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Karen, this is rather lengthy, but here is the rest of Oliver's story:

1 Oliver Pease; b. Jan 11, 1771; d. Jan 22, 1863; m. 1795 in CT, Clarissa; b.
Oct 19, 1776. Oliver Pease supposedly descended from an Englishman, who with
two brothers, were followers of Oliver Cromwell. After his downfall, two of
the brothers were imprisoned, released by the third sailor brother, and
brought to America, landing on Martha's Vineyard. According to legend, the
sailor brother married the daughter of an Indian Chief, and Oliver is his
direct descendant. Children of Oliver and Clarissa Pease:

1.1 Abigail D. b. Oct 06, 1795 d. Nov 1815
1.2 Abraham Pease; b. Apr 10, 1797 in Washington Co, NY; d. Jul 15, 1878 in
Westfield, PA; m. 1819 in Deerfield, PA, Cynthia Bowen; b. Mar 15, 1800 in
Douglas, MA. She was the daughter of Emmer Bowen, a prominent farmer and
early settler of Tioga County; b. Apr 04, 1770 in Rhode Island; d. May 03,
1841 in Deerfield, and Huldah Howland; b. Oct 17, 1774 in Gloucester, RI; d.
Jul 09, 1847 in Knoxville, PA. Abraham, also known as Abram, came into
Westfield Twp, Tioga County, PA, from Steuben Co, NY in 1819, and settled on
60 acres of and Children of Abraham and Cynthia (Bowen) Pease:

1.2.1 Mary Pease; b. 1825; d. 1880; m. Richard Krussen; b. 1822
1.2.2 Samuel S. b. 1827 d.
1.2.3 Clarissa Pease; b. 1833; m. William Washburn
1.2.4 Esther A. Pease; b. 1835; m. Wilson Davis; b. 1817; d. 1877
1.2.5 Oliver Pease; b. 1838; d. 1899; m. Louisa S. Clark; b. 1843; d. 1928
1.2.6 Ezra b. 1838 d. 1856

1.2.7 Lewis b. 1840 d. 1858
1.2.8 Levi b. Aug 16, 1842 d.
1.2.9 Ralph A. b. Aug 16, 1842 d. 1868
1.2.10 Alphonso b. 1843 d.

1.3 Elizabeth; b. Feb 03, 1798; d. 1881 in PA; m. Joshua Sluyter
1.4 Oliver Perry; (note: middle name is questionable) b. May 20, 1800 in
Washington County, NY; d. Feb 04, 1877 in Academy Corners, PA; m. May 28,
1822 in Deerfield, Pennsylvania, Huldah Bowen; b. May 08, 1804 in Exeter, NY;
d. May 06, 1891 in Nelson, Pennsylvania. She was the sister of Cynthia Bowen,
who married Abraham Pease. Oliver was a farmer, Methodist, and known as the
"praying evangelist farmer". Children of Oliver Perry and Huldah (Bowen)
Pease born in Jasper, NY:

1.4.1 Samuel b. Jan 27, 1824 d. Apr 06 1824
Jasper, NY
1.4.2 Abigail D. Pease; b. May 14, 1825; d. May 13, 1909 in Livingston Park,
MT; m. Jul 14, 1848 in Troupsburg, NY, Wilson Husted; b. 1823; d. 1874
1.4.3 Benjamin Salisbury; b. 1826; d. Jul 21, 1904 in Ellensburg,
Washington; m. Mar 1852, Roxy Louisa Williams; b. Aug 28, 1832 in Spencer,
New York; d. Oct 30, 1902 in WA. She was the daughter of J. Williams.
Benjamin and his family removed from New York in 1832 to Iowa, near Mason
City. In 1857, they left Iowa and settled in Douglas County, Minnesota. The
nearest neighbor of the Pease family, lived twenty-five miles distant, and
the nearest grist mill was seventy miles away. A school was established three
years after their arrival, but an outbreak in 1861 of Sioux Indian attacks
forced the family to remove to Sauk Centre, Stearns County, and then to St.
Cloud, Minnesota. In 1867, Benjamin Pease sold his farm, and set out for
Washington with other pioneers, but decided to settle in Parke's Prairie,
Minnesota after an insurrection in the party. They removed in 1884 to
Kittitas County, Washington. Children of Benjamin Salisbury and Roxy Louisa
(Williams) Pease: Edgar S.; b. Sep 05, 1853 in Woodhull, Steuben County, NY; d. May 02,
1930 in Ellensburg, WA; m. Nov 04, 1874 in Parke's Prairie, Minnesota,
Rebecca Livingston Logan; b. Apr 25, 1854 in Sparta, Wisconsin. She was the
daughter of Samuel Logan; b. 1824 in Ireland; d. 1879, and Harriet Jane
Buessey; b. 1830 in Massachusetts. Samuel Logan came to America as a
youngster, and was a sergeant in the Civil War. He ran a mercantile business
in Sparta. Rebecca taught school in the same schools she graduated from in
Wisconsin. Edgar Pease bought a quarter section of his father's farm in
Kittitas County, added 240 acres to that land, and in 1902, sold the farm to
his son, buying another. Children of Edgar and Rebecca Livingston (Logan)
Pease: Clarence William; b. Jun 02, 1876 in Parker Prairie, Ottertail
County, Minnesota; d. 1941; m. Mar 11, 1903 Mabel Lennett Barker; b. Jun 02,
1883; d. 1951. She was the daughter of Mr. Barker, who died when she was an
infant, and Hattie Bridgham. Her mother remarried to John Taylor, who raised
Mabel, and was the only father she knew. Clarence attended the common
schools in Ottertail County,
until 1883, when his family moved to Kittitas County, Washington. When he was
twenty-two, he removed to Ellensburg, Washington, bought a 160 acre farm, and
expanded it to 360 acres. He belonged to the Washington State Militia from
1895 to his honorable discharge in 1898. Children of Clarence William and
Mabel Lennett (Barker) Pease born in Kitittas County, Washington: Ruby Harriet Pease; b. Feb 09, 1904; d. 1988; m. Irving L.
Andrews Ruth Rebecca Pease; b. Feb 09, 1904; d. 1978; m. (1) Marion
Champie; m. (2) Ernest W. Cousland; m. (3) Bob Prentice Gladys Mary Pease; b. 1908; m. (1) Robert Gierke; m. (2) Les
Henderson; m. (3) Lester Davis Murl Logan Pease; b. Jul 04, 1909; d. 1975; m. Dorothy Ione
Curry; b. 1915 Edgar Samuel Pease; b. Oct 16, 1915; d. 1958; m. Lillian Becker Clarence Donald Pease; b. 1921; m. Maxine Tesch. Ernest Benjamin Pease; b. 1879; d. 1943; m. Rose E. Campbell; b.
1879 Children of Ernest Benjamin and Rose E. (Campbell) Pease: Thelma Rose b. 1904 d. Theodore Edgar b. 1906 d. Louisa Harriet b. 1883 d. 1957 Hugh Logan Pease; b. May 15, 1885; d. 1950; m. Lorena C.; b. 1879 Emily b. 1855 d. 1870 John C. b. 1859 d. 1870 Perry L. Pease; b. 1861; d. 1933; m. Oct 16, 1886 in Kittitas Co, WA,
Mary Helen Page; b. 1867; d. 1953. Children of Perry L. and Mary Helen
(Page) Pease: Archie L. b. 1887 d. 1950 Ira F. b. 1890 d. Grace B. b. 1891 d. Clair B. b. 1895 d. Nathan L. b. 1899 d. Ella M. b. 1902 d. Esther M. b. 1904 d. Ella Irene Pease; b. 1862; d. 1928; m. Jul 26, 1886 in Kittitas Co,
WA, John C. Waggoner; b. 1862 Burt; b. Jun 12, 1865 in Douglas Co, MN; d. 1943; m. Jul 07, 1889 in
Kittitas County, WA, Emma R. Poynor, of Ellensburg; b. Feb 03, 1873 in
Stockton, CA; d. 1913. She was the daughter of Jesse B. Poynor; b. Oct 27,
1837 in Tennessee; d. Nov 09, 1875 in Stockton, and Frances A. Hall; b. Jul
29, 1842 in Missouri; d. Apr 28, 1901. Jesse and Frances were married 1859 in
Missouri, and two weeks after their marriage left the state with a band of
pioneers for California. Burt Pease removed to Ellensburg, Yakima Valley,
Washington in 1877. Until age 18, he worked on his father's farm, while
attending the district schools. The next six years of his life was spent
taking care of his father's cattle on the range, and in 1897, he bought from
his father, the farm. He put 35 acres of the farm under irrigation, five
acres as an orchard, one acre to strawberries, and the remainder to other
crops. He also grew fruit, and paid special attention to his dairy stock, a
well selected herd of Jersey Cattle. Mr. Pease belonged to the Woodmen of the
World Society, was secretary of the West Side Irrigation Company, and along
with his wife, belonged to the Congregational Church. Children of Burt and
Emma R. (Poynor) Pease: Arthur R. b. Sep 08, 1890 d. 1896 Leonard W. b. 1892 d. Martin C. b. 1894 d. Ethel Evelena b. 1896 d. Frederick G. b. Apr 04, 1897 d. 1917 George D. b. 1898 d. 1898 Everett S. b. 1899 d. Calvin S. b. 1902 d. Norman b. 1908 d. Willard E. b. 1913 d. Clara Leonora Pease; b. 1875; d. 1951; m. George Morrell Burlingham;
b. 1867

1.4.4 Susannah; b. 1828; d. 1882 in Westfield, PA; m. Oct 15, 1847 in
Troupsburg, NY, Nelson J. Burdock
1.4.5 Miriam Pease; b. May 1829; d. Aug 07, 1900 in Woodhull, NY; m. 1848
in Troupsburg, NY, William Carpenter; b. 1829; d. 1900
1.4.6 Anson b. 1830 d.
1.4.7 Clarissa Jane Pease; b. Jun 23, 1831; d. Sep 13, 1909 in Oregon, MI;
m. May 14, 1853 in Woodhull, NY, Joel Everitt; b. 1825; d. 1913.
1.4.8 Cynthia S. Pease; b. 1833; m. Levi B. Monroe; b. 1830
1.4.9 David Fellows; b. Mar 16, 1834, Tioga County, PA; d. Oct 20, 1920 in
Montana; m. Mar 1859 near Berthold, ND, to Margaret Wallace, a half breed
Crow; b. 1839. She was the daughter of John Wallace, a noted Crow warrior.
David grew up in Steuben County, NY, and at age 18 headed west to Chicago,
Illinois. From there, he traveled down the old canal to Joliet, took the
train to Rock Island, and joined a party of pioneers at the Mississippi River
heading to Wisconsin. In that state, David worked in the forests as a
surveyor. He fixed the boundary line between Minnesota and Iowa, and worked
with the Sioux Indians in the lumber business. His next endeavor was
merchandising on the Missouri River, as a member of the "Little
Opposition" Firm, doing business along the river from Fort Benton to Fort
Sully. The firm joined the Northwest Fur Company, and traded with the
Indians. After the transfer of the company to Peck & Durfee, Major Pease as
he was known, left the business to join a company that supplied horses from
Utah and Colorado to the government. In 1860, Pease traveled back to
Pennsylvania to cast his vote for Abraham Lincoln in the presidential
election. In 1870, he was appointed as the first civil agent for the Crow
Indians, with his agency set up at the mouth of the Mission Creek, on the
south side of the Yellowstone River. In the spring of 1875, Major Pease, Paul
McCormick, and Z. H. Daniels made plans to form a colony and did so,
establishing it with about 50 on Pease's Bottom, on the Yellowstone.
McCormick and Daniels took care of the colony, while Pease went back East to
purchase supplies, a trip that lasted throughout the winter of 1875-76. While
he was gone, the attack on Custer had occurred along with an attack on the
newly formed Fort Pease. The colonists abandoned the fort. When Pease
returned, he sold the supplies to other posts, and took up mining in Park
County, before being appointed as agent of the Crow Indians at Fort Parker.
Some of the Crow Indians wanted to ally themselves with the Sioux, who were
always at war with the white man during this time. Blackfoot, chief of the
Crows, his wife, a daughter of Sioux Chief Crazy Horse, persuaded the Crow
to stay with the whites, preventing future conflicts, and establishing a
peaceful coexistence. Major Pease was instrumental in this effort, and he was
made an honorary member of the Crow Tribe, May 1920. He was made a Mason by
special dispensation at Knoxville, PA in 1868, and affiliated with the
Livingston Lodge No. 32, with the Scottish Rite Bodies and Algeria Temple of
the Mystic Shrine at Helena, Montana. Children of Major David Fellows and
Margaret (Wallace) Pease: Laetus b. 1861 d. 1918
Seattle, WA Levantia Pease; b. 1862; m. John L. Pearson George Hamilton b. 1865; d. 1916 in Lodge Grass, MT; m. Mar 1888,
Sarah Walker. Children of George Hamilton and Sarah (Walker) Pease: William David b. d. Anson Harold b. d. Oliver Perry b. d. Ashbul Frederick b. d. Emery Bowen b. d. Benjamin Salisbury b. d. James Walker b. d. George Hamilton b. d. Helen Sarah b. d.

1.4.10 Elizabeth Ann Pease; b. Oct 24, 1836; d. Aug 10, 1913 in Alexandria
MN; m. Nov 12, 1857 in Mankota, MN, Frank Reynolds; b. 1835; d. 1892
1.4.11 Emmer Bowen b 1838 d. Civil War
1.4.12 Ashbel Monroe b. 1841 d. Feb 27, 1862
Wash. DC (Civil War)
1.4.13 Laetus Ezra b. Feb 29 1844 d. Sep 17, 1862
Antietam, Wash, MD Civil War
1.4.14 Mary LaVantia b. Jun 27, 1846 d. Mar 17, 1859 MN
1.4.15 Walter Leonard Pease; b. Jul 24, 1848 in Troopsburg, NY; d. Jul 29,
1933 in Avoca, NY; m. Jan 21, 1875 in Addison, NY, Frances Smith; b. 1853; d.
1918. During the Civil War, Walter enlisted Sep 06, 1864 at Williamsport, PA,
in Company D, 207 Regt of PA Infantry Volunteers. He was sent to Jones
Landing, VA for forward duty, and while there, was hospitalized with typhoid
fever which affected his eyesight, leaving him nearly blind for the rest of
his life. Walter was discharged Jan 27, 1865. Children of Walter Leonard and
Frances (Smith) Pease: Neva Pease; b. 1875; m. (1) Wheeler Mowrey; m. (2) Robert S. Bell Phoebe Pease; b. 1880; m. Mr. Larrison Wallace Oliver Pease; b. 1888; d. 1972; m. Edith Leona Cilley; b.
1888; d. 1974 Reed Pease; b. 1890; m. Nellie E. John Smith b. 1896 d.

1.4.16 Wallace b. Jul 24, 1848 d. Oct 27, 1848
Troupsburg, NY

1.5 Ezra Silas Pease; b. Jun 22, 1803 in NY; d. 1869 in Aurora, NY; m. (1)
Susan Adaline Farrand. Children of Ezra Silas and Susan Adaline (Farrand)
Pease born in Cayuga Co, NY:

1.5.1 Isabelle Hannah Pease; b. Apr 02, 1829; d. 1913 in Westfield Twp, PA;
m. Ira Burgess Luce. He was the son of Burgess Luce and Roxanne Baker.
1.5.2 William b. d.
1.5.3 Clarissa b. d.
1.5.4 Jehiel Pease; b. 1834; d. 1879; m. Charlotte Shotwell. Children of
Jehiel and Charlotte (Shotwell) Pease: Hattie b. d. Silas E. Pease; b. 1871; m. Ann Gunn

Ezra Silas Pease m. (2) Mary Howell. One child of Ezra Silas and Mary
(Howell) Pease:

1.5.5 Silas H. Pease; b. 1841; d. 1886; m. Josephine Kellogg; b. 1841; d.
1908. One child of Silas H. and Josephine (Kellogg) Pease: William E. Pease; m. Emma Phillips. Children of William E. and Emma
(Phillips) Pease: Mildred b. d. Rachel b. d.

1.6 William b. 1806 d.
1.7 Lydia Pease; b. Nov 07, 1808; m. Richard Kruesen

All we need are parents for Oliver and Clarissa. Easier said than done!!
Rick in Taunton

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