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Subject: Re: Tecumseh and Tecumapease decendants
Date: 7 Apr 2005 09:59:40 -0600

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Here is some detailed information regarding Maisonville/Tecumseh/Tecumapease decendants.


Maisonville, Antoine Francois aka Antoine Francois Maisonville Rivard dit Loranger-Laculotte - Adopted-French/Canadian Metis born about 1755-died after 1819 - traveling in OH with 1776-associated with William Joseph LeMothe-1/2 Shawnee Metis, Maurice Blondeau-adopted Chippewa Metis & Gabriel Cotte-adopted French/Canadian, living in Apple Creek village MO by 1782, husband 1782 of Menewalaukoose-3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis, brother in law of Tecumseh & Cheeseekau, father of Francois Maisonville/91-3/8th Shawnee-Creek-French/Canadian Metis

Maisonville, Francois aka Francois Maisonville Rivard dit Loranger-Lacullotte - 3/8th Shawnee-Creek-French/Canadian Metis born about 1791-died about 1856 - from Apple Creek village MO, son of Menewaulakoose-3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis & Antoine Francois Maisonville-adopted French/Canadian Metis, nephew of Tecumseh, nephew & son in law of Cheeseekau, husband before 1811 of Teciekeapease aka Genevieve Marie Cheeseekau-3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis, father of Francois Jr/1811, Modest/1819 & Angelica Maisonville/1826-all 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis

Tecumapease aka Tecumesa-Crossing the Water - 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis born 1748 AL-died before 1825 CAN - sister of Tecumseh, oldest daughter of Puckenshinwa-1/2 Shawnee-Creek Metis & Metheotashe-Shawnee, wife 1st about 1770 Mink aka Chaquiweshe-Shawnee, 2nd 1775 of Stands Firm aka Wasegobah-adopted Chippewa, mother with Mink of Big Horns aka Capt. John Logan/74-7/8th Shawnee-Creek Metis, with Stands Firm of LaNanette aka Nanette/75-3/8th Shawnee-Chippewa-Creek Metis

Tecumseh aka Panther in the Sky-Panther Leaping at Prey - 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis born 1768 OH-died 1813 Thames - Blue Licks, raiding KY-VA-OH 1781, Crawford, Council Miami Jan. 1786, raiding Ohio River valley 1788, Little Turtle War, lived-raided with Cherokee 1790-92, Grand Council 1791, Council Vincennes July & Aug. 1810, Council Amherstburg Mar. 1812, Council Massinawa May 1812, met with Isadore Chesne near Ft. Wayne June 1812, met with Col. Brock at Amherstburg July 1812, British Colonel-War of 1812, killed at Thames, a Kishpoko-Pekowi, son of Puckenshinwa-1/2 Kishpoko Shawnee-Creek Metis & Metheotashe-Pekowi Shawnee, last great leader of Eastern Natives though never more than a War Chief, brothers = Cheeseekau/55, Sauwaseekou/59, Nahaaseema/65, Kumshaka/70, Prophet/74, sisters = Tecumapease/58, Menewaulakoose/64, Vocemassussia/71, brother in laws = Mink/50 & Stand Firm/55 with Tecumapease, Split Log/50 & George Ironside/60 with Vocemassussia, Antoine Francois Maison!
ville/60 with Menewaulakoosee, relative/same clan as Black Fish/25, Blue Jacket/35, Red Pole/40, Turkey Foot/60, Turtle/70, Anthony Shane/60, Seekaboo/70, Tecumoplas Collins/42, Bright Horns/80, Big Horns/74, Swamp Water/70, Otter/70, Turkey/65, husband 1st 1788 of Monetoshe-Shawnee, 2nd 1789 of Mamate-1/2 Shawnee Metis, 3rd 1791 Dark Star-Cherokee, 4th 1795 of White Wing Cornstalk-1/2 Shawnee Metis, possibly also White Woman captured 1788 KY, Chippewa & Pottawamee Women, father with Monetoshe of Mahyawekawpawe/88-7/8th Shawnee-Creek Metis, with Mamate of Naythahwaynah/90-5/8th Shawnee-Creek Metis, with Dark Star of Lydia/90 & Tecumtequah/92-both 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis, with White Wing of Paukeesaa/96, Adjala/98 & Skwato aka Searena Rainey/99-all 5/8th Shawnee-Creek Metis, other unknown
Menewaulakoosee aka Menewalakosi-Lying Piled in a Hollow-Mrs. Antoine Francois Maisionville - 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis born about 1765-died after 1819 - sister of Tecumseh, Cheeseekau & Prophet, daughter of Puckenshinwa-1/2 Kishpoko Shawnee-Creek Metis & Metheotashe-Pekowi Shawnee, moved about 1779 with mother to Apple Creek village MO, wife 1782 of Antoine Francois Maisionville-adopted French/Canadian, mother of Francois/91-3/8th Shawnee-Creek Metis

Collins, Tecumoplas aka Margaret - born 1742-died after 1791 - relative/same clan as Tecumseh, wife 1767 of Rupert Collins-white, mother of Jane Collins/68

Cheeseekau aka Chiksika-Cheeseequa-Sting-Snakebite-Passquannakeek-Gunshot - 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis born before 1756 AL-died 1792 TN - Point Pleasant 1774/75/78, raiding KY-VA-OH 1777-81, Boonesboro, Blue Licks, Crawford, Council Miami Jan. 1786, raiding Ohio River valley 1788, Little Turtle War, a Kishpoko/Pekowi warrior, brother of Tecumseh, living in Running Water (Shawnee-Cherokee) village 1790-92 with Tecumseh, raiding with Chickamaugas, killed near Nashville, eldest son of Puckenshinwa-1/2 Kishpoko Shawnee-Creek Metis & Meteotashe-Pekowi Shawnee, husband of Cherokee Woman, father of Great Shawnee Warrior/90 & Teciekeapease aka Genevieve Marie//91-both 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis
Metheotashe aka Meetheetashe-Methotasa-Turtle Laying Eggs - born about 1740-died 1789 MO - a Pekowi from Souvanogee village AL, daughter of Loyparcoweh/1700, granddaughter of Opessa/1680, wife about 1755 of Puckenshinwa-1/2 Kishpoko Shawnee-Creek Metis, mother of sons Cheeseekau/56 AL, Sauwaseekou/59 KY, Nahaaseema/65 OH, Tecumseh/68 OH, Kumshaka/70 OH & Tenskawatawa aka Prophet/74 OH, daughters Tecumapease/58 AL, Menewaulakoose/64 OH & Vocemassussia/71 OH-all 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis, adopted mother of Joshua Renick/46 (60), John Sparks/60 (68), Richard Sparks/66 (68), moved 1779 with 2 youngest daughters to Apple Creek village MO
Puckenshinwa aka Alights from Flying-I Alight From Flying - 1/2 Shawnee-Creek Metis born about 1725 AL-died 1774 WV - French-Indian War, Braddock, Pontiac War, Bushy Run, raiding New-Greenbrier-Jackson River valleys 1763, raiding Ohio-Little Kanawha-Big Sandy-New River valleys 1772, killed at Point Pleasant 1774, Grand Council June 1762, Sept. 1762, 1763, Council Bouquet Oct. 1764, son of Daughter of James McQueen-1/2 Creek Metis & Kishpoko Shawnee Man, husband of Metheotashe-Pekowi Shawnee, father of sons Cheeseekau/56, Sauwaseekou/59, Nahaaseema/65, Tecumseh/68, Kumshaka/70, Tenskawatawa/74 & daughters Tecumapease/58, Menewaulakoose/66, Vocemassussia/71-all 3/4th Shawnee-Creek Metis, adopted father of Joshua Renicks/46 (60), John Sparks/60 (68) & Richard Sparks/60 (68), Stephen Ruddell/67 (before 74)

Cotte, Gabriel - Adopted-French/Canadian born about 1740-died after 1780 - raiding Ohio-New River valleys 1758, Pontiac War, Bushy Run, raiding New-Jackson-Greenbrier River valleys 1763, raiding Ohio-Little Kanawha-Big Sandy-New River valleys 1772, Point Pleasant 1774, Boonesboro, associated with Antoine Francois Maisonville-adopted French/Canadian Metis, brother in law of Maurice Blondeau-Chippewa Metis & William Joseph LeMothe, all 3 married Shawnee sisters, husband of Shawnee Sister

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