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Subject: RE: Zadock Cropper? Fisher - Hazzard
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Eva & Judy:
What a fascinating set of posts. I have 1 Wright, 5 Bowen's, 24 Fisher's, 5
Coulter's in DelMarVa, but most are about 50 years too early and 4 Cropper's
(with associated DE families)about 50 years later in Indiana. Most are
corollary lines, except Wright which I just found. I have John, Philip and
Stephen Fisher and partial families in Accomack Co., VA in the 1630-1700s.

Could someone please outline the Wright's and Fisher's back a few
generations. I would greatly appreciate tying these together a little.
Maybe there is more than one set of Fisher's. My image is:

1 John Fisher b: 1603 Maidstone, Kent, England d: Bef. Mar 23, 1639/40
Northampton Co., VA
.+Elizabeth b: Abt. 1610 m: Abt. 1630 d: Aft. 1661 Accomack Co., VA
...2 John Fisher b: Abt. 1633 Accomack Co., VA d: May 26, 1678
Accomack Co., VA
......+Maryb: Abt. 1635 Accomack Co., VA
........3 Susanna Fisherb: Abt. 1653 Accomack Co., VA
...2 Ester Fisherb: Abt. 1634
...2 William Fisherb: Abt. 1635
...2 Stephen Fisherb: 1636 Northampton Co., VA d: Jul 28, 1658
Northampton Co., VA
......+Rebecca Bagwell b: Abt. 1646 Accomack Co., VA m: Aft. Apr 20,
1657 d: Bef. Jun 28, 1658 Northampton Co., VA
........3 Rebecca Fisherb: Jun 1658
...........+William Waltonb: Abt. 1650 m: Bef. Dec 30, 1679 m.1 d:
Bef. Aug 25, 1686 Somerset Co., MD
........*2nd Husband of Rebecca Fisher:
...........+Roger Odeneb: Abt. 1651 m: Aft. 1686 m.2
...2 Philip Fisher b: 1637 Northampton Co., VA d: Bef. Mar 01, 1702/03
Northampton Co., VA
......+Elizabeth Maddox b: 1633 Northampton Co., VA m: Abt. 1673
Accomack Co., VA
........3 John Fisher b: Abt. 1670 Accomack Co., VA d: Bef. May 10,
1720 Accomack Co., VA
...........+Elizabeth Benthall b: Abt. 1670 m: m.2 d: Bef. Mar 28,
........3 Bailey Fisherb: Abt. 1672
........3 Thomas Fisherb: Abt. 1674 Accomack Co., VA d: 1704
...........+Patienceb: Abt. 1675
........3 Elizabeth Fisherb: Abt. 1674
........3 Mary Fisherb: Abt. 1678 Accomack Co., VA
...........+? Smithb: Abt. 1675
........3 Philip Fisher b: Abt. 1678 Accomack Co., VA d: Bef. Jun 07,
1709 Accomack Co., VA
...........+Elizabeth Jamesb: Abt. 1678
........3 Anne Fisher b: Abt. 1680 Accomack Co., VA
...........+Robert Gascoyne b: Abt. 1673 Northampton Co., VA
........3 Tamer Fisher b: Abt. 1682 Accomack Co., VA
...........+? Huntb: Abt. 1680
........3 Rebecca Fisherb: Abt. 1684 Northampton Co., VA
........3 Sarah Fisher b: Abt. 1686 Northampton Co., VA
...........+? Michael
........3 Bridget Fisher b: Bef. 1676 St.George Parish, Accomack Co.,
VA d: Bradford's Neck, Accomack Co., VA
...........+William Bradford b: Aug 04, 1663 Accomack Co., VA m:
Accomack Co., VA d: Jun 01, 1736 Bradford's Neck, Accomack Co., VA
...2 Bridget Fisherb: Abt. 1638

Herb Frantz

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Subject:Re: Zadock Cropper? Fisher - Hazzard

In reviewing my database I wonder if your (Gen.) Thomas Fisher is the
husband of Elizabeth Evans. If that is correct then I have the

Gen. Thomas Fisher m. Elizabeth Evans
Henry Purnell Fisher m. Mary Hazzard
Mary J. Fisher
John Hazzard Fisher m. Eliza A. Coulter
Mary Hazzard Fisher
Thomas P. Fisher
George P. Fisher (Hon.)
Currently I do not have the parents of Gen. Thomas Fisher so I will add
your data to my database if the above is correct.

My husband is a descendent of a Rebecca Fisher Hazzard.

Thanks, Eva (Mrs. Dana West Ruben)

> Anthony Wright d. 1761 m. Elizabeth Purnell 1730-1776 d/o Thomas Purnell &
> Mary Outten. Elizabeth married 2nd Jabez Fisher. Elizabeth's children:
> (Gen.) Thomas Fisher
> Joshua Fisher
> Hester Fisher m. Isaac Marshall Purnell
> Elizabeth Fisher m. (Capt) John Purnell Marshall
> Nancy Fisher
> John Fisher
> Zadock Wright - inherited a ferry at Staton Is. NY from father; may
> the
> same Zadock Wright who served in a PA troop
> Rev.
> Hezekiah Wright d. 1804 m. Elizabeth ___; their daughter:
> Hetty Wright m. Riley Bowen d. 1813; their children:
> Mary Purnell Bowen, Elizabeth Bowen, Sarah Outen Bowen,
> Jethro Bowen and Zadock Wright Bowen
> Purnell Wright
> Mary Wright
> A John Purnell d. 1741 (a great uncle to the above Elizabeth Purnell
> Fisher) married 2nd Tabitha Bailey d/o John. They had a daughter, Tabitha
> Bailey Purnell 1720-1776 who married Bowman Cropper. Their son is
> Cropper, Jr. d. 1776 Acc. m. Sabra Corbin. I've got a lot of Sebastian &
> Sabra's descendants, but none are named Zadock.
> Zadock is a name that appears in the Purnell family and connected
families. I
> wouldn't doubt for a second that the Zadock Cropper in Dorchester is
> in some way to a Purnell and that the Wrights you are working are some
kind of
> cousin and probably descended from Anthony Wright. Elizabeth Purnell, who
> married Anthony Wright, didn't have any Zadock's in her immediate family,
> she had a 1st cousin named Zadock. On Col. Zadock Purnell's death, a good
> number of his nieces & nephews inherited his land since he had no
> children....from then on, the name got handed down all over the family.
> Purnells were great at intermarriages - lots and lots of cousins, you can
> two of them right off above with two daughters of Elizabeth Purnell, one
> married a Marshall and the other a Purnell, both of whom were cousins.
> Unfortunately, I don't have much more information on the descendants of
> Anthony Wright & Elizabeth Purnell than what I've included here, but maybe
> will help.
> Judy
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