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John Joseph Martin, b. 24 May 1691 in Muesen, Nassau-Seigen, Germany who married Marie Cathrine Utterbach. I have 12 children for them. I have his son Jacob married to a Sarah ??? but no other information Jacob.
This is my dad's fathers side of our family. Here are the notes I have on John Joseph Martin.
(from the book Fauquier County in the Revolution)John Joseph Martin, had been one of those stalwart German Pioneers, who had headed one of the twelve families that had setteled Germantown in 1720. Through thrift and imagination the Martins had prospered, but they had never held public office or taken much interest in public appairs. They were always interested in the militia, though, and most early rosters contain their name.

Information found on at world connect 7/22/00:
Letter and accompanying notes received from Walter K. Martin his letter dated August 15, 1995 from Pekin, Indiana 47165 and received 8/18/95. The FGS (Dated Sept 7, 1986) received cited the following:Johann Jost Merten changed to John Joseph Martin came to America in1714 and settled in Orange Co., Virigina. Sources cited: The Germanna Record No. 1 July 1961 page 48 . Updated by B.C. Holtzclaw Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau - Siegen Immigrants to Viringia 1714-1750. Updated by Walter K. Martin April 15, 1988. Fauquier Co.,was formed from pa rt of Prince William Co. in 1759. Occupation:Farmer; Biography: When Joseph was born his parents lived in Muesen,Germany. Twelve men came in the party to form the First Colony at Germanna, Virginia 1714. John Joseph Martin, Melchior Brumbach,Hermann Otterbach, Jacob Holtzclaw, John Kemper and seven others. After John Joseph's father's death, his mother married (2) Jo hann George Brumbach of Muesen, and Melchior Brumbach was their !
oldest son,John Joseph's hal f brother.
John and Maria were probably not married until sometime after arriving in Virignia. he was authorized to take up 100 aces of land.(Spotsylvania will Book "A", page 69). Similar af fidavits were madeby Jacob Holtzclaw and John Kemper and the other nine colonists 1714on Ju ne 2 (page 73-4). These affidavits resulted in granting 1805 acres of land that later becam e Germantown.
Johann Jost Merdten and Hans Jacob Richter were elders of theReformed Church, in 1719 , established by the colonists in Virginia,and with the pastor Rev. Henry Haeger, signed a p etition for aid tothe German congregations in Virginia, which is published in "Eisen,Erz un d Abenteuar", page 56 (an article on the 1714 colony publishedin Nassau-Siegen).
John Joseph and Maria's daughter Mary, married Jacob Thomas. The Joseph Thomas that is mentioned on Germanna Record No 1. page 47 may have been her son. Jacob married Judith after her death.

!GENEALOGY-BIRTH-PARENTAGE-SPOUSE: William A. Martin, A MARTINGENEALOGY - TIED TO THE HISTOR Y OF GERMANNA, VIRGINIA, HeritageBooks, Inc. 1540 E. Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716 (c ) 1995(published) 1995. p. 42

!GENEALOGY-NOTE: Letter and accompanying notes received from Walter K.Martin his letter date d August 15, 1995 from Pekin, Indiana 47165 andreceived 8/18/95. On A undated Descendancy Chart taken by Walter K.Martin; "Johann Jost Merten changed to English is John "Joycelyn" Martin, but he used Joseph.
Johann Jost 'Joseph Merten came from Nassau-Siegen Germany as an iron- worker sponsored by Gov. Spottswood of Virginia. He and other Germans of the same origination established the Germanna Colony beginning about 1709. After the Revolutionary War, Joseph's grandson, Reuben, went from Fauquier Co. VA to Laurens Co. SC. Reuben's grandson, Glassenguin later took the family further south to Chattooga Co. GA. Glassenguin probably died in the Battle of Shiloh, but more research is needed to confirm that theory. Although James Alexander Martin, Glassenguin's son, was supposed to stay home to protect the family while his father and brothers went off to war, he became restless after turning sixteen. He secretly enlisted in 1861. About April 1876, James Alexander Martin and some of his mother's Garrett relations packed their belongings and chartered a passenger train headed from GA to Fayette Co. TX. The women rode up front, and the men rode in the cargo car with their animals and far!
ming equipment. From there they moved by covered wagon to Colorado Co. TX.
Let me know if this is the same one you are talking about.
I have other children like, Tillman, Henry, Mary Elizabeth, James,Joseph, Eva, Jacob,John, Charles, Peter & Joseph Marion. My line comes down from Peter Martin.

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