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From: Linda Lenkner <>
Subject: [ALL] Thorn Hill Reform School
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 18:11:53 -0400

Allegheny County Industrial School and Home for Boys. ( Thorn Hill
It was established in 1910 and closed in 1979. It location was Thorn
Hill, Marshall
Township. It was also known as Allegheny County Industrial and Training
for Boys, Thorn Hill School of Allegheny County, Warrendale Youth
Center ( 1962), and Warrendale Correctional Center.
The aim of the school was to provide useful training for boys under
the age
of 16 who were turned over to the school by Juvenile Court. The County
purchased over
1000 acres including the Goehring, Brooker, Ulrich, Hobson, Amsler,
Bannerrot and Edmundson Farms.
The Pa Dept. of Welfare took over the facility in 1962. The Hillman
Library has
annual reports.
The location of records is unknown.
SOURCE: Pa Dept. Vertical Files ( Youth Centers.)

Nancy Long wrote:

> Can anyone tell me about Thorn Hill? Was it near Warrendale, the
> location of Thorn Hill Industrial Park? Are there records available?
> Appreciate any input.
> Nancy Long

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