years of research and not leave copies of their work at a library. She left
Macoupin County disappointed.

The year is 2002. You can change the ending of Catherine’s trip to the
Staunton Public Library. Round up your bible records, birth certificates,
marriage certificates, death certificates, military records, pictures,
handwritten notes, typewritten notes, computer generated notes, family group
sheets, and anything else you have. Make a copy of everything for Catherine.
She does not need a professionally completed book. We all know our research
is never done. Place everything in a binder and send it to the Macoupin
County Genealogical Society.

If you listen carefully, you can hear Catherine’s scream of excitement when
she finds your gift to her.

Send Catherine’s gift to:
The Genealogy Library in the County where your ancestors have lived. Think
how happy you would be to find such a gift.

Kathie Mirabella
Macoupin County, IL Mail List Manager

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