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Subject: Re: [SCEDGEFI] King,James and Elizabeth from the 1790 Edgefield Census
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Hi, Ed. The Edgefield Co deeds (through Book 45, 1832), wills, court
records, etc., do not identify the parents or children of James King, and do
not specify his relationship to the Elizabeth King enumerated next to him in
1790. A relationship "probably" existed, because of the close residence,
and also because of joint appearances on a document. The William King Jr.
enumerated next to James King in Edgefield in 1810 is "possibly" one of his
sons. He had a good-sized family, according to the sequential census

1790 SC Edgefield M637-11
509B James King 12100
509B Elizth King 11304 [adj. to James King]
509C William Howl Junr 22402
509C Jones Rivers 2240; 18 [adj. to Howle]
509C Thos Key 2240; 24
513C Henry Key 1170: 13

1800 SC Edgefield M32-47
134 Henry Key 31010; 21010; 20
137 Samuel Carter 20010; 01001; 1
139 James King 21010; 20010; 3(?)

1810 SC Edgefield M252-62
65 James King 02001; 32101; 0
65 Wm. King Ju'r 32010; 01010; 0 [adj. to James King]
66 Jeff Sharpton 10101; 21010; 8
69 Feby Carter 2000; 00010 [Phoebe, dau. of Joseph Bishop, widow of
___ King and of Samuel Carter]
82 James King 10100; 10101

1820 SC Edgefield M33-118
164 Henry Key 002000; 00000
164 William King 321001; 10010

These strangers are listed here because of some connections to one or
another King. You can find some land locations for James King (the right
one) by searching at the SCDAH site at There are
different men named James King all over the state, but your guy is listed as
an adjacent landowner to Lewis Coody on Horn's Creek (5/18/1785), to Elisha
Rumley on Stephens Creek (3/14/1814), to Thomas Bussey & William King on
Johns Branch of Stevens Creek (3/15/1814, also adjacent to Jeff/Jephtha
Sharpton), and to John J. Smith on Pretty Place Branch/Pretty Branch/Pretty
Run of Stevens Creek. The plats after 1790 are on the lower waters of
Stevens Creek, near the Savannah River. They are spread out near the towns
of New Richmond (Hammond and Garrett families), Campbellton and Hamburg (AKA
East Augusta). Some wills that you can print out from the same site are
those of Joseph Bishop (d. 1803), James King (d. 1833--the younger one from
Hamburg, not your James), and William King (d. 1836).

There were two James Kings in Edgefield who were both too young to be heads
of household in 1790. One was the grandson of Joseph Bishop (who lived in
Fairfield Co in 1790, died in Edgefield Co in 1803) by his daughter Phoebe.
She had first married an unidentified King and had a son James King; she
second-married Samuel Carter of Edgefield after 1800. She was widowed again
by 1810, when listed as Feby Carter, head of household in Edgefield Co with
two boys born 1800<1810 (one of whom may be a James King). The other young
James King was the son of William King (d. 1836) and Mary Johns(t)on. All
of his children by common-law wife Mary were born after 1800. He recognized
her as his wife in his will, so that would have legitimized the children.
Except that his first and legal wife, Nancy, was still living, and had two
sons named John and Elias King. Therefore a different inheritance law
kicked in: the portion of the estate left to all illegitimate children
combined could not be more than 1/4 of the total amount. Nancy (Lewis) King
and her two sons filed a lawsuit in Edgefield Court of Equity, June term,
1836. Her witnesses included Margret King Sharpton (sister of William King,
deceased) and Margret's husband Jeffery/Jephtha Sharpton, among others. I
have not seen a writeup of the case, and don't know how it came out. But
the law was pretty specific that the legitimate children had to inherit at
least 3/4 of the estate, whether named in a will or not.

The James King of 1790 had a wife named Sarah/Sally per these deeds:
Edgefield Co SC Minutes of the County Court, p. 32 (July term 1786):
James King came into court and acknowledged his deeds of lease & release
for 100 acres land to Robert Speir which was ordered to be recorded
Mrs. Sarah King being privately examined by John Moore Esquire one of
the justices relinquished her right of Dower & thirds to the land conveyed
by her to Robert Spier which was ordered to be recorded

Edgefield Co Deed Book 3, pp. 102-105. 15 May 1789. James King & Sally,
his wife, to Coalter & Stuart, all of Edgefield Co. SC for £170, sold 200
acres, being part of 400 acres originally grante 3 Nov 1770 unto John
Broughton in Granville Co. SC but now Edgefield co. SC, being the 200 acres
not sold to Daniel Huff and is that part where the plantation now
is...S/James King, Sally (x) King. Wit: William Pardue, Ulysses Rogers, who
swore by oath 14 Jun 1789 before John Purves, J.P.

Possible family besides Willis King and William King Jr.:
Edgefield Co SC Deed Book 31, p. 294. James King to John Evans, deceased,
and Nancy Evans, relict, and unborn infant heir of John Evans, Deed of
Conveyance, 3 February 1813, 100 acres being part of [number lost in
binding] hundred twenty five acres granted to Alexander Oden on Stephens
Creek including house and plantation whereon John Evans died, James King
living on the other part of the plantation. Wit John Boyd, Wilson (x) King,
Joseph Darsey. /s/ James (x) King. Proven 8 February 1813 by John Boyd;
Thos Meriweather J P. Rec 30 March 1813.

Was witness Wilson King a son? The Deed of Conveyance mentioned no sales
price of the property, so it may have been a gift. Perhaps a Nancy King who
married John Evans, who died? Another complication in this document: James
King marked with an X when executing the transfer. The James King who sold
land with Sarah/Sally in 1786 and 1789 signed his name in full. The seller
in 1813 could be a younger-generation James King, but the deed does not say.

Elizabeth King, an apparent widow in 1790, has some type of connection with
either the Key or the Garrett family, per Edgefield Minutes of the County
p. 27, April term 1786 (3 adjacent entries):
Jones Rivers vs Henry Key. Continued. [Henry Key married to
Elizabeth/Betsy, daughter of Robert Garrett (d. 1783) and Mary]
The same vs Thomas Key. Continued. [Thomas Key married to Frances,
daughter of Robert Garrett (d. 1783) and Mary]
The same vs Elizabeth King. Continued. [And Jones Rivers had married Mary,
widow of Robert Garrett, shortly after his death.]

These three suits for debt were dismissed at July court, 1786, p. 42.
Whatever the Key/Garrett couples may have owed to Jones Rivers, Elizabeth
King apparently owed it too. Elizabeth King is also "attached" to James and
William King, per another set of transactions:

Edgefield Conveyance Book 15:
pp. 536-538. Elizabeth King to Geo Bussey. Bill of Sale, 9 October 1798,
$20, Negro wench named Bel and a cow. Wit Burrell (x) Johnson, Thos H
Howle. /s/Elizabeth King. Proven 9 Oct 1798 by Burrell Johnson; Rd Tutt
JP. Rec 9 Oct 1798.
pp. 538-539. Elizabeth King to William King. Deed, 8 October 1798, $50, 50
acres being part of land now held by John King and bounded by land of Mary
Rivers. Wit Burrell (x) Johnson, Thos H Howle, George Bussey. /s/
Elizabeth (x) King. Affirmed 9 Oct 1798 by Burrell Johnson; Richard Tutt,
J.P. Rec 9 Oct 1798.
p. 539. Willis Johnson to Celah Davis. Deed, 10 acres on west side of
Stephens Creek, being part of a tract originally granted to Henry Key Esq
[pages missing]
No number [end of Book 15, after p. 539, name cut off] to James King.
Elizabeth King for $[cut off] one Negro girl Jean and ho[rse?]. Wit Burrell
(x) Johnson, Thos H Howle. /s/ Elizabeth (x) King. Proven by Thos H. Howle
[cut off]

The Howl(e) family is "connected" because two sons of William King and Mary
Johnson married Howles (daughters of William Howle Jr., b. 1784 in
Edgefield); William E. King (b. 1806) married Permelia Howle and Josiah King
(b. 1812) married Lydia Howle. Witness Thomas H. Howle was the brother of
William Harvey Howle (b. 7 Aug 1755 in Charlotte Co VA); the latter was the
father of the William Howle whose daughters married the King brothers. Mary
Rivers was the widow of Robert Garrett in 1783 (Ninety-Six District Will),
then the widow of Jones Rivers (the one who filed a suit for debt against
the two Key brothers with Garrett wives, along with Elizabeth King as
defendant). The 1802 Edgefield will of Mary Rivers left the land she'd
purchased from William King to her son Thomas Garrett. All these people
(Kings, Howles, Keys, Garretts, Riverses, Busseys, Johnsons) have some type
of relationship to one another. The records are less than clear about
exactly how everybody was related!

So, not much help on siblings or grandparents for Willis King. You might
want to watch for these Edgefield surnames among the neighbors/connections
downstream in Irwin or Lowndes Co GA. It would have been unusual to head
west in the early 1800's without taking some neighbors and/or in-laws along
for the trip.


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Harriet, hope you will respond. Thanks.
James King, along with other family members is listed on the subject census.
The adjacent entry is for an Elizabeth, as HOH, along with family members
but no adult male, so assume she was widow. I descended from that James King
but cannot connect James to Elizabeth, nor can I identify the young males
listed in James' household. My g-g-g-g grandfather was James' son named
Willis who was not born until 1792 in Edgefield. ( This date and location is
from Willis' headstone.) Am trying to trace my family beyond James and do
believe that Elizabeth may have been James' mother but know this may be
incorrect. Would like to leatn the name of the two males who were no doubt
James' sons or names of children in Elizabeth's household. Have made the
trip to Edgefield to search but with no luck. !

Harriet, if you can cast light or have suggestions would be grateful and am
willing to pay. Can you help ? Ed King

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