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Subject: Re: [KEMP] Wilson Kemp, 1817 Gwinnett Co, GA
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 20:26:45 -0400
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Connie, the estate papers of Moses Kemp are very hard to read, and harder still now for me than when I first copied them.  He died intestate and there are many pages in the file, but the page that is an "Estimation paid to the legatees" list as legatees Pleasant Hudson (Sarah Kemp), George Ross (Gilly Kemp), Richard Kemp - who was the administrator until his death in 1812, Thos Kemp and Aron Kemp. 

Jump forward to 1825, when a final settlement was made on a piece of land that belonged to Moses Kemp, and it is signed  by "Peter Shockley Claimant under ___ of Aaron Kemp legal heirs of said decd", and Wiley Kemp heir at law.  This Wiley Kemp I believe was my ancestor, son of Richard Kemp, grandson of Moses Kemp.

Do you know what the source is for  inclusion of Wiley Kemp of Edgefield, Wilson Kemp, Nancy, etc. as children of Moses Kemp? I have actually seen Hicksey Kemp attached to other parents, I don't believe she ever was in SC, but really don't know who her parents were. On the other hand, Gilly Kemp is never included as a daughter of Moses Kemp, yet her husband George Ross is included in all the estate papers of Moses Kemp as an heir. There is a Solomon Kemp mentioned in the estate papers, but not as a legatee on the papers I have - I believe he bought at the estate sale though and it could be I am missing pertinent papers.  I hope to re-copy the papers at the library, to see if I can get better copies.

Susan Finlay
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Paul, I need to add a couple of children to Moses Kemp, Sr, born 1749.
1) Wiley J. Kemp, Capt., born abt 1765 in Wake Co, NC, died 12 Dec 1839
n Edgefield Co, SC. Married Nancy Nicholson, had 5 children, (may 6 G
2) Sarah Kemp, born abt 1767 in Wake Co, NC married Jesse Forrest
3) Solomon Kemp, born abt 1772 in WakeCo, NC died in Cobb Co, GA married
larissa Benson had 12 children
4) Moses Kemp, Jr born abt 1774 in WakeCo, NC died abt 1860 in Cobb Co,
A, married Susan ?? I show 2 sons, may be more. Meredith Kemp born
824 and John W. Kemp, Sr.
5) Richard Kemp born abt 1775 in NC died 1812 married Elizabeth ??? no
urther info.
6) Nancy Kemp born abt 1778 in NC died bef Mar 1834 in Edgefield Co, sC,
arried James Youngblood, 3 children
7) Aaron Kemp born 2 March 1779 in NC died 1858 in Forsythe Co, GA
arried ASarah Street, 9 children.
8) Wilson Kemp, Sr., born abt 1780 died 1 July 1859 in Edgefield Co, SC.
arried Sarah ??? 12 children. One being Wilson Kemp, Jr who married
nd had Wilson Kemp, III
9) Hickey Kemp, born abt 1784 in Greenville co, SC died abt 1867 in
ilson Co, TN married Jemimah Shaw. no further info.
Wiley and Wilson moved from Greenville to Edgefield Co.
Solomon moved to Cobb Co, GA and is listed as a Pioneer settler of Old
bCo, GA.
When the family moved to Greenville they recieved grants Brushy Creek on
he Enoree River and baptist Church there.
Here are some of the deeds found in Deed Book C of Greenville County.
Hope some of this helps.
Greenville County, SC Deed Book C.
11 - Feb 18 1791 Absalom Carney & Wife Sarah (Greenville Co) to Joseph
ing (same); for 40 pds sterling sold 40 acres; border: Absalom Carney's
eginning corner, the river, & a branch; part of grant in 1785 to Absalom
arney on both sides of Enoree River. (Signed) Absalom Carney & Sarah's
ark "X" witness Solomon Kemp & Wm Silversides; acknowledged May 1791;
ook C pate 1
444 – (blank) 1788 Michael Johnston (Newberry Co, SC) to Isaac West
Greenville Co); for 40 pds SC Money sold 160 acres on waters of Richland
r of Reedy R; granted Jan 21, 1785 by Gov. Benjamin Guerard to M.
ohnston (grant book 4C p.251), (signed) Michael Johnston; witness Isaac
organ, John Ross & Aaron Kemp; wit Oath Oct 1791 by A. Kemp; rec Nov 10,
791; book C pager 63.
496. May 20, 1791 Aaron Kemp (Greenville Co) to Charles Sowel (same); for
0 lbs SC money sold 150 ac on Brush Cr of Enoree R; granted Oct 1, 1787
y Gov. Thomas Pinckney to Aaron Kemp (grant book 4U p. 342). (signed)
aron Kemp; witness John Baynes, Solomon Kemp, & James Hunt; wit Oath
ay 1792; acknowledged; rec. Aug 6, 1792, Book C Page 166.
554 - Aug 25, 1790 Benjamin Whorton (Pendleton Co, SC) to Peter Sarter
Greenville Co); for 100 lbs sterling sold 202 ac on both sides of
r; being where Peter Sarter lives; granted Oct 15, 1784 by Gob. Benjamin
uerard to Henry Hays. (signed) Benjamin Whorton; witness Eli Norman &
aron Kemp; wit. Oath may 1793 by Aaron Kemp before (omitted); rec. Jun
, 1793; Book C page 251/
585. – Nov. 13, 1792 John Conner (GA) to Moses Kemp (Greenville Co); for
00 lbs SC Money sold 640 acres on “the” branches of Rockey Cr of Enoree
; border: unknown land on NE and vacant land on all other sides: granted
uly 7, 1788 by Gov. Thomas Pinckney to John Conner. (Signed) John
onner; witness Henry Tate, Harrison Hunt & Agness Sowell; wit. Oath, May
793 by (omitted) before John Thomas, jr esq; rec Jun 15, 1793; book C
age 293.
701 – Oct 19, 1793 Aaron Kemp (Greenville Co) to Charles Sowell (same);
or 50 lbs sterling sold 150 acres on Brush Creek, a branch of the Enoree
; includes the “plantation” where Charles Sowell lives; granted Oct 1,
787 by Gov. Thomas Pinckney to Michael Johnston who sold on Jan 13 1788
o Aaron Kemp (signed) Aaron Kemp; witness Reuben Gun, Saml Walker, &
ichard Sowell; wit oath (no date) by R Gunn before John Thomas esq; rec.
un 10, 1794. Book C Page 458
714 – Jan 4, 1794 Moses Kemp (Greenville Co) to Benjamin Walker (same);
or 100 lbs sterling sold 225 acres on Brushey Cr a branch of Enoree R;
order: land laid out to Cyprian Farrer, Samuel Walker & Michael
ohnston; a part of 325 ac granted June 8, 1789 by Gov. Charles Pinckney
o Moses Kemp on both
sides of Brushey Cr of Enoree R.; border: vacant
and on SE. Daniel Bennett & Cyprian Farrer on NW& NE, Michael Johnston
n NW, Unknown land on SW & NW, Reuben Smith on NE & SE, vacant land on
E & NW, Signed Moses Kemp’s mark “E”. Witness Richard Sowel or Sowell,
harles Sowel & Salley Roberts; wit oath (no date) by R Sowell before
ohn Thomas Esq; rec. Jun 23, 1794; Book C page 478.
715 - Feb 1, 1794 Charles Sowel (Greenville Co) to Benjamin Walker
same); for 50 lbs sterling sold 50 acres; border: Cyprian Farrar and
harles Sowel; being part of the land where Charles Sowel lives; part of
50 acres granted Oct 1, 1787 to Michael Johnston on Brushey Cr and S
ide of EnoreeR. Border: Thomas Farrer; sold Jan 13 1788 by M. Johnston
o Aaron Kemp who sold Oct 19, 1793 to Charles Sowel. (signed) Charles
owel’s mark “+” witness J. Walker, Reuben Radman, & James Radman; wit
ath by R.Radman before John Thomas esq; rec Jun 23, 1794; Book C page


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Paula... Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I have the census
records for Greenville, SC from 1790 to 1830. They show Moses (1774)and
he had a son born in 1800/01 in SC. I found him in the census of
1800,1810,1820, and 1830. I also have several pages from different
sources that show Moses and his brother Aaron moved to Gwennett Co, Ga in
the early 1830's. My main stumbling block is Moses(1800/01). I need to
find who he was married to. I have family records that Mahala(MNU) born
abt 1805 with a son born 1836. His name is listed as Sanford Mose. The
1850 census shows him living with his mother Mahala and an older brother
John. He had an older sister that records show married a Pickney Terry in
1846 in Gwinnett Co.
I badly need (if there is one) the proof of the connection between
Moses (1800/01) and Mahala. If you have any info on any part of the
family during the period 1800-1832 I would appreciate it.
I don't know if you have much info on Moses(1749) but I have that he
had 6 kids.1)Sarah-1779 2)Moses-1774 3)Richard-1775 4) Aaron-1779
5)Hicksey-1784 6)Solomon-1787. I have land records showing that a
Solomom Kemp bought land in Ga in the 1820 and an Aaron kemp was part
of the 1827 land lottery. Be glad to share with you any other info I

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