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From: Patricia Seitas <>
Subject: Stouts in Braxton Co., WV
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 11:38:58 -0700 (PDT)

Following are Stout birth, marriage, death & will records from Braxton co.,
WV, plus some obituaries and excerpts from a Bratton co. history. Hope
somebody finds something of interest.

From Braxton county records (as abstracted by Historical Records Survey):


Betty Stout, born Mar. 10, 1880 to Martha A. Stout & Johnson Stout
John W. Stout, born Dec. 17, 1882 to Wright A. Stout & M.A. Stout
Homer C. Stout, born 30 May 1882 to Rebecca Stout & Hezekiah Stout
Guy Stout, born apr 22, 1883 to Iney & Sylvanus Stout
male Stout, born Dec. 11, 1883 to Amanda B. & William J. Stout
Thomas Stout, born 2 May 1884 to Martha A. & Johnson Stout
Grover C. Stout, born Nov. 9, 1884 to Lucy P. & Sylvannus Stout
John W. Stout, born Dec. 10, 1884 to Mary A. & William A. Stout
Effa Stout, born 15 May 1884 to Mary M. & George W. Stout
Dora Stout, born Apr. 1884 to Rebecca J. and Hezekiah Stout
Benton Stout, born 2 Mar 1885 to Mary A. & Wright A. Stout
Howard Stout, born 14 Apr 1884 to Amanda D. & William J. Stout
Clara B. Stout, born 18 Apr 1886 to Sally A. & T.B. Stout
Rachel Stout, born 7 oct 1886 to Rebecca J. & Hezekiah Stout
Lee D. Stout, born Jan. 30, 1887 to Lucy T. & Sylvannis Stout
Anthony A. Stout, born 16 apr 1887 to Mary M. & George W. Stout
Calista Stout, born 7 Nov. 1889 to Mary M. & C.W. Stout
Perry G. Stout, born 5 June 1889 to Mary Ann & W.A. Stout
Ertha J. Stout, born 26 July 1990 to Sarah & W.W. Stout
Russell Stout, born 10 Aug 1892 to Lucy & Sylvanus Stout


Samuel E. Stout & Mary Townsend, 5 Oct 1842 [Marriage of Samuel Ellis
Stout, Mary Townsend was d/o S.B. Townsend.]
Daniel J. Stout & Catherine Wilson, 18 Nov 1852
William Stout (32yrs) & Rachel Stout (23 yrs), 6 May 1856, minister John
L. Rhea.
Louisa Stout (21 yrs) & James Wilson (27yrs), 25 Feb 1857, by G.G.
Cinderella Stout (17 yrs) & Albert Shock (20 yrs), 5 Apr 1866, by Daniel
James Stout (54 yrs) & Samantha P. STOUT (33yrs), 18 Dec 1866, by John L.
Manerva Stout (23yrs) & Maranda Collins (21 yrs), 25 May 1868, by John L.
Arch. Rutherford [Archibald Rutherford, son of Philip Rutherford and wife
Emsey Stout] (19 yrs) & Sabina J. Cutlip (20 yrs), 6 Sept 1872, by Adam
Elizabeth A. Stout (22 yrs) & William McCartney (47 yrs), 28 Jan 1873, by
L.J. Huffman.

Andrew J. Stout, died Apr 3, 1856, age 4yr, born Braxton, son of Micahel
Stout & Evelina Stout.
Jesse Stump, died July 1861, age 53yrs, born Lewis co., son of Michael
Stump & Margaret Stump, death reported by wife, Sarah Stump [nee Sarah
Hanson Stout, died Dec. 4, 1865, age 28yrs, born Braxton co., son of
Thomas B. Stout & Nancy Stout, death reported by Manerva Stout, sister.
Jane N. Stout, died Sept. 30, 1868, age 47yrs, born Virginia, daughter of
? and Tussie Bell, death reported by S. Stout, husband.
Lydia M. Stout, died July 6, 1869, born Braxton, dau of Daniel J. Stout
and Catherine Stout, death reported by father.
Sarah Stump [nee Sarah Stout], died July 17, 1873, age 61yr, born Braxton,
daughter of Hezekiah Stout & Nancy Stout, death reported by Asa Stump,
friend. John L. Stout, died Oct. 6, 1873, age 7yr, born Braxton, son of
Daniel Stout and Catherine Stout, death reported by father
Martha M. Stout, died Apr 19, 1874, 20yrs, born Braxton co., dau of Thomas
B. Stout & Nancy Stout, death reported by mother
Amanda H. Stout, died July 24, 1881, 33yrs, borth Payne co., VA, dau of
Robert Edwards & Elizabeth Edwards, death reported by husband, I.N. Stout.
Leonard O. Stout, died Nov. 15, 1883, age 2yrs, born Braxton co., son of
George W. Stout & M.M. Stout, death reported by G.W. Stout.
Rachel Stout, died Sept. 1, 1890, age 57yr, born Braxton, parents not
stated, death reported by husband, William Stout.
Mary A. Stout, died July 1890, age 36yrs, born Braxton, death reported by
husband W.A. Stout.

WILLS recorded in Braxton co., WV:

Nancy Stout, probated Mar 5, 1885. Witnesses: J.M. Evans, Marcellus
Greathouse. Devisees: Floyd Stout, grandson, Lavanna Stout, granddaughter.
Silvester Stout, settlement date March 20, 1876. Appraisers: William
Stout, Asa Stump, J.P. Ball.
Thomas P. Stout & Sylvester Stout were two of the appraisers for the
estate of Mary B. King, settlement date of Aug 4, 1873.
Johnson Stout named as son-in-law in will of J.M. Shields, probated July
1886 in Braxton co.

OBITUARIES - from Braxton County WV Democrat Obits 1883-1899 by Michael
Eliott (June 1998), published by Wes Cochran:

Minerva J. Stout was born February 7, 1877 and died at Cedar Creek January
27, 1891. Daughter of Johnson [Stout] and Martha ann Stout. Leaves parents
and brothers and sisters. 6. Feb. 1891
Elihu Stout died one day last week from typhoid. Son of George W. [Stout]
and Matilda Stout. Buried Copen Run. 3 May 1894.
Mary Stout died June 12, 1894 at the home of her son S.I. Stalnaker of
Progress. Her maiden name was Westfall and she was 89 years, 2 months and
12 days old. She married first Mr. Stalnaker and 2nd Mr. [John W.] Stout
who died five years ago. 29 June 1894. [Marriage to John W. Stout is
recorded in Gilmer co., WV, 3 Jul 1872.)
Rachel Stout died August 18, 1896 aged 9 years, 9 months and 14 days.
Daughter of H. Stout of Copen Run. 6 Nov. 1896 [Daughter of Hezekiah Stout
and Rebecca Jane (Kuhl) Stout.)

OBITUARIES - from Braxton County WV Obits 1900-1910, compiled by Michael
Elliott (1998), published by Wes Cochran:

Rev. G.G. Dennison age 89 died December 12, 1899, s/ James and Sarah
Dennison. Married first MARTHA STOUT. She died Feb. 21, 1855. Married
second Margaret Berry. Six children were born of the marriage, and two of
the second. Those surviving sons Daniel J. [Dennison], James C. [Dennison],
and Fielding [Dennison]. Daughters Mrs. W.H. Berry, and Mrs. Hopkins. 11
Jan 1900. [Margaret Dennison d. 29 Dec. 1900, bur. Newville - reported in
Braxton Co. Democrat, 10 Jan. 1901.]
William Stout, aged bout 76, died September 3rd at Burnsville. 6 Sept.
1900. [Son of Hezekiah Stout & Mary Nancy [Wolfe] Stout.]
Henry L. Hornbeck was born June 9, 1866 and died Dec. 15, 1900 at Johns
Hopkins hospital in Baltimore. S/o William Hornbeck and Frances Hornbeck.
Married CALISTA STOUT. Two sons were born to them, Alva Day Hornbeck and
Arden Cline Hornbeck. Alva died in 1896. leaves wife and son. Buried
Hefner cemetery in Gilmer county. 24 Jan. 1901.
The eldest son of SYLVANUS STOUT has died from measles. 19 June 1902.
Ross Stout, jr., age 14, died at Defoe, Webster Co. 21 May 1908.
Billy Stout died March 24. Buried Skidmore cemetery. 31 Mar 1910.

OBITUARIES - from Obituaries from Newspapers of Northern West Virginia, W.
Guy Tetrick, Vol. 1 (1935):

"A.D. Stout, aged 60 years, 11 months and 9 days, died at his home in
Bower July 21, 1933, after a long illness. He was stricken with paralysis
about three years ago and survived the third stroke only three days. He was
one of Braxton county's well-known citizens, having lived in the county all
his life. He was an honest man and a good husband and father. He leaves in
sadness his widow, Mrs. M.A. Stout, three daughters and five sons, viz:
Lloyd Stout of Fairmont, Fletcher Stout of Jeffrey, Arden stout of
Baltimore, Bud Stout at home, Mrs. Pearl Wilmoth of Bower, Mrs. Nettie
Parkins of National, W.Va, and Hettie Stout, at home." The Braxton
Democrat, Sutton, WV, 25 Aug 1933

Isaac M. Stout - "Funeral services for Isaac M. Stout, 87, pioneer resident
of Braxton county, and retired farmer, who died after a year's illness of
complications incident to old age Thursday evening at his home on route 1,
Burnsville, Sand Fork creek, were to be held this afternoon at Stout's
chapel at the mouth of Hyer's run.
"Burial will be in Long Shoals Cemetery . . ." (Clarksburg Telegram, 10
Sept. 1932.)

Dessie C. Stout - "Funeral services for Mrs. Dessie Cochran Stout, 35 years
old, wife of Perry G. Stout, Pittsburgh and West Virginia Gas company
employee, who died at her home in Industrial addition, Tuesday, were held
Wednesday afternoon in the Methodist Protestant church. The Rev. J.H.
Hardesty, pastor, officiated.
"Surviving besides her husband, are three children, Eilene [Stout], Leroy
[Stout] and Perry G. [Stout], JJr.; all of whom are pupils in the graded
school here.
"Internment was in Knights of Pythias cemetery." (The Braxton Central,
Sutton, WV, 25 Mar 1932, bylined Burnsville, Mar. 23.)

Miscellaneous Stout information from: History of Braxton County and Central
West Virginia by John Davison Sutton, Sutton, WV, Jan, 1919, reprinted 1997
by McClain Printing Co., Parsons, WV:

"Wm. Stout, who was a fine mower with a scythe, at one time, in one day, on
a wager, mowed four acres of grass. He fixed up two first-class scythes and
placed a grind stone in the field, hiring two men to grind and whet his
blades. In this way he nothing to do but to swing the sharp, keen scythes.
Being a very strong man and an expert mower, he won the wager." P. 222

"Henry S. Hefner was born June 24, 1859, at Sutton. His father, Samuel C.
Hefner, was born in Greenbrier county, W. Va., and his mother, Sarah E.
Shaver, at Flatwoods. Mr. Hefner was maried Sept. 1, 1886, to SARAH A.
STOUT, and their children are Ersie D. [Hefner]; Effie L. [Hefner], and
Sarah Rachel [Hefner]. He now resides at Barboursville, W. Va., and is
engaged in farming and the real estate business.
"Mr. Hefner's father served four years in the Confederate army, having
enlisted in 1861, and was lieutenant at the close of the war. He soon
afterwards moved to Glenville, living there seven years, then moved to the
farm on Salt Lick near Burnsville where he spent the remainder of his life.
His mother spent the latter part of her life at his home in Barboursville."
P. 386.

"Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sotut were two of the oldest people in the
neighborhood. They had dwelt together for fifty-nine years, and had spent
the greater portion in Flatwoods. The first to be taken was the husband,
who, on the 6th day of January, 1911, in his ninety-second year, died at his
home in Flatwoods. He was followed by his wife, whose death occurred Dec.
14, 1916, in her eighty-fourth year. They were married Oct. 18, 1852. To
them were born ten children, four of whom died in infancy. Six lived to
adult age, Mary E. [Stout], Sarah E. [Stout], D. Amanda [Stout], Fletcher H.
[Stout], Addie L. [Stout] and R. Lina [Stout]. No family in this
neighborhood every lived a life of greater tranquility than that of Daniel
J. Stout. He and his famiy had long been members of the Baptist church.
Aunt Kay, as she familiarly called, ws a faithful nurse and attendant upon
the sik. In the death of these two persons, is the passing away of those
whose places may not be easily filled." P. 425

Stouts who served in WWI:
Percy C. Stout, p. 451
Coy Ezra Stout, p. 452
Warder Martin Stout, p. 453

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