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<< Who are the parents of Joseph LANE b. ~1665 in Jamestown, VA m. Jillian

Thomas LANE and Elizabeth JONES


John LANE and Elizabeth Saltingstall >>

Hi, the parents of Joseph Lane b. in 1665 in Jamestown, VA were Thomas Lane
and Elizabeth Shepherd. Joseph is listed in his father's will which is on my
Lane web site at: Once there
click on Wills, then click on Thomas Lane, he died 1708/1709.

Here is his Will:


In the name of God Amen I Thomas Lane of the County of Surry being in good
health of body and perfect mind and memory thanks betherefore given to
Almighty God. Do make and Ordaine this my ____ Last Will and testament in
manner and form following that is to say first ______ I commend my Soul of
hand of almighty God hoping through the meritts Death and (Passion?) of my
Savior Jesus (I wish?) tto have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all
my sins and to Inheritt Everlasting Life afer my body I committ __ Earth to
be _____ buried as of _____of my Excutors hereafter named and as for my
temporal Estate which it hath pleased Almighty God to ____ upon me I give and
Di___ thereof as followeth: First I will that my debts & funeral charges be
paid and discharged.

Item I will that my Land be divided between my two sons Thomas and Joseph
according to a line of mark "T" trees made between me and my son Thomas and
p_____ by the neighbors to them and their Hiers forever.

Item I will that my personal Estate be equally divided between my two sons
aforesaid and I appoint that my two sons Exuctors of this my Last Will and
Testament. I do hereby revoke Disanull and make void all former Wills and
Testaments by me theretofore made in. Wittness whereof I hereunto Sett my
hand and Seal the 5th Day of January 1708.

Thomas (T) Lane Sealed

(The T is his mark)


William Holt
William Bouyan
Edward Pettiway (his mark- z)


Also Thomas Lane SR, Joseph Lane SR and Thomas Lane JR are on TAX lists
together, also on the Militia. Here are my notes on Thomas Lane:)


"The Hills of Wilkes County, Ga. and Allied Families" by Lodowick Johnson
Hill, Vol. 2.

"Layne, Lain, Lane" by Floyd Benjamin Layne. States the following:

pg. 247-249

"Thomas Lane b. 1635; died 1708 in Surry Co., VA; m. Surry Co. 1661 Elizabeth
Jones, a widow (of Faulk Jones,) with one daughter named Elizabeth; in
connection with this marriage Thomas agreed that the daughter Elizabeth
aforesaid, would have, when she came of age or married, the plantation which
was called "Sheepheards" and was the property of her deceased father, and she
to have also a personal estate of 1000 pounds of tabacco, etc.- said marriage
agreement witnessed by George Harrison and Wm Howe and recorded in Book 1,
page 184 of Surry County, Virginia Records.

"Surry County Records, Book 1, page 380: Thomas Lane on 3 Jan 1670 made a
desposition, etc, giving his age as 36 (so he must have been born in 1634/5).

"Surry County Records, Book 2, page 60: A deposition by Thomas Lane on 1 Feb
1674 in which he gives his age as 39 and wherein he agrees to act with John
Pricce (age 24) to appraise the estate of Thomas Taylor; sworn before Captain
Charles Barham. They were "to meet at Mr. Arthur Long's house" but when they
got there, the deputy sheriff, John Sellway, had gone to Austin Honecutt's
house, etc., (it establishes the fact that Thomas was 26 years of age when he
married "Widow Elizabeth Jones.")

"List of Emigrants to Virginia" by Hottens; Under date 16 Feb 1623 appears a
Thomas Lane of Elizabeth Cittye County.

"Adventures of Purse & Person" by Hiden, page 58: The Muster of Mr. Edward
Waters, Elizabeth City County, 1624 shows Thomas Lane, age 30, who came to
Virginia in the Bona Nova" in 1620. (This Thomas Lane could be the father of
the Thomas Lane aforesaid, who married the widow, Elizabeth Jones.)

"Surry County, Virginia Grant Book 7, page 184: Thomas Lane, in the year
1682, was granted 400 acres on Lawne's Creek.

"Virginia" by Writers Project, page 584: "The ruins of Lawne's Creek Church
are roofless, with vine-covered walls pierced by arched windows. within,
trees are growing above a carpet of ivy periwinkle. Lawne's Creek Parish,
created in 1639, became extinct in 1738. During reconstruction days the
church was set on fire by negroes, who had used its cemetery and were loathe
to relinguish their occupancy when the whites attempted to regain possession.
Near State highway #10."

"Surry County Virgina Tithables (white) lists the following: 1668, Thomas
Lane, Robert Lane, Gopher Lewis; 1674, Thomas Lane; 1678, Thomas Lane Sr
(indicating there must have been a younger Thomas); 1683, Thomas Lane Sr and
Richard Lane (Richards Will of 18 Nov 1687 in Will Book 3, page 83, mentions
his widow, Elizabeth, and two sons, 1694, Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr and
Joseph Lane (these last two were sons of the Thomas Sr as proved in will of
Thomas Lane Sr. in which Joseph Lane was given land on Lawne's Creek,
Southwark Park), (he moved to Isle of Wight before 1696- his wife was Jellion
____); 1696 Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr, William Lane, Jus Lane; 1702,
Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr, Richard Lane, Robert Lane, Joseph Lane,
Abraham Lane.

" "Virginia Colonial Militia", by Crozier, page 103 lists: Surry County
Militai 1687, William and Mary's Magazine, 1687, Thomas Lane Sr and Thomas
Lane Jr.

"English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Cognets, page 270: Lt Thos
Lane, Surry Co., in Field Office of Henry Tooker, became a Major on 17 June

"Surry County, Virginia Records by Elizabeth T. Davis, page 125: 1674 deed
lease dated 22 Mar 1674 from Geo Corp and his wife, Gartrid, of Surry County,
to planter, Thomas Lane, for 100 acres of land adjoining George Foster for 99
years", witnessed by Thomas Lane and Wm Edwards

"English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Cogents, Quit Rent Rolls of
1704: Page 147, Benjamin Lane of Goucester Co., Abington Parish, 500 acres;
page 147, Valentine Lane of Gloucester Co, 80 acres; page 191; Daniel Lane of
Princess Ann Co, 350 acres; page 194, Robert Lane of Norfolk Co, patent April
1702, 460 acres; page 167, Thomas Lane of New Kent Co, 100 acres; page 212,
Thomas Lane Sr of Surry Co, 200 acres; page 268, Thomas Lane Jr of Surry Co,
200 acres.

"Surry County, Virginia, WILLS- State Library, Virginia, Book 5, page 440:
1708, the Will of Thomas Lane of the County of Surry, dated 5 Jan 1708,
probated 2 Jan 1709, a very short will- "Being in good health, etc., my land
to be divided equally between my two sons Thomas and Joseph Lane and my said
sons to be my executors, etc." _witness: William Holt, William Benson, Edward

"Surry County Deed Book 5, page 37: Joseph Lane of the Isle of wight county
sells to Thomas Lane of Surry County, 200 acres on 3 Sept 1710; Deed signed
by Joseph Lane and Jelion Lane, his wife; witnessed by Thomas Hart and Mary
Hart. (The land came from his father by last will and testament.)

"Surry County Deed Book 5, page 235: Thomas Lane Jr and wife, Jane, sold his
father's place on 7 Mar 1709, and sold other land in 1715.

"Records of Surry County, Virginia, Book 3: 22 Mar 1701 Thomas Lane Jr and
Jane Lane witnessed the will of Anne Foster, with his father Thomas Lane Sr.
(Anne Foster was the wife of George Foster, whose land adjoined theirs.)


Bejamin Floyd Layne suggests that The Thomas Lane who came to VA in 1623
could be the father of Thomas Lane, however there is no documentation
confirming that fact. However in the "General History of the Lanes of N.C.
and Ga." Item found on Micro Film at the Family History Library in SLC.,
Utah, it states that a John Lane was the father of Thomas. See John Lane's


Here are some notes on Elizabeth's, Thomas wife.....

1667 Ref. Surry Rec. Book 1, p. 184
Elizabeth Jones was the daughter of Major Robert Shepherd & Elizabeth
Spencer. She Married first Fulke Jones and 2nd Thomas Lane.

The following is notes on Robert Shepherd, father of Elizabeth:

1654 Ref. D.&W. Book 1, p. __ Surry Co., Va,
9 Nov. 1651, Indenture between Thomas Warren, Gent. and Elizabeth
Shepherd, widow, of Lower Chip Oakes, before the solemnization of their
matrimony between them enter into a marriage bond which names her
children. This states that Thomas Warren is to have and enjoy all the
estate of Major Robert Shepherd, deceased, now in the possession of the
said Elizabeth, his relic. except land and certain articles Elizabeth
shall dispose of at her pleasure. Thomas Warren shall give to Ann
Shepherd, John Shepherd, Robert Shepherd, William Shepherd, and Elizabeth
Jones certain gifts. To Priscilla and Susanna Shepherd, their full share
of their father's estate, besides give each a cow & calf. etc.

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