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Subject: [SCOGIN-L] Ellick Scogin will
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 13:36:09 EST

Ok cousins, here is the will of Elick Scogin. Copied as is from the book I got
it from.

Will of Alexander (Ellick) Scogin F GA O L I PT 21500
I, Ellick Scogin, Oglethorpe County Georgia, being of sound mind and memory,
and calling to mind the mortality of my body, do make and ordain this my last
will and testament ..1st, commit my body to the earth and soul to the god who
gave it..It is my wish that my funeral expenses and just debts be paid, etc..
Item 1st; I give and bequeth to my beloved wife, Mary Scogin, all my
estate, real and personal, for her use for her natural life, or widowhood, and
if she should remarry, enjoy the use of my negro woman, Pab, during her
Item 2nd; I give to my children, to wit, Senia, Davis and Wiley Scogin the
tract of land on which I now live, including the plantation and every part
thereof, to be equally divided between them at the death of their mother, or
Item 3rd; To my daughter Salley Hendon, my negro girl, Hanner, which she is
to have at her appointment
Item 5th; To Senia, Davis and Wiley, to each one good horse, saddle and
bridle, one good bed and furniture, one cow and one calf
Item 6th; At the death or marriage of my wife, all my estate, real and
personal, be appraised by dis-interested persons so as to form an equal
division between all my children, and if the 2 above named negro girls shall
increase in value to more than their part, they are to replabe back the
overplus so as to make an equal divisoin
Item 7th; I give my executors full power to sell any part of my estate they
may think proper so as not to alter or change the design of this will
Lastly, I appoint my beloved wife Mary Scogin and Thomas Roads executrix
and executor of my will, this 6/05/1809...Elick Scogin, signed, sealed and
delivered , in the presence of us, Betsy Hattey, Ruth Roads and Thomas Roads -
recorded 1/09/1811.

Oglethorpe County , Georgia Inventory and Appraisment of the Estate of
Alexander Scoggin, deceased
1 Negro woman Pab - $250.00Boy Lewis - $325.00 $575.00
1 Negro woman Chaney - $275.00Ransom - $200.00$475.00
1 Negro woman Hannah - $175.00Rary - $150.00$325.00
1 Negro woman Dorcas - $150.00Green - $100.00 $250.00
22 head hogs $35.001 sorrel mare - $25.00$ 60.00
1 black mare - $25.001 gray mare - $40.00$ 65.00
4 feather beds & furniture and 3 steads $ 95.00
7 head cattle - $30.0013 head of geese $ 36.00
9 chairs - $4.50 & table $2.00 $ 6.50
2 cotton wheels & 1 linning wheel $ 6.00
1 counting reel & cupboard & furniture $ 12.50
1 loom & apparatus - $6.001 shotgun $ 7.50
1 case & bottles - $10.00Kitchen furniture $ 21.00
1 pair steelards - $2.00 shovel, tongs & poker $ 9.00
included in above, fire dogs
1 looking glass and books - $5.25 trunk & desk $ 7.75
candle sniff & moulds $ 1.00
parcel of corn and meat $105.00
leather & plantation stencils $ 20.00
sadirons, hogshead, barrels and rawhides $ 8.00
1 flax hackle and carpenter tools $ 2.25
fiddle, 2 bells, cutting knife and box $ 2.00
basket, 3 pair cards, sheep shears and trumpet $ 2.75
1 home, 2 saddles * 1 belt $ 8.00
Notes due deceased $650.00
7 acres of land (rest of page torn) $600.00

total value of estate of Elick (Alexander) Scogin was $3351.00 == appraisers;
Peter Smith, Benjamin Ellsberry, certifying the above appraisment and sworn
before me this 9th February, 1811....
Robert Gillispi Thomas Roads, Exec.
3/15/1811 Mat. Rainey CCO.....

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