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Subject: Re: [LANE] Re: LANES of Gouchland and Surry Co., VA
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 10:31:04 -0500
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Can you tell me where I can get a copy of documents verifying that Thomas and Anne Lane (of
Kearns, Co Monmouth, Wales) had the following children: John, Walter, William, George and 5
We have Walter Lane who married AnnNorwood and who left a will 1742-57 in New Bern, NC. He
named brothers William, John and George and three sisters.
We have not been able to verify who Walter's parents were or when he came to the American
Colonies. Your help would be greatly appeciated.
Sincerely, Lamar Wadsworth Lane, Sr. email


> Page 2 of Records of North Carolina Wills, Deeds and family Records:
> To Thomas Lane who married Catherine daughter of Richard Trentham: 5 sons 7
> daughters,. of whom the eldest son was John Lane, who married Jane, daughter
> of Sir Edward Littleton, of Stafford. The next younger son of Thomas and
> Catherine was named Thomas and the third Michael Lane, who settled at Kearns,
> Co Monmouth, Wales. John the eldest son, left issue by his wife, Jane
> Littleton, of a son named Thomas, who married Anne, daughter of Walter Bgot.
> The children of this union were John, Walter, William, George and 5
> daughters. Of the osns, Col John who saved King Charles after the BAttle of
> Worcester had, besides numerous daughters a son and heir Sir Thomas, who had
> at least 3 children, John, Thomas and Elizabeth Lane; while William settled
> in Ireland in 1667 and left issue there of three sons Abronse, Matthew and
> Gilbert of whom the first was the grandfather of John Lane, of Lane's Park
> Co., Tipperary.
> It is known that a SIr Ralph Lane, of CHeshire married Anne, daughter of Sir
> Hugh de Colverley, of Chester Co., in the time of WIlliam Rufus and that
> another Sir Ralph, of Halton and Bowden, CHeshire married Joan daughter of
> SIr Reginald Fitten. Richard, son of the last mentioned union, married
> Matilda, daughter of SIr Matthew Ellis, of Cheshire and had a son named
> Reginald.
> About the middle of the 15th Century one William Lane was a resident of
> Thingdon, Co., Northampton, England. He married Anne, daughter of John
> Sutton of sutton, in the same county and was the father by her of William
> Lane, Orlingbury, Northhamptonshire who died in the year 1501. This William
> married Elizabeth daughter of heir of Edmund Strickland, of Hoo, Co.,
> Bedford, and had 4 sons Ralph, William John and George of whom the first
> married but died without progeny.
> William, heir to his brother, Ralph Lane of Orlingbury, married Jane daughter
> of Hugh Mervyn, of Warwickshire, and had issue by her of at least 2 sons Sir
> Ralph William. Of these Sir Ralph married MAud, daughter of co heir to
> William, Lord Parr of Horton, Co., Northhampton and Hogshaw, Buckinghamshire.
> The children of the last mentioned union were Sir Robert, Ralph, William
> Frances Mary and several other daughters whose Christian names are not
> available. Sir Robert, the eldest son and heir to the Horton hogshaw
> estates, first married Katherine, daughter of SIr Robert Copeley of Surry,
> had issue by her of Sir William, Sir Parr, Sir Robert, Elizabeth, and
> Katharine. By his second wife MAry Heneage, Sir Robert had one son, named
> Henry. Sir William the eldest son and heir to the family estate married
> MAry, daughter of Sir Thomas Andrew, and died in 1615 leaving several
> daughters and 2 sons Robert and Henry. Of theses, Robert married a sister
> of Sir CHarles Mannors and had one son William Lane, of GLendon,
> Northamptonshire, who died in 1637. By his wife, Ann Isham, this William ahd
> 8 children, Francis, William, Ralph, Edward, Ann, Katherine, Mary and
> Maudlyn, of whom the first married Mary daughter of Sir Thomas Hartop and had
> at least 4 children, Francis, Ralph, Mary Dorothy.
> John Lane, of Orlingbury, Northamptonshire, thire son of William and
> Elizabeth (nee Strickland) married Elizabeth, daughter and heir to Walter
> Erneys, of Milton Erneys, Bedfordshire, and had issue by her of at least one
> son named John. This son married MArgery, daughter of Basell Fieldings, of
> theses Edward died without issue and was succeeded by his brother Basell, who
> resided at Kettering and Isham, Northhamptonshire He married Isabella,
> daughter of Edward Dorne, and was the father of John MArgaret, Elizabeth,
> Margery, and Mary all of whom were living in the year 1613. Copied by Rose
> LAne
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