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Subject: [SHANNON-L] Pegleg George & the Hanging Judge,Ohio Shannon families
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 22:25:43 EST

In going thru my files, I found a copy of a letter from a Mrs. Juanita Haub
of Columbus, Ohio. I think it was to Malcolm Shannon who sent me a copy. Mike

Dear Mr. Shannon:
The only information we have of Jane Shannon is:
In 1760 a little boy named George Shannon, came to this country from Northern
Ireland. His mother died at sea and his father, for business reasons had to
return home, so left the child with a minister in Wilmington, Delaware. The
father a merchant-man, was lost at sea. After George grew up he went west and
settled in Bedford County, Pennslyvania. He joined the Continental Army and
was at the seige of Yorktown.In 1773, he married and crossed the mountains
and settled at Wallers(?) Fort, in Washington County. Five sons and one
daughter were born here, George,Thomas,John,Nancy,James,David. In 1796 they
moved to Ohio County where twq more children, Lavinia and Arthur, were born.
In 1800 they moved to Belmont County, Ohio. In 1802, Wilson Shannon was born,
the first white child born in Warren
George Shannon was Secretary of The
Lewis & Clark Expedition. They brought back an indian chief and his wife to
meet the President. George was commissioned to take the indians back, and on
the way back, two tribes of indians were at war and George was shot in the
leg. It had to be amputated. As soon as he recovered, he went to New York and
assisted for a year in the publication of the accounts of the expedition .He
returned to the west, Lexington,Kentucky, taught school, and finished his
education. He studied law and was elected circuit judge. In 1821 he moved to
Missouri and was sent to the state senate and later was appointed district
United States attorney by President Andrew Jackson. He died in 1836.
Thomas Shannon was elected to the general assembly in 1819, and re-elected in
1825. Elected to congress in 1826, state senator 1837-1841, died in1843.
John Shannon remained at home and farmed, was known as a great hunter. Was
grandfather of Judge I.C. Parker (Judge Isaac Parker, the hanging Judge of
Ft. Smith, Ark,). In the War of 1812, John was drafted in the first draft,
served in Capt. Kirkwood's company. In the second draft he was elected
Captain of Belmont County
company, served in Capt Delong's regiment. John bought Robard's property and
two years later, sold it to General Andrew Jackson. It adjoined the property
later known as The Hermitage. Robards was Jackson's wife's first husband.
James Shannon was a leading lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky. In 1832 was
appointed Charge de Affaires to the Federation of Central America by General
Andrew Jackson. Died in Central America of yellow fever. Was married to the
daughter of Governor Shelby of Kentucky.
David Shannon was a lawyer, went to Florida and became private secretary to
General Andrew Jackson. He died shortly after this.
Wilson Shannon--prosecuting attorney of Belmont County, 1832, governor of
Ohio, 1838 & 1842,appointed minister to Mexico 1844. Elected to Congress,
1852, appointed Governor of Kansas Territory by President Pierce. Resigned in
Resumed law practice, died in1877. Was the youngest governor Ohio ever had.
John Shannon married Jane Milligan. A daughter Jane, married Joseph Parker.
Parker was one of their sons. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
I.C. began law studies at the Barnesville Classical Institute. He alternated
teaching and further study, reading law until he was 21. Then he went west,
taking a packet down the Ohio River, then followed the Missouri up to St.
Joseph, where he settled. Built a thriving law practice and was soon elected
city attorney on the Union ticket. Married Mary O'toole. He rose from
prosecuting attorney to circuit judge, then served 2 terms in congress, where
he became an expert on the indian problem. Running for election to the
senate, was defeated and asked President Grant for an appointment to a
judgeship, and was made Judge of the U.S. District Court for Western Ark. The
territory was as large as the combined size of Missouri and Connecticut. When
broken up, was parcelled out to 72 judges. I.C. Parker had three children;
I.C. Parker, Bailey Parker, James Parker.
A brother of Judge I.C. Parker, Joseph was my maternal grandfather. (to be

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