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Subject: Re: [HENDERSON] Quaker Hendersons
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:20:22 EDT

Hi Carol, Wasn't Absolum Haworth with Richard Henderson and Elizabeth ? It
says Daniel Henderson b. 1805 sold land to Absolum Haworth on Sinking Branch
place that Daniel Henderson now lives part of Orig. grant signed by Xx Wit.
James Galbreath, Holt and David Rankin Book 5 in Tn. I believe I have the
same info that you do. I just get it a liitle mixed up with Nathaniel
I have Thomas Henderson and Sarah Wharton with Mary b. Aug. 1773 in
Cumberland Co. Hopewell and I have this with Richard and Elizabeth the Quaker?
Here is something---James Norton Naughton with Susannah dau. of James and
Mahitabel graves 1677 in Hadden, Ct. I am going to make someone mad but I
believe I found this info in with a John Hannison in Ct. -----this is the
one I have been talking about. The date is 1677 James Henderson. They
changed the name to Henderson. It says Nathaniel who died in 1782 in Graven
Ct. But then it says District SC. lived in Goochland Va. and Granville, NC.
Richard in Nathaniel's Will Then I have Richard Henderson and Rachel
Hollingsworth Rachel's bros and Uncles Wm Hollingsworth, Joel, Isaac, of
Rutherford Co. NC. Newberry Co. SC. Richard wife Ann, John, Richard, Wm,
Sarah, Thoms, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, Bennett, Elizabeth with Richard wife
named Anne?
Here is what I have----Richard Henderson and Elizabeth the Quaker b. abt.
1669 with Richard Henderson b. June 20, 1604? Boston, Ma.
Nathaniel Henderson and Elizabeth Carroll b. in Chester Co. Pa. West
Nantwill Twp.
1. Thomas Henderson and Bathsheba of Boston, Ma. child Rosannah b. Sept 25,
1763 Worchester, Ma. Sept 30, 1764 Lancaster, Ma.
James Henderson b. 1760-1817 and Eleanor Isabell Sims 1. Thomas Henderson
this Thomas is with brother James Lore Henderson of Dover, De. who we think
is related to Joseph Henderson and Judith Cobb Clark?
Matthew Henderson
Richard Holyfield Henderson m. Rachel Thornton b. 1761-1840--this is the one
listed in Henderson, Ky. with Samuel Henderson and Elizabeth Williams[I will
find these papers] I also have Henry Henderson m. Nelly Fields m. Oct. 31,
1799 in Fonowe? Warrenton, in Warren Co. NC. same place as Nathaniel
Henderson and Susan Lewis lived but this is Wm b. 1701 Culpepper Vi. Wn H.
3. This Fenton M. m. abt. 1820 b. 1812 went to Londoun of Leesburg, Vi.
I also have Richard Henderson and Henrietta Henley who had a son Nathaniel
Henderson who was called Nathan. In the LDS it is Richard Henderosn and
Henrietta Henley as father of Nathaniel Henderson and Elizabeth Carroll and
Eleanor Spings.
Hollingsworth is with Richard and Elizabeth is that right? I know a
Hollingsworth m. a Bunch ---and Williams m. a Bunch in NC. Hollingsworth was
in Lexington, Ky. and Bunch is here in Claiborne Co. tn. in Tazewell. I
have Hollingsworth and Patsey Reid Ky, In., Mo. Lillie Hollingsworth b. 9
Nov. 1876 by Michele Avery.
I believe Tom Atkinson gave this
Rachel Hollingsworth m. Richard Henderson dau. of Isaac Hollingsworth b. 1737
d. 1809. He m. Susanna dau. of John Wright moved to Frederick Co. Va. Bush
River meetings Nowberry Co. SC. and in 1805 to Miami, Oh. buried in West
Branch Meeting Grave Yard. Susannah Hollingsworth and sister Charity
Cook---Ministers of the Friends Society. Rachel one of nine children of
Richard Henderson and Elizabeth also Quaker Wm Henderson? Walentine
Hollingsworth 1760 Orange Co. NC. Her brothers settled in Rutherford or
Mecklinburg, NC. ganything on her descen. Looking for Wm, Joel and Isaac
Henderson b 1780-1810 descen from Richard and Rachel. I think I would look
in Indiana. There are her brothers and dau. Susannah Henderson m. Haworth
relative. Lester and Ruth Hill Hollingsworth Madison Washington Co. Ark.
daus of Robert Hill and Carrie Pratn Hill 8 Siblings book by J. Stewart
Adger Wm,. Joel, Isaac, John, Keciah. Quaker Richard and Elizabeth in
Orange Co. 1760 NC. Elisher Hollingsworth m. John Allen 1856 Henderson Co.
NCc. m. John Allen Kuuykendall, NCc. son of Joseph Hardin Kuyhenddall b. 1800
in Buncombe Co. NC. James Henry Hollingsworth b. 2-28-1854 d. 4-15-1937 m
Elara Julian Deal b. 2-17-1845 d. 8-16-1920 Clara had a sister Minerva b.
4-16-1876 Jane Deal m. John Quiency Henderosn, James Henry and Clara had a
child Annie Caroline, James William, Lewis Henry---Lindy Julia, Isaac Qunicy
and Annie Caroline m. Walter Newell Shlor or Scholan Wallace NC. Orville
Henderson Stover son of Jacob and Lizzie Jan. 8, 1893-Oct. 16, 1893 Stover,
effie and Florence. There is a Jarman Fawcett at end with Stover. I have a
Mr. Brooks m. Miss Mary Wright of Ashby, Ma. Edward, Lilla, Mary She died
1874 m. sarah E. Morrison St. Clair Mi. son George W. Also Mr. Wells with
Miss Charlotte McGuire and Rufus Branderman? of St. Clair, Mi.
Henderson's in Me. Portland Cemetery Books
Joseph Lincoln son of R. S. Henderson d. 8 Aug. 1862 and Margaret wife of
John Henderson d. 13 Dec. 1857? Who is this? Giles Kenyon and Shirley m. 3
Ja. abt 1739 1760 Richmond South RI. to Washington, RI. I have Burris
BNTtX24A from Prodigy. Priscilla Kingston Briggs. Daniel and Martha Ann
Perry 1850 Rockingham NC. with A. H. Alexander Amos Fergurson
Sylvester Kenyon b. 7 Apr. 1710 N. Kingstown RI. Azariah Kenyon b. 1769
Exeter RI. m. sarah Ames b. 1771 Ct. I have a Sarah I. Adams Ames? we don't
know who she is. I believe there was a Mary Newton looking for this family.
John Kenyon m. Jul 1704 N. Kingstown RI. to Elizabeth remington. John Kenyon
1732 Westerly RI. m. anne Mumford. There is a David Ames listed in Tn. who
was head of Carson Newman College. Jefferson City Monroe Co. tn. The reason
I look for this is Joan has a Lucy Ames she is looking for? We believe she
was in NY. and Pa.

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