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Subject: [HILL-L] Swinfield Hill, Pittsylvania Co. VA
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 13:02:58 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I am tracking families in what is now Franklin Co. VA, but what was
Lunenberg (then Halifax, then Pittsylvania, then Henry <sigh>). To wit: Simmons,
Choate, Byrd/Bird, Standifer, Richardson, Treadway, Renfro, Patterson, Hale etc.

They appear in various deeds and tax lists near one another (see below). I
know at one point I asked about Swinfield several years ago. Most of the above
families had their origin in Baltimore Co. MD.

Are there any Swinfield Hill researchers on the list still? Where weres he
or his parents from? Below are two tax lists, as well as a post I did on
Swinfield several years ago to this list. What I recall is that a subscriber wrote
me and suggested this information was very wrong -- which often happens for
early settlers in what is now Franklin Co. VA. Many came down the Shenandoah
Valley Wagon Road from PA/MD/DE. But many also came from Tidewater and
Piedmont Counties (Amelia, Powhatan, Henrico, others).

With apologies to Byron for not asking his permission, I paste in some
earlier posts, including a Hill Standefur marriage. They say his father Robert was
from Ireland, but I'd like to know whether they arrived in PA or DE and spent
a few years in Baltimore area before moving with others to the Rocky Mount, VA
area, which was on the route to NC across the Blue Ridge just after the trip
down the Shenandoah Valley.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Best Regards,
Janet Hunter

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Subject: [HILL-L] Swinfield HILL, Pittsylvania Co VA, 1767
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Fellow Hill Researchers:

I know that there are several of you interested in the Swinfield Hill who is
in Pittsylvania Co VA, 1700s. (Not my line that I know...of course it could
be since I am still stuck on my worst brickwall, illegimate g grandfather
Hugh Lawson White HILL, b. 1840, Warren Co TN)

In working on another line I was trying to sort through my now massive files
on my BYRD,BIRD,CHOATE lines, and was very surprised to all of a sudden focus
on the fact that Swinfield and other Hills are apparently living close by the
Byrds and Choates several researchers are looking at and are found in the
1767 Land and Tithe lists taken by one Hugh Innes for Pittsylvania Co. The
entire census, which includes two other, longer lists, can be found at the
Pittsylvania Co genweb site:

The Byrd/Choate lines that several researchers are looking at ended up in
Robertson/Sumner Co TN, late 1700s and early 1800s. They seem to have gone
west, stopping in Augusta/Russell/Franklin Cos in SW VA (if memory serves me
correctly), then to middle-Tennessee. There are also Byrds and Choates in
Eastern Tennessee.

QUESTION: Do any of you with Hills in Pittsylvania Co have any connection to
the Choates/Byrds in your family trees, or a similar pattern of migration?
(We can use all the help we can get). The gentleman of particular interest
are excerpted below. I did not find any Byrds or Choates (alternate
spellings) in a quick glance at the other two lists. There was another Hill,

Thanks in advance.

Janet Hunter

A List of Land and Tithes Taken by Hugh Innes for Pittsylvania County
Anno. Dom. 1767

William Hill

Christopher Shot Christopher Shot, Jr.

Joseph Bird

Robert Hill, Swinfield Hill thomas Hill

Swinfield Hill

Austin Shot

Thomas Shoat

Francis Bird

Thomas Bird

Richard Shoat

John Simons (Simmons associated with Choates in Robertson Co TN)


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Subject: [HILL-L] Robert HILL (Franklin Co. VA) 1777
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Searching for researchers of the following line:

Descendants of Robert Hill of Franklin Co. VA

Generation One

1. Robert HILL; married Violet LYNAS, daughter of John LYNAS; born
before 1740 at Dublin, IRELAND; died 18 Aug 1777 at Franklin Co., VA; He was
said to have not been a very old man when he died.

He lived around 1753 north of Rocky Mount, (now) Franklin Co., VA. He left a
will there before 18 Aug 1777; The will indicates when it was written that
Robert HILL had six living children.
Children of Robert HILL and Violet LYNAS were:
2 i. Swinfield HILL.
3 i. Ruth HILL; married Walter BERNARD; born 28 Feb 1758;
died 18 Mar 1841 at age 83.
She and Walter BERNARD were born on the same day if source information
is correct on 28 Feb 1758.
+ 4 ii. Thomas HILL, married Aliana STANDIFER.
5 iii. (--?--) HILL; died before 1777; This son was said to
have been killed by Indians, tomahawked and scalped.
6 iv. (--?--) HILL; died before 1777; This son said to have
been killed by Indians, shot with an arrow within the doorway of the home.
7 v. (--?--) HILL; died before 1777; This son said to have
been killed by falling off of a colt.
+ 8 vi. (--?--) HILL, married (--?--) BARTON.
9 vii. (--?--) HILL; married (--?--) WADE.
10 viii. (--?--) HILL; married (--?--) ARMSTRONG.

Generation Two

4. Thomas HILL (Robert1); married Aliana STANDIFER.
He was said to have had two sons, one was killed, and several daughters.
The children moved to Tennessee.
Children of Thomas HILL and Aliana STANDIFER were as follows:
11 i. (--?--) HILL; died; He was said to have been killed
by a panther.
12 ii. (--?--) HILL.
8. (--?--) HILL (Robert1); married (--?--) BARTON.
Children of (--?--) HILL and (--?--) BARTON were:
13 i. David BARTON.

Printed on: 09 Jul 1999
Prepared by: Byron HILL


Marshall Wingfield. Pioneer Families of Franklin County Virginia. Berryville,
VA: Chesapeake Book Co., 1964.

Salmon, John S. and Emily J.. Franklin County Virginia 1786-1986, A
Bicentennial History. Rocky Mount, VA: Franklin County Bicentennial
Commission, 1993.


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Subject: [HILL-L] Hills of Franklin Co VA
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Hello Fellow Hill Researchers:

Barbara Alexander's query as to whether we have all gone fishing reminded me
that I copied some Hill information quite awhile back when I was doing
research at the DAR on other lines in Franklin Co VA from two books: "Pioneer
Families of Franklin Co" and "An Old Virginia Court: Being a Transcript of the
Records of the First Court of Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1789", with bios
and stories of famous cases.....

They are both about the family of a Robert Hill who came to the area from
Dublin, Ireland bef 1740, "secured possession" of a large track of wilderness
land. Wife was Velie Linus, member of an old Rowan family that went from
Italy to the British Isles shortly after the Roman conquest. The family had
alot of heartache, members killed by Indians, falling from horses,etc. Two
sons reached maturity: Swinfield and Thomas. Swinfield in particular
distinguished himself in Revolutionary War and later. Allied surnames are
Aliana Standifer, w/o Thomas, and Robert Hill's daughters married Wade,
Barton,Bernard,Jones and Armstrong surnames. There is mention of their
offspring. The "Pioneer Families" excerpt says descendants of Swinfield live
in Kentucky. Actually it is taken from a letter of one Arthur Bernard of
Rocky Mount, October 20, 1934.

I would be happy to mail or fax the pages (five) to anyone who might be
related or interested.

I don't think these Hills are mine...but then I don't know because I still am
searching for parents of my Hugh Lawson White Hill, b. 1840, Warren Co,
TN>Lawrence Co, MO, ca 1854.

Janet Hunter, Alexandria VA


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