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From: Patricia Seitas <>
Subject: Stout will/death records - Harrison co., WV
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 11:51:04 -0700 (PDT)

Stout will & death records

Sources: Harrison co., WV Will books, West Virginia Estate Settlements, An
Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Land Grants, an Surveys to 1850,
compiled by Ross B. Johnston, Genealogial Publishing co., Inc., Baltimore,
MD (1977); Guy Tetrick collection of papers - Stout family (Family History
Library Film no. 0,163,827); Cemeteries, Simpson District, Harrison co., W.
VA by the Harrison County Genealogical Society

Stout Wills, inventories & settlements, Harrison county:

Bonham Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 1, p. 44. Settlement of estate, dated
March 13, 1791. Commissioners: William Haymond & John Prunty.

Ezekiel Stout, Harrison Co., WV Book 1, p. 78, will dated Sept. 12, 1795.
Hezekiah (son)- tract "Home Place"
Benjamin (son) - 200 acres Stone Pot Run
Daniel (son) - 200 acres
Sarah Stout (wife) - mare, cow, all hogs, all sheep, bed & bedding, all
household furniture & plantation for her lifetime.
Daughters not named

Daniel Stout, Harrison Co., WV Book 1, p. 399, will dated 8 July 1809.
Witnesses: William Newlon, Elijah Newlon, Mary Newlon & Archeless Dunham.
Inventory, dated April 26 (Will Book 1, p. 394). Appraisers: James Cochran,
John Patton, Zedediah Waldo. Administrator: William Newlon. Devisees:
Catherine Stout (wife) all livestock, farming utensils & household goods
until Daniel (son) is of age & home plantation unless she remarries before
that time and then only 1/3 allowed her by law
Hezekiah and Daniel Stout (sons) - home place of 180 acres, equally
Daughters - proceed sof sale of 100 acres of land on Booth's Creek.

Rachel Stout, Harrison Co., WV, Book 1, p. 433, will dated 5 Sept 1809.
Devisee: Nathaniel Stout (brother), entire estate, inclduing property that
might later fall to her as an heir of Benjamin Stout. Witnesses: William
Newlon, Daniel Dunham, Elijah Newlon. [Daughter of Benjamin Stout of
Lebanon twp., Hunterdon co., NJ who 1M Rebecca Doolhagen, 2M Martha Schenk.]

Jonathan Stout. Harrison co., WV Book 1, p. 449. Undated inventory, sale
bill dated 8 June 1811 (Will Book 1, p. 514). Settlement dated: 26 Feb.
1812. Appraisers: Job Robinson, Joseph Wilkinson, Charles Sigly.
Administrator: Amos Stout. Commissioners" Benjamin Wilson, John Myers &
Joseph Wilkinson.

Daniel Stout, Harrison co., WV Vol. 2, p. 63, will dated 2 July 1808.
Witnesses: William Newlon, Elijah Newlon, Mary Newlon, Archless Dunham.
Executors: William Newlon, Nathan Wilkinson. A daughter, Martha, is
mentioned in a codicil. Devisees:
Catherine (wife) - livestock, farming utensils, household goods & home
place until Daniel (son) arrives at age, or during widowhood, otherwise only
lawful third
Daniel & Hezekiah Stout (sons) - home place of 189 acres equally
Daughters (not named) - proceeds of sale of 100 acres on Booths Creek &
mill site of one acre, after debts are paid.

Noah Stout, appraisal Jan. 24, 1814. Appraisers: William Haymond, Jacob
Copline, Caleb Stout. Administrators: Elizabeth Stout, Abner Stout.
(Harrison co., WV Will Book 1, p. 540.)

David Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 3, p. 335. Will dated 31 Dec. 1825.
Witnesses: Samuel Sheets, Hezekiah Stout, Francis Read. Devisees [siblings,
son of Caleb Stout]:
James Stout (brother) - 73 acres on Elk Creek, horse, saddle and pair of
Samuel Stout (brother) - 1/2 of debts & deed due to David Stout
Deliverance Stout (daughter) - featherbed & bedding
Jemima Stout and Eleanor Davis [sisters] - residue of estate

Noah Stout, settlement dated Nov. 24, 1826. Commissioners: Thomas P. Moore,
Daniel Morris. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 4, p. 68.)

Jirah Stout, inventory dated Feb. 21, 1831. Appraisers: Nathan Maddox,
Archibald Ross, Humphrey Faris. Administrator: Benjamin Stout. (Harrison
co., WV Will Book 4, p. 365.)

Job Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 5, p. 188. Will dated 3 Dec. 1834. Devisees:
Abner & Martin Stout (sons)- John Runnion tract, pers. prop.
Sarah Cheuvront tract
Margaret Stout (wife) - John Runnion tract, personal property
Sarah Cheuvront tract
Rebecca, Mary & Matilda Stout (dau) - personal property
Job, Jos. & Mary Stout (children) - personal property
Sarah, Martha & Susan Stout (children) - personal property

Benjamin Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 30. Will dated 14 Sept. 1843.
Devisees (given personal & real property):
John R., Jas. P., & Thos. P.R. Stout (sons)
Lovey Stout (wife)

Amos Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 64. Will dated 28 June 1844.
Jonathan Stout (son) - real & personal property
Rachel Stout (wife) - life estate, real & personal property
Andrew, Aaron & Ruth Stout (children) - personal property
Priscilla, Sarah & Lucinda Stout (children) - personal property
Rebecca, Lucina Stout (children) - personal property

Abner Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 78. Will dated 11 July 1850.
Rebecca & Celia Stout - personal property
Sarah Ann Thompson - " "
Susanna Basil - " "
Abner Stout - real and personal property
William Stout - " "
Noah W. Stout (trustee) " "
Rebecca Stout - personal property

Mary Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 288. Will dated 25 April 1861.
Witnesses: John Bassess, Mary Roy. Devisees (all given real & personal
Benjamin Stout (son)
Permelia Hall (friend)
George Stout (grandson)
Cassandra Stout (daughter)
Thomas B. Stout (grandson)
Matilda Reed (granddaughter)

James Stout, Harrison co, (sorry volume/page not noted). Will dated June 9,
1863. Witnesses: Beverly Roy, P.S. Horner, Hezekiah Stout. Devisees:
Martha Stout (daughter)
Irene Stout (daughter)

Lovey Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 378. Devisees:
Lovey A. Stout - 1/2 of real & personal property
Caroline V. Stout - real & personal property
John R. & Thos. P.R. Stout - personal property
Jas. P., Lemuel E., Benj. B., Emory P. - personal property
Catherine J. Lynch - personal property

Rebecca Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 438. Will dated 19 Mar 1874.
Witnesses: Allen Lewis, William B. McKinley. Devisees:
E.D. & Susan M. Knisely (friend & wife) - 1/3 interest in estate
Jane Rider - personal property

Abner Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 6, p. 461. Will dated 24 March 1868.
Witnesses: B.D. Rider, Jas. Warden, John E. Williams. Devisees (all given
personal property except John P. Pinchon who was given a life estate):
Job Stout heirs
John P. Pinchon
Susanna Rider
Rebecca Lowther
Matilda Huff
Martin Stout
Noah Stout
Joseph Stout heirs
Margaret Smith heirs
Martha Sommerville
Sarah Hardman
Nancy Stout
Mary Pinchen

Mary M. Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 7, p. 161. Will dated 1 Oct. 1887.
Witnessses: John Bassel, John White. Devisees (all given land on the Brushy
Fork Creek):
Celia T. & Louisa Jarvis
Meigs & Arnold B. Jarvis
Benjamin Jarvis

John W. Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 7, p. 171. Will dated 6 Jan. 1885.
Devisee: Elizabeth F. Stout - personal property. Appraisers: William
Haymond, Jacob Coplin, Caleb Stout, Abner Stout. Administrator: Elizabeth

Noah W. Stout. Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 154. Will dated 25 Feb 1902.
Devisee: Celia M. Jackson - personal property.

B.F. Stout. Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 307. Will dated 30 June 1905. Devisee:
Rose E. Stout - personal property

Benjamin B. Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 460. Will dated 30 March 1908.
Charles B. Stout - Elk Creek 430 acres
Meigs Stout - 500 acres Brushy Fork
Lee Stout - 195 acres Hoop Pole Run of Elk Creek
Josephine Southern - 170 acres Elk Creek
Martha Stout - 225 acres Hoop Pole Run
May Reynolds - 160 acres Hoop Pole Run
Benjamin B. Stout - 87 acres Brushy Fork
Mary C. Stout - life interest in real estate & personal prop.
William F. Stout - personal property
Martha Stout - 1/3 interest, personal property
Charles B. Stout - personal property
Mary C. Stout - personal property

Abner S. Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 465. Will dated 5 Dec. 1907.
Etta Lawson - personal & real property
Strauther Stout - personal property & 144.4 acres
Bertha, Josie & Dora Stout - personal property
Bird Young - personal property & 111.8 acres
Cletus Stout (trustee), personal property & 337.76 - Brushy Fork
Trinity M.E. Church - personal property
Mary Stout - " "
Mary Stout, 337.78 (life interest) Brushy Fork
Bertha Stout - personal prop; 157.3 acres (life interest)
Josie Stout - 152.17 acres (life interest)
Dora Stout - 68 acres Brushy Fork
Mary Stout - 188 acres (1/2 interest) Elk Creek

Caroline V. Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 564. Will dated 30 June 1859.
Devisee: Lovey Ann Stout [sister] entire estate.

Lovey Ann Stout, Harrison co., Vol. 8, p. 564. Will dated 30 June 1859.
Devisee: Caroline V. Stout [sister] entire estate.

Mentions of Stouts in wills, etc. in Harrison county (other than devisees):

Thomas Stout one of the appraisers for the estate of William Johnson, dated
17 Feb. 1795. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 1, p. 30.)

Amos Stout - witnessed will of Robert Dick, dated April 6, 1803. Other
witnesses: John Davis, John Woofter. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 1, p. 159)

Caleb Stout appraised estate of Noah Stout, dated 24 Jan 1814. (Harrison
co., WV Will Book 1, p. 540.)

Hezekiah Stout was one of the appraisers on the inventory of the estate of
Abraham Van Horn, dated 31 Aug, 1820. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 2, p.

Hezekiah Stout witnessed the will of John Swiger, dated 21 Feb. 1821. Other
witnesses: John Vanhorn, Holdridge C. Chidester, jr. (Harrison co. Will
Book 3, p. 41.)

Hezekiah Stout was one of the purchasers of the estate sale of Thomas
Cottrill, 1823. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 3, p. 141.) Inventory dated 22
Feb 1823 (Will Book 3, p. 145).

Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Willis William,
inventory dated 21 Nov 1823 (Will Book 3, p. 108), sale bill (Will Book 3,
p. 131).

Louisa Stout (daughter) & heirs of Susannah Stout, deceased, each given
$1.00 in will of John Woodward, dated Dec. 12, 1824, (Harrison co. Will Book
3, p. 165.)

Benjamin Stout witnessed the will of Benjamin Bartlett, dated 13 Mar 1824.
Other witnesses: William Hickman, Joshua Hickman. (Harrison co., WV Will
Book 3, p. 161.) He appraised the estate on 28 May 1824. (Will Book 3, p.

Hezekiah Stout one of the witnesses on will of David Stout, dated 31 Dec.
1825. Other witnesses: Samuel Sheets, Francis Read. (Harrison co., WV Will
Book 3, p. 335.)

Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of William Haymond.
Sale bill undated. (Harrison co. Will Book 4, p. 51.) Inventory dated 9 Mar
1822. (Will Book 4, p. 44.)

Hezekiah Stout purchased proeprty at the estate sale of __ Jackson. Sale
bill dated 23 Mar 1826. (Harrison co. Will Book 4, p. 97.)

Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Joseph White,
inventory dated 25 June 1828 (Harrison co. Will Book 4, p. 180), sale bill
date same day (Book 4, p. 209).

Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Richard Bond. Sale
bill not dated (Harrison co., Will Book 4, p. 13). Settlement dated April
26, 1826 (Will book 4, p. 126).

Nathaniel Stout purchased property at estate sale of Joseph Bailey. Sale
bill dated Jan. 1826. (Harrison co., Will Book 4, p. 157.)

Elias Stout & Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of
Alexander H. Blair. Sale bill dated 29 July 1830. (Harrison co., Will Book
4, p. 373.)

Benjamin Stout, Aaron Stout, Ezekiah Stout and Elias Stout purchased
property at the estate sale of Martha Goff. Sale bill undated (Harrison co.
Will Book 4, p. 250). Inventory dated 25 May 1829 (Will Book 4, p. 247.)
Settlement dated 18 Apr 1831 (Will Book 4, p. 380).

Benjamin Stout was the administrator of the estate of Jirah Stout, will
dated 21 Feb. 1831. (Harrison co., WV Will Book 4, p. 365.)

Benjamin Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Duvall Lewis. Sale
bill dated 5 Aug 1831. (Harrison co., Will Book 4, p. 396.)

John Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Samuel Shinn. Sale bill
dated 11 & 20 June 1832. (Harrison co. Will Book 4, p. 412.)

Benjamin Stout proved will of Joseph Cheuvront dated 21 Feb 1832. As did
William Martin, George I. Davisson. (Harrison co., Will Book 4, p. 461.)

Hezekiah Stout purchased property at the estate sale of Jacob Eib. Sale
bill dated 10 Feb 1832. (Harrison co. Will Book 4, p. 478.)

Hezekiah Stout was one of the purchasers of the estate sale of John Webb.
Sale bill dated 16 Mar 1833. (Harrison co., WV Will book 4, p. 530.)

Benjamin Sotut, an appraiser, of the estate of Thomas Webb. Inventory dated
3 May 1835. (Harrison co. Will Book 5, p. 151.)

Hezekiah Stout, an appraiser, of the estate of William White. Inventory
presented March term 1840. (Harrison co. Will Book 5, p. 598.)

Benton Stout witnessed will of Edith Bond, dated June 30, 1883.

B.B. Stout witnessed will of Hezekiah Stout, dated Mar. 3, 1891.

From Guy Tetrick collection (paraphrased to some extent):

"We the legal heirs of Job Stout and Nancy Stout, deceased, the last named
Nancy was formerly Nancy Bray ... formerly of New Jersey ... we claim any
estate, by heirship from John Bray, deceased, Daniel Bray, deceased or Susan
Waterhouse, dec'd, formerly Susan Bray who were brothers and sisters of
Nancy Stout and from St. Ledge Stout, dec'd, who was a brother to the above
named Job Stout." Daniel & St. Ledger died without heirs. Susan and John
married but had no children so Susan willer her property to Job and Nancy
Stout's legal heirs, who are:
Joseph Stout, deceased
Susan Martin, deceased
Martha Davisson, deceased
Noah Stout, deceased
Abner Stout, deceased
or to Job and Nancy's decendants, and John Bray will his estate and personal
property to his step-children, servants and wife.

Joseph Stout's heirs:
Nancy Jones
Martha Helmick
Barbary B.
Jane Goldsmith
Byram Stout
Susan H. Stout
Sarah E. Stout
Job D. Stout
Abia D. Stout
Matilda Hinkle
Margaret A. Hyde

Job Stout's heirs:
Abner Stout
Nancy Stout
Sarah Hardman
Martha Sommerville
Rebecca Lowther
Margaret Smith
Mary Pinchem
Matilda Huff
Susan Rider
Martin Stout
Noah Stout

Martha Davisson's heirs
Nathan (deceased)
Mary Maxwell
James, dec'd
Job, dec'd

Abner Stout's heirs:
Job B. Stout
Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Stout
Rebecca, formerly Rebecca Stout
Cecelia, formerly Cecelia Stout
Noah Stout
John Stout
and others

Declaration by Mary Hyde, 23 Jan 1879. States personally acquainted with
Joseph Stout, dec'd, and Martha, dec'd, formerly Martha Childers. His only
legal heirs:
Abner Stout, dec'd, died without issue in infancy
Nancy Jones
Martha Helmick
Barbara B. Myers
Jane Goldsmith
Byram Stout
Susan A. Stout
Sarah E. Stout
Harriet M. Hinkle
Abi D. Hyde
Margaret A. Hyde

Declaration stating Joseph Stout was brother of Job, Abner, Jonathan & Noah
Stout, Susan Martin, Martha Davisson. Nancy Sout died between 1810 and ___,
buried in Clarksburg.

Declaration of William Davisson, Jan. 1, 1879. Stating Nancy Stout died
about 67 years ago. Col. William Martin was the husband of Nancy's daughter
Susan & was said to have been raised "by my Uncle John Bray." Nancy's heirs
include Eliza (Stout) Green.

Noah Stout's heirs:
Alicinda, formerly Alcinda Stout
Ruhama, formerly Ruhama Stout
Rachel, formerly Rachel Stout
Job B. Stout

Susan Rider's heirs:
William M. Springston
Margaret Mowery, nee Rider
Melissa Carder, nee Rider
Samuel Springston
J.B. Springston

From Cemeteries, Simpson District, Harrison County, W VA

Bridgeport Cemetery:
Alice Stout
Alice Victoria Stout
Amos Stout
Amos Stout, born 2 Feb 1764 died Feb 1849
Andrew Stout died 7 July 1867 aged 72 yrs 7 mo 24 dys
Ben Stout
Ben Stout born 1788 died 1843
Lovey Reynolds Stout born 1797 died 1873
Bertha Victoria Stout died 19 Feb 1881 d/o Rev. Benj. & Martha aged 27
yrs 5 m 2 d
Cabel Stout [Caleb Stout] Rev. War
Chas A. Stout [Charles A. Stout]
Charles Blake Stout
Charlesworth P. Stout, died 11 Oct 1857 age 17 yrs 8 mo 18 dys, son of
Benj. & Lovey
Clara Belle Stout, born 1874, died 1923
Clara Jane Stout, infant died 5 Aug 1859
Collin Burr Stout, born 1860, died 1925
Cyrus Jay Stout, born 1860, died 1801
Cyrus Jo born 1860 died 1891
Donald Earl born 1928 died 30 Jun 1930
Edmund W. Stout, died Dec 1824 aged 7 years
Edna Murphy Stout born 1899, died 28 Oct 1934
Edward J. Stout
Fannie Greene Stout
George S. Stout born 1805 died 1867
Hannah Stout born 14 Jan 1725 died 14 Apr 1805 [nee Jewell, wife of
Jonathan Stout]
Hannah Ross Stout born 1818, died 1905, wife of John R.
Harter Stout
Harriett P. Stout, died 12 Apr 1825 aged 1y 4m 27d
Icie Bell Stout
Infant Stout, daughter of John R.
Infant Stout, daughter of John R.
Infant Stout, daughter of N.B. & Martha
Inez Irena Stout
John H. Stout, died 21 Jul 1824 aged 1 yr 9 dys
John P. Stout died 12 Sept 1853 aged 2 yrs 9mo s/o Jonathan & S.
John R. Stout, born 1814 died 1911
Hannah Ross Stout, born 1818, died 1905
John R. Stout, jr. born 1852, died 1882
John W. Stout
Jonathan Stout, born 14 Jan 1715, died 9 Jan 1811 Rev. War
Karen Sue Stout
Luther Stout, born 1857, died 1933
Mary Stout, born 1770, died 1830
Olive Stout, born 1859, died 1916
Paul David Stout
Permilia Margaret Stout
Philander Stout, born 1857, died 1923
Rachel Stout, died 27 Sep 1855 aged 89 yrs w/o Amos
Rebecca Stout, died 16 Aug 1863, aged 74y 5m d/o Amos & R.
Ruhama P., died 7 Feb 1844 aged 8 yr 8 dys
Sarah Stout, born 1824, died 1901
Stephen S. Stout
Thomas Stout, born 1742 died 1837
Margaret Phillips Stout born 1761 died 1803
Willie Fay Stout

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