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Subject: [McWILLIAMS-L] Preliminary immigration list, H-N
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:43:13 EST

Hugh Appears to be connected to a Janet also in the index. Assumption
from joint listing stating A100 acres@.
Source: Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773;
in list of Archibald, Hugh & Janet, James. [W1997, 105; Spr 1999, 22]

Hugh b May 1735 in Scotland; d 24 Dec 1778 Nanticoke, PA [some
information indicates the date should be 1777]; m. Rebecca Dunwoody 1774
in Nortumberland Co. PA; father: Robert McWilliams; mother: Jean Orr.
(See details in the listing for Robert.) The book History of the
Chillisquaque Church by Rev. William G. Finney, 1926 states: "Hugh McWilliams
was the first who took up land at Mooresburg. He was a veteran Indian fighter
of the French and Indian War, a Leiutenant, and came on his claim in 1771. It
was a large tract, 800 acres. He went back to Ireland three times returning
with more people for the new colony. He died in the Wyoming engagement with
the Connecticut settlers, and it is recorded that only one from this region
met death in that battle. This was at Nanticoke. His brother Robert served in
the army with Washington, was at Valley Forge and died there."
D.A.R. information shows Hugh was born in 1735 and died 24 Dec 1778; married
Rebecca Dunwoody, served as a Private from Pennsylvania.

HUGH MCWILLIAMS was born 1743 in Ayshire, Scotland, and died unknown. He
married MARY TAGGART unknown. She was born 1744 in Orange, North Carolina,
and died unknown._____ Children of HUGH MCWILLIAMS and MARY TAGGART are:
__ _ i._ _ __ _ DAVID b. 1760, Kentucky, else Orange, North Carolina._ _
_ _ ii._ _ __ _ JAMES SR. b. June 1, 1762, Ayshire, Scotland, or around
Elizabethtown, Kentucky; d. August 28, 1843 _Hardin Co., KY; m Martha Jameson
in Henry Co. Va abt 1777. 9 children incl Samuel b 1786 VA; James b 1791 NC,
m Viers KY, & 7 daughters (much info on this line; Rev. soldier, etc. many
Source: Marguerite Erickson's website -

Additional information from descendants Iris Jasperson and Rosemary Trigg.
[Win 94, p99; Wint 95, 105; Fall 99, 58; Veterans issue]
Unconfirmed information that Hugh's father was a John McWilliams (below)

Hugh Born April 16, 1828 in Ireland. Came to U.S. in 1850 with mother
and brother David. Mother died shortly afterwards. Hugh and David to Kane
County, Illinois. Married, then to East Boyer (twp) and to Crawford County
(Iowa). Wife died. 1862 married Jane Graham. Went back to Illinois, then
returned to Crawford County 1864. In 1903, went to live with daughter.
Source: summary of published obituary, newspaper name not included.
Iowa Cemeteries book: (Title not given, ten entries: W.J., Rosannah, Hugh,
Hugh C., Jane, J.J., John, Martha, Mary, Mary C.,-- all buried Oakland Cem,
Crawford County, Iowa )
Hugh b 4-16- 1828, d 3-5-1909
Jane wife of Hugh, b 1839, d. 1937
Rosannah McWilliams, wife of Hugh, d. 23 June 1860, age 21
W.J. McWilliams b 1817, d 1898
Mary C, wife of David, b 1828, d. 1905
also listed - John McWilliams, b 1816, d 1898, Greene County, Grand
Junction, Iowa
James ca1740-1813; to Schenectady, NY before 1800
wife Margaret b. ca 1737
listed in Emigrants from Scotland to America 1774-1775
James b Scotland, no issue?, Brother of Charles, (b. 1820 Hillend,
Robert, and William. All listed herein.

James 1826-1897
born in Ireland, lived in New York. Arrived NY 1844; served 158th NY
Regiment 1862-1865; many descendants with military service.
Research info from descendant Mary E. McWilliams.
[corresp., Fall 1994, Fall 1995 p56]

James Listed in the book Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina
,1773-1763, so may be duplicate. In list of Archibald, Hugh & Janet, James.
Not shown to be same dates or any connection from available information.
[Winter 1997, 105; Spr 99, 22.]

James [May be duplicate] Age 23, from Galloway; listed in Emigrants
from Scotland to America 1774-1775 (This list includes James 23, Eliza 35,
George 25, John 25, James 24, Janet 27.)

Jane b. 1741 in Ireland. Sister of Hugh of PA so daughter of Robert
of PA; see Robert listing. Married Robert Curry in Ireland; to
Pa; they had they had four children including daughter Jane, b 1773 in Pa.,
who married Hugh=s (McW) son Robert; and they had four children.
Source: History of the Chillisquaque Church; [Spr 1996, p9]; History of
Columbia and Montour Counties, Battle, 1886, p 148, 172

Janet Age 60, from Dumfrieshire, Scotland to NY on ship Jackie March
[Summer 1998 p53]

John John MCWILLIAMS, born 1767 in Ireland; died 14 SEP 1843 in
Prairie Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio. Married Mary Sampson, born 1793 in
Pennsylvania.Children: John L. 1812, Nancy 1814 OH, Mary 1817, Caroline
1822, Sarah 1825, James 1830, Thomas 1835.
Source: Franklin County Ohio Cemteries, Vol VIII, Deeds, plat maps, other
records and
additional research by James D. McWilliams, Evanston, IL. (Spr 93 p 2, Wint
94, p99)

John b. 1768 Ireland; m. Hannah Campbell
source: Francelia McWilliams Butler (Summer 1998, 33, corresp.) (Her line:
John & Hannah Campbell ; Elias b. 1812 & Hannah Reeder; John Jerome b. 1846 &
Ella Long; Robert W. b. 1886 & Grace Williams.)
Biography of: ELIAS McWILLIAMS, farmer, P. O. Edinboro, son of John and
Hannah (Campbell) McWilliams, was born Oct. 30, 1812, on the farm in this
township where he now resides. John was a native of Ireland, and one of the
first settlers of this township, coming here about 1800. His wife was a
daughter of Jean Campbell, a pioneer of Washington Township, settling here in
1798. To this union were born eleven children, viz., James, Jane, William,
Rhuanna, Elias, Nancy, John, Robert, Job, Hugh and Joseph. The surviving of
this family are John, residing in Edinboro; Job, in Oshkosh, Wis., Hugh, in
Le Boeuf Township, and Jane and Elias, in this township. Our subject was
married in this township, July 25, 1844, to Hannah, daughter of Job and Nancy
(Campbell) Reeder, by whom he has had five children, three surviving --
Jerome J., married to Ella, daughter of William and Catherine (Krider) Long,
of Washington Co., Penn., has two children -- Milton E. and Bernice T., and
is residing with his parents on the homestead. Hugh, a resident of Edinboro,
and Joseph E., who is living in Eau Claire, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams have
been members of the Presbyterian Church upward of twenty-five years.
Source: Samuel P. Bates, History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, (Warner,
Beers & Co.: Chicago, 1884), Part VI, Township Biographies, Washington
Township, p. 209.
Also: John, a native or Ireland who settled in Erie County PA in 1800;
married Hannah Campbell. Nine children born in Erie Co between 1805 & 1828.

Source: Ball Cousins book; M. Kinsey corresp. (Wint 96, 102)
[second entry; see Francelia's info, her ancestor] b. 1768 Ireland
line remained in New England - [ check ex. location]

John Born ca 1715. From Ireland to Washington Co., PA; m. Jane
Taylor (dau of the founder of Taylorstown); 7 ch: John m. Eliz. Clelland;
Margaret m Wm Noble; Hannah m John Reed; Sarah m. James Reed; Jane m.
McClain; Mary m Hemphill; Wallace m. Nancy Clelland, 4 ch. Lands referred to
as 'Lions Bush', etc.. . . came from Ireland locating in Buffalo Twp
Agranted him on a VA certificate and surveyed Sept 19, 1785"
Source: History of Washington County (PA) (Sp 1997, 21et al)
Bio: John McWilliams was probably born about 1715.The family came from
Ireland to New Castle County DE in 1763.Known children of John
McWilliams.(1). John b. 1751 d.Oct 8 1837; m.Jane Taylor(2). David(3).
William b.Mar 7 1759 d.Apr 21 1840 m.Agnes Boggs m.Mary Merritt Mar 5 1793
2.JOHN MCWILLIAMS John McWilliams, a son of John McWilliams, was born in
Ireland in 1751 and died in Washington County PA October 8, 1837. He came to
America with his family in 1763. By 1785, the family had moved toWashington
County PA. Their farm, "Lions Bush" was granted on a VA certificate and was
surveyed September 19, 1785.John married Jane Taylor, a daughter of Robert
Taylor.Children of John and Jane (Taylor) McWilliams.(1). Mary b.May 29 1781,
m.Thomas Hemphill(2). Martha b.Oct 8 1783(3). Wallace b.Dec 2 1785 d.Aug 2
1864; m.Nancy Clelland d/o James Clelland(4). John b.Dec 1 1788; m.Elizabeth
Clelland d/o James Clelland(5). Sarah b.Dec 19 1789; m.James Reed (6). Jean
b.Nov 18 1791; m.Berkley McClain(7). Margaret b.Nov 29 1793(8). Elizabeth
b.Dec 29 1795(9). Margaret b.Mar 31 1798; m.William Noble(10). Hannah b.Feb 3
1800; m.John Reed4.
---William McWilliams, a son of John McWilliams, was born in County Down
Ireland and died in Knox County, OH April 21, 1840. He married Agnes Boggs
before 1784. Agnes, a daughter of William and Jane(Stein) Boggs, was born
February 17, 1752 and died in WashingtonCounty PA before 1793.William served
the Colonies in the American Revolution in the 13thVA Regiment and in the 8th
PA Regiment. A hearing was held in KnoxCounty September 25, 1832 to consider
William's application for aveteran's pension. His pension was granted.William
married Mary Merritt in Washington County PA March 5,1793. Mary was born in
PA in 1772 and died in Knox County June 29,1851.The family moved from
Washington County PA to Belmont County OH in1800 and moved to Knox County OH
about 1824.William's will is dated December 5, 1832 and is recorded in Will
Book A in the Knox County court house.(See website for details & additional
listings) [get this url m.e.]

John ---- [Review this from Trigg, Jasperson, et al; lots of info from
James on;]
"Hugh most likely brought to America by his father John at some time between
1710 and 1730, said to have settled in NC. Hugh settled in VA later."
Many descendants of this line, esp. through Rev. Soldier James and Martha
Jameson, Kentucky. Hugh 3 sons, 3 daus. See Hugh listing above for
sources, etc. .

John b. ca 1740 Ireland; to America ca 1764; land grant 1764
Berkeley Co SC & 1772 (Orangeburg, now Calhoun Co); m. unknown; served
Rev. War. 4 Children: Dan, b 1772 SC; d Clairborne Crossing, AL; m Anna
Wooton; 10 ch. John who was born. ca 1770to 1774; Orangeburg Dist., SC;
d aft 1830; m Mary or/Anne Jackson dau. of David Jackson; 4 ch. David -
b.c. 1774. Joel- b. c. 1774
Virginia M. Carmichael research; (Spr 1997, 27 etc.) [claify ch. names,
RevWar info, show which info not v.]

John John McWilliams kept the hotel in Murraysville, PA. One of the
settlers of Westmoreland County coming there from Ireland prior to 1788.
He married Francis Moore, died at age 90. Ther daughter was born in PA in
Source: Pittsburgh and Her People p 165

John (__-1835) emigrated from Ireland to Juaniata County, PA in 1793, sp
Margaret Perry; children: John, Robert 1787-1854 m Sarah Stone, Oliver,
Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane, Nancy, Esther, Samuel b 1805 m. Annie A. Crawford
(Ch: Priscilla, Malinda, Matilda, George, Andrew Jackson, William, Elizabeth,
Source: Al Beale [add url]

John Wesley b 1770 ? Scotland (Kirkcaldy); d 1862 Iowa; m. Nancy Duncan
(1778-1834); son William B.(1811 OH?1898 IA) m Polly Ann Marsh, Fayette Co
census 1790; purchased land in Belmont Co Oh in 1804.
The History of Harrison County Iowa (William McWilliams biography) and
Research by Walter F. McWilliams, CA [Sum 1995 p32, Sp 1998 p25 Sp 96 p23]

John b. (ca 1735?45), probably County Armagh, Ireland. His brother
William was born there 1739. The family came to America about 1750 with
widowed mother, brothers John & William, and sister Hannah. Originally
settled in Bucks Co, Pa. See sources in William listing.

John "I have documentation that was researched by a Margret Jane McWilliam
(Wylie) and published in 1952. It starts from a John McWilliam marrying
Margret Stirling, their son Robert McWilliam marrying Jane Hill, of Coleraine
or possibly of Listwatty Parish Balymena Town, Ireland, and their son John
McWilliam, born 12 Nov 1829, Coleraine, Ireland/died 12 Mar 1899, marrying
Sarah Ann Smith. They were married on 20 June 1855 and had 11 children, 5 of
which died at a very early age. I have the history of these individuals up to
1952. Most of the settlement was in the New York area, Manhattan. I am really
trying to track back into Ireland and Scotland where the McWilliam family
came from."
John T. McWilliam

John and wife Margaret McGill; from Ayr, Scotland in 1866 with their five
children; lived in MA & CT; 2 children were born in America. Children:
Martha, William, Agnes, John, Robert, Richard, James.
[ADD---see notes & find source]

John From obituary of David: Died on the morning of the 2nd of
January, 1858, David McWilliams, in the 74th year of his age. The day before
his death, he appeared as well as usual more cheerful went to the village of
Lynville (Indiana) in the neighborhood where three of his sons reside. Mr.
McWilliams was born in Chester District, South Carolina in the year 1784. He
was the youngest son of Jno. and Jane McWilliams, natives of Ireland.
[members of] A. R. Church, Hopewell. He removed with his family to the State
of Indiana, Gibson County, in the year 1837, and with his wife, were the
first members of the A. R. Church in the eastern part of said county, where
there is now a flourishing congregation of over seventy members. with Rev. R.
Gray, pastor.
[Obituary, original source not rec'd; 19 Nov 2001sn.b]

John Anthony "One of the last entries in the National Register was made
in the year 1817 by a shipbuilder, John Anthony McWilliams who recorded his
emigration to North America." --National Irish Register for Coats of Arms,
Vol IV by Dougall.
>From Leon C. McWilliams research collection (Su 1998, 50)

John b. 1780 County Antrim Ireland
had son Alexander
[see David Gilbert corresp. ; descendant of John]
Win 1998, 86;

John 1725?- 1802; born 1725 in Scotland; m. Sallie Haffee
(1736-1801); died 1802 Orange County, New York. Served as Private in New
York Levies
[DAR info, get more] (Fall 93, 9. ___)

John "Reverend John" "came to PA about 1692". Described as "well
known Scottish minister".
2 sources [p26 add] [incl. Bone Family] (Spr 1999, 26 inquiry)

John John McWilliams was born on 2 Dec 1862 in Tyrone, Ireland.
He immigrated in 1882. He resided in Philadelphia, PA and was a teamster.
Mary Ann Tracey was born in Aug 1863 in Tyrone, Ireland.She was married to
John McWilliams on 13 Feb 1887 in Philadelphia, PA. Children were: John
Joseph McWilliams, James McWilliams, Mary Ann McWilliams, Francis Joseph
McWilliams, Robert Emmett McWilliams , Francis McWilliams, Susannah
McWilliams, Joseph McWilliams, Thomas McWilliams.
Meiran- McWilliams Family of Southeastern Pennsylvania at

John John McWilliams was born 1 April 1879 in Ireland
Died 17 Sep 1952 in Aredale, Iowa. He married Anna McLauchlin who was born 13
Nov 1878 in Ireland. They married 20 May 1901 in Ireland and had seven
children. John was the son of James McWilliams, born 1851 in County Antrim N
Ireland and Hannah Paul, born 1850, both in County Antrim, N Ireland. His
brother Thomas is also in this listing, below.

Jonathan "came to this country in 1773" "born in Ireland" "of
Scotch/Irish descent".
Info from bio of his son Samuel who was born in Ireland abt 1758; died Centre
Co PA 9/27/1842 at age 84; 1842 will info:[son William, his son Henry{check};
Son James (dec'd), my three sons, William, Jonathan and Greer; My daughter
Martha McFarland. "to Centre Co between 1790 and 1807"
Source: Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Wilfred Jordan,
Editor, New York 1945 (Win 1995, p 84)
Additional unconfirmed information [list] indicates he may have resided in
Fayette County, then Centre County; ch shown as William, Samuel, James, Greer
& Martha.

Michael Michael MCWILLIAMS, b 5 Mar 1829 Londonderry, Ireland, m. 22 Feb
1876, St. Marys, KS to Mary MCDONNELL, (b 10 Jun 1837 Co Carlow, Ireland, d
20 Dec 1906 St. Louis) d. 2 Nov 1902 Waubansee Co, KS.
Ch? Mary Anne MCWILLIAMS b 6 Dec 1880, St. Marys, KS, m Frank CROSBY 16 Nov
1910 St. Marys, KS, d 16 Mar 1973 Kellogg, ID
Ch?Alexander MCWILLIAMS b 1879, m Teresa LEAHY ANNIE
Ch?James Aloysious MCWILLIAMS b 15 Jul 1882, d 20 Aug 1965
Ch? John MCWILLIAMS b 1878 m Phoebe REILLY
http://www.cut? Davis Genealogy site

Nathaniel (1896 info) Nathaniel McWilliams was born in February, 1823,
in parish Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and died in Postville, Iowa,
Nov. 7, 1896. He was married in New Pitsligo to Isabella Marsion. Six
children were born to this union, five of whom are living; all in this
country. His wife dying in the year 1861 in Scotland, he was married again,
to Mary Yale (sic), emigrating to America in 1866. Eight children were born
to this union, all living but one. Beside these forty four grandchildren and
two great grandchildren survive him. He resided near Postville until the
spring of 1894, when he removed to this place, since which time his health
has been gradually failing.
Source Obituary - Postville Review (Iowa)

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