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From: "K.Melis" <>
Subject: Re: Gocz and Gronski
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 19:17:59 -0400

Hi, Gronkow is a village juest west of an area called the Zamagurze Area in
Old Spisz County. Once part of Slovakia, it lies now on the Polish side...
as do my ancestral villages of Frydman and Niedzica. I suggest you check in
our on our website: http://members.delphi.com/pkbingham. We are an active
groupf from the Zcech & Slovak Genealogical Society that have found common
ancestry in a 9 mile radius of Polish/Slovak border villages. We have a
great deal of synergy and rely on sharing info. We'd love you to join us..
To see us also look at the http://www.iarelative.com/search.htm site.

Unfortunately, your village 's church records have not been microfilmed by
the church of latter day saints. I can provide you a copy of a map showing
your village if you do not have one. Good Luck. Karen
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From: Mary K Yonick <>
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 9:14 AM
Subject: Gocz and Gronski

>I just received my grandmother's baptism record. I have two new
>surnames. GOCZ and GRONSKI. They lived in the village of Gronkow near
>Nowy Trag. I would like to find out more information on these surnames.
>Also if anyone is doing reseach on either one of them or the area of
>Nowy Trag please e-mail me.
>Thank you
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