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From: Carol E Barron <>
Subject: Harris, Louisa Co. Va Guardian Bonds, 1743-1814
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 16:31:59 -0500

Hope this comes thru as typed--hopefully, not all crunched together.
Louisa Co., Va 1743-1814, Where Have All The Children Gone?, Rosalie E.
p 4, Gdn Bond Fredk. Harriss Gdn. to Samuel Terrill Orphan of Richmond
Terrill Dec'd.; L1000; Sec: Wm Anderson & John Marshall. 11 Nov 1771, p
p 4, Gnd Bond Fred. Harris Gdn to Richd. Terrill Orphan of Richmond
Terrill Dec'd.; L1000 Sec: Wm Anderson & John Marshall. 11 Nov 1771, p
p 7, Acct of Richard Terrell Orphan of Richmd Terrell Dec'd to Frederick
Harris Nov 1771 to Dec 1773 Sundries of Mr. Marshall; by Cash of Capt
William Anderson for the hire of your boy Lewis; by Cash of David
Thomson. Ret. 13 Sept 1773, p 48
p 7, Acct of Samuel Terrell orphan of Richmd Terrell to Frederick Harris
Nov. 1771-1773 To a trip and expenses to New Kent .10.0; Sundries of Mr.
Marshall. Ret. 13 Sep 1773, p 48
p 8, Gdn Bond Fredrick Harriss Gdn to Overton, Robert, Benjamen & Nancy
Harriss Orphans of Benja. Harris Dec'd.; L2000 currt. money; Sec. David
Anderson and Garrett Minor. 13 Mar 1774, p 53
p 8, Gdn Bond Richmond Terrell Gdn to Barbary Terrell Orphan of Richmond
Terrell Dec'd; L1000 curr money; Sec: Samuel Temple, Garrett Minor &
Frederick Harris 12 Aug 1774, p 57-58
p 9, Gdn Bond William Harris Gdn to Mary Johnson & Sarah Johnson orphans
of Collins Johnson dec'd; L1000 curr money; Sec: James Meriwether &
Frederick Harris 9 Sept 1776, p 67
p 10 Acct of Richard Terrill orphan with Fredk Harris Gdn 1775, 1776 by
cash of Micajah Davis for the hire of Peter; by cash of William White for
hire of Jack; bonds now due in my possession; by John Morris bond due
25th Dec. 1772; by John Edwards due 25 Dec 1773; by John Eppersons do due
25 Dec 1773; by Richard Thomasons do due June 1, 1775; by Timothy Terrels
Do due June 1, 1775; by Ann Terrels bond due June 17, 1775 by Ann Terrels
do due Jan 1, 1773; by Ann Terrels do due June 11, 1776. Ret. 14 Oct
1776, p 67-69
p 10, Acct of Samuel Terrel orphan by Fred Harris Gdn 1775-1776 pd
Sackville King for your Board; pd John Bailey for making Breeches; bonds
now due in my pssession; James Dillards bond due 25 Dec 1772; Thomas
Gardners do due June 1, 1775; Samuel Carrs do due June 1, 1775; Samuel
Carrs Do due June 1st 1776; Wm Clifts do. due June 1st 1776. Ret. 14 Oct
1776, p 69
p 10, Acct of the orphans of Benjamin Harris with Fredk Harris Gdn
1774-1776 by cash of Francis Hester for hire of Jacob; bonds now due in
my possession; James Clarkson bond due June 1st 1775, Elias Thomasons do.
due June 1st 1775. Ret. 14 Oct 1776, p 69
p 10, Acct of Richard Terrell orphans 1777 with Fred. Harris Cash pd
Sackville King for Board; cash pd Revd John Todd for Teaching you; by
cash of Colo Ro. Anderson for hire of Jack; cash of Timothy Terrell for
hire of Jack; by Nathan Smiths bond. Ret 8 Sep 1777, p 72
p 10, Acct of Saml Terrell orphans 1777 by Frederick Harris Gdn pd Revd
Thos. Hall for teachg you; cash pd Sackville King for your Board by cash
of Wm Clift for hire of Negroes; by William Davis bond. Ret 8 Sep 1777. p
p 11, Gdn Bond Richard Terrell Gdn to Becky Terrell orphan of Richmond
Terrell dec'd; L5,000 curr money; Sec. William Terrell, Frederick Harris
& Garland Carr 9 Nov 1778, p 77
p 12, Gdn Bond Elias Thomason Gdn to Overton Harris, Robert Harris &
Benjamin Harris orphans of Benjamin Harris Dec'd; L5,000 curr money; sec
James Nuckolds & Frederick Harris 12 April 1779, p 79
p 12 Gdn Bond Frederick Harris Gdn to Samuel Terrell orphan of Richmond
Terrel Dec'd.; L5,000 curr money; Sec. William Harris and Aaron Fontaine
14 June 1779, p 80
p 12, Acct of the orphans of Benjamin Harris Dec'd in acct with Elias
Thomason 1779; by cash Rec'd of Baker for Damages sustained by his Mill
as allowed by the Jury Ret. 9 Aug 1779, p 82
p 12, Acct of the orphans of Benjamin Harris 1779 by cash of Elias
Thomason for Toms hire; cash of Do. for Toms hire; cash of John Allen for
Jacobs hire; cash of John Hancock for Neds hire; by Capt Geo. Lumsdens
bond; by John Hancocks do.; by John Bakers do. Ret. 9 Aug 1779 by
Frederick Harris Gdn, p 82
p 12, Acct of Samuel Terrell orphans with by Fredk Harris 1778 pd Robert
Barrett for your Board; pd the Revd Thomas Hall for Teaching; pd Saml
Carr for finding your fellow Jeffery a Blankett; cash advanced for your
board & teaching & Collidge by cash of Thomas Gardner for hire of your
Dorcas; cash of James Dillard for hire of your Jeffery; cash of Samuel
Carr for hire of Do. Ret. 9 Aug 1779, p 82
p 13, Acct of orphans of Benja Harris Dec'd cash of John Baker for Toms
hire; by William Pettits bond for same; by Joseph Baynhams do.; by Lewis
Young do. Ret. 11 Sept 1780, p 87-88
p 14, Gdn Bond Thomas Hughes Gdn. to Martha Haynes Lowell Orphan of
Benja. Lowell Dec'd.; L1500 curr money; Sec. Frederick Harris & Joseph
Street. 8 Dec 1777, p 90
p 12, Acct of the orphans of Benjamin Harris 1779 by cash of Elias
Thomason for Toms hire; cash of Do. for Toms hire; cash of John Allen for
Jacobs hire; cash of John Hancock for Neds hire; by Capt Geo. Lumsdens
bond; by John Hancocks do.; by John Bakers do. Ret. 9 Aug 1779 by
Frederick Harris Gdn, p 82
p 14, Acct of Overton & Benjamin Harris orphans of Benja. Harris Dec'd.
with Elias Thomason Gdn 1780-81 Ret. 13 Aug 1781, p 94
p 14, Acct of the orphans of Ben. Harris Dec'd. by Fredk. Harris 1780-81
pd Wm. Pettit for Teaching O. Harris; pd. Geo. Lumsden for Assessment;
pd. Mr. Thomas Poindexter Sheriff for Oct. Assessment on your slaves; by
cash of John Hancock for Jacobs hire; cash of Wm Pettit for Nicks hire;
cash of Capt. Geo. Lumsden for hire of do; by James Youngs bond; by Lewis
Youngs do; by Elias Thomasons do. 4 Feb 1781 for your Soldier Bounty Tax
L74; for beef & clothing 8 Oct 1781, p 94-95
p 15. Gdn Bond William Cook Gdn. to William Grussett (Grissett) orphan of
John Grussett Dec'd.; L200 curr money; Sec. Elias Thomason & Robert
Harris 10 Oct 1782, p 99
p 15, Acct of the orphans of Ben Harris 1782 by Fielding Woodrooss Bond
for hire of Jacob & Sarah; by Archelaus Harris do. for hire of Ned; by
Hackley Youngs do. for hire of Tom; by Samuel Berrys do. for hire of
Siller. Ret. 14 Oct 1782, p 100
p 16, Gdn Bond John Wright Gdn. to Jane Wright child of sd John Wright;
L300 curr money; Sec. John Alcock 10 Feb 1783, p 102-103
p 16, By order of the Ct. of Louisa 13 April 1784 We the subscribers are
appointed to settle with Elias Thomason Gdn. to the Orphan of Benjamin
Harris Dec'd., as in this case there appears to us two points of Law (of
which we are not Judges) that is to say wheather the sd. Gdn. is to pay
rent for the land from the time of his marriage with the Widow, and
wheather the sd Gdn. be allowed anything for the maintainance of the
Orphans, we have stated the demand of the parties and submit the same to
the Ct.
Overton Harris demands 5 years rent for 7 hands Ditto 3 years rent for 6
Elias Thomason Charges the Orphans for their maintainance.
Overton & Robert Harris to Elias Thomason
1 Aug 1765 to board & Cloathing to 1 Aug 1766 to 1 Aug 1780 To 6 years
schooling Overton Harris L6; to 5 years ditto Robert Harris L5. Total
By the rent of 7 hands five years; by the rent of 6 hands 3 years NB rent
of the land in case rent should be allowed.
R. Armistead, John Crutchfield, Charles Barnett Ret. the (blank) day of
(blank), p 109-110
p 17, Acct of the Orphans of Benja. Harris Jan. 1, 1783 to present by
Fredk. Harris Gdn. By Malaikia Wards bond for 107.8 of Nett Tobacco; John
Dukes Do.; Gilmor Lanes ? Charles Rices do; John Wileys Do.; Thos Gardner
do. for Tobo. Ret. 18 Sept 1783, p 111-112
p 17, Acct of Orphans of Ben Harris Dec'd. with Fred. Harris Gdn by Cash
of Jos. Clarkson for hire of Jacob; cash of Geo. Johnson for hire of do;
Cash of David Ford for hire Ned, wife & 3 children Ret. Aug. Ct. 1778, p
p 24, Gdn Bond Robert Sharp Gdn. to Nancy Baker Orphan of Thos. Baker
Dec'd.; L1,000 currt money; Sec. William Sharp & Overton Harris 12 Nov
1787, p 183
p 25-26 Mtg of Overseers of the Poor for Louisa County Apr 16, 1788--list
of names...
William Phillips, Turner Anderson, Will Hughs, Saml. Dabney, Fd. Harris,
Jno. Poindexter and Charles Yancey Gent. Overseers 6/each for 1 day
Ordered that Samuel Ragland Get Geo. Lumsden, Frd. Harris, William
Hughes, Turner Anderson, Charles Yancey & John Poindexter, Gent. there 6
shillings each for one days attendance at a meeting of Overseers 12 July
last, p 189-190
p 32, Acct Samuel Waddy in Acct. with Robert Cobbs 1785-1794...David
Bullock for answer Streets bill; Certificate tax of Bedford land; Board 1
year, 6 months schooling Bedford 1783; board the year you went to Wasley
1786; 1787 board 1 year to Wm Harris. 7 Sep. 1793 Aaron Fontaine, Garrett
Minor, Nicholas Meriwether, p 245-46
p 35, Gdn Bond, Robert Harris Gdn to Mary Harris & Lancelott Harris
orphans of Edw. Harris dec'd; L1,000 curr money; Sec. Wm Cooke. 8 Feb
1796 Wit: James Poindexter p 260-261
p 37, Gdn Bond Wm Cook Gdn to Sarah Harris orphan of Edward Harris dec'd;
L1,000 curr money; Sec Jno Poindexter 12 Jan 1796, p 173
p 40, Gdn Bond Benjamin Harris Gdn. to Stephen Crank orphan of George
Crank Dec'd. $500; Sec. Robert Harris Jr. 10 Dec 1798, p 294-295
p 40, Gdn. Bond Mizzapina Harris Gdn. to Joseph, Thomas, Richard, Nancey
Harris orphans of Robt. Harris dec'd.; $4,000; Sec. Benjamin Harris,
Billey Snead, Richd. Mantaloe. 9 Dec. 1799 Wit: Jno. Poindexter Jr.
Mizzapina (X) Harris p 300-301
p 41, Gdn Bond Charles Harris Gdn. to Polley Lipscomb orphan (no parent
given); $1,000; Sec: Richard Harris. 14 Mar 1803, p 349-350
p 49, Gdn Bond Frederick Harris Gdn. to Catharine S. Smith Orphan of
Christopher Smith dec'd. $100,000; Sec. Charles Smith, David Bullock. 9
Dec 1805, p 377-378
p 49, Gdn. Bond Henry Quisenberry Gdn. to Moses Quisenberry orphan of
Moses Quisenberry dec'd; $2,000; Sec. Moses Harris 12 Aug 1805
p 50, Gdn. Bond John Thomasson Gdn. to Nancy Kersey, Garland Kersey,
Eliza Kersey and Polley Kersey orphans of Elisha Kersey dec'd; $4,000;
Sec. Overton Harris. 9 Dec 1805, p 378
p 52, Gdn. Bond George Harris Gdn. to William Toler orphan of Wm. Toler
dec'd; $500; Sec. Nicholas J. Poindexter 12 Oct 1807, p 395-396
p 55, Gdn. Bond John Thomasson Gdn. to Richard Harris child of Robt.
Harris; $1200; Sec. Thomas Nuckolls 9 Dec 1810, p 417-418
p 56, Gdn. Bond John Nunn Gdn. to Catharine Harris, Emela Harris and Wm.
Shiller Harris children of Joseph Harris dec'd; & Polly Harris, his wife,
now Polly Nunn; $9,000; Sec. Arther Clayton. 14 Oct 1811, p 425-426
p 56, Gdn. Bond Thomas Harris Gdn. to Ann Rice Harris child of Robert
Harris dec'd; $3,000; Sec. Duke Cosby. 11 Nov 1811, p 426
p 56, Acct. of John Thomasson Gdn. for Mary Kersey 1808-1811. Things from
Potties for self, blanket for Meriah; Cambrick; cash pd Stephen Harris
for the difference in lots of Negroes by hire of Negroes; Ret. 13 May
1811, p 427
p 57, Orphans of Elisha Kersey dec'd. in acct. with John Thomasson Gdn.
1806 to goods furnished by Walter Chisholm; pd Bartelet Meeks for Mary
Kersey board; pd John Gentry for board negro child; pd Walter Chisholm
for doctor for negro Sam; schooling 2 girls part of 1807; 1807 expences
at Thomas Gardners; pd. Benja. Holladay; pd Alexander Kersey for Midwifes
fee; cash pd Jennings Plant for boarding Elizabeth Kersey 1806; pd
Stephen Harris; by hire of negroes. Ret. 13 May 1811, p 435-436
p 58, Thomas Harris Gdn. in Acct. with Ann Harris his Ward 1811-1812;
Bond on Richard Anderson for a grey colt given by her Mother; bond on
Richard Mallory for hire of Unity; bond on William S. Mitchell for hire
of Charlotte; bond on John P. Thomasson for hire of Unity; bond on James
R. Rayner hire of Charlotte; bond on Benjamin M. Harris for her
proportion; 1 feather bed and furniture; pd Duke Cosby for board; sundrys
bought of A. Levy pr. acct. Ret. 8 Nov 1813, p 447
p 58 Gdn. Bond Benjamin M. Harris Gdn. to Ann R. Harris Orphan of Robt.
Harris; $3,000; Sec. Robt. Harris. 11 Oct 1813, p 452-453
p 62, 22 April 1746 A writing under the hand of Robert Yancey, dec'd.
dated 1 June 1743 subscribed by Benjamin Harris and James Yancey as
evidences, said to be the Last Will & Testament of sd. dec'd; also
another writing under the hand of sd. Robert Yancey without any date
subsribed by Benjamin Harris as Evidence, said to be the Will of sd
dec'd. was produced in Court by Richard Yancey & James Yancey Exors. in
the sd. writing; the Court having Benjamin Harris on his solom
affirmation and the Exors on their oath it appears the writing without
date the proper hand writing of the sd. dec'd. & exors. having taken oath
Letters of Probate granted. Benjamin Harris appointed Gdn. to Charles
Yancey, Infant, Eldest son of Robert Yancey dec'd. It appearing to the
Court that certain lands have been devised away from sd Son and Heir at
Law; sd. Harris to be summoned to contest validity. (Note: Harris made no
objections at the next Court), p 182
22 April 1746 Church Wardens of St. Martins Par. ordered to bind out John
Harris a bastard child to James Yancey according to law. p 183
LOUISA CO. ORDER BOOKS 12 May 1766-15 Oct 1766 & 13 April 1772-10 Jan
p 64, 13 Oct 1766 An Indenture of Apprenticeship between David Thomson
and John Harris was acknowledged and ordered recorded. p 22
p 70, 12 June 1775 Church Wardens of Trinity Par. bound out Zedakiah
Harris Orphan of John Harris to Thomas Shelton for three years. p 125
p 71, 9 Sep 1776 Mary Johnson came into court and made choice of Wm.
Harris as her Gdn. and the Ct. appointed him Gdn. to Sarah and Ann
Johnson orphans of Collin Johnson, dec'd. p 148
p 73, 11 Aug 1777 Ordered that Archelaus Harris be paid at the rate of
L6.10 per annum for providing for and taking care of a poor child of
Thomas Coleman who is in the service of this country. Directed by sd. Ct.
that sd. Archelaus make application to the Treasurer of the Commonwealth
for the same. p 172
p 76, 8 June 1778 In Chancery; Richd. Richardson and Ann his wife, David
Stuart and Rebecca his wife, John Harris and Jane his wife, Susannah
Hambleton, Sarah Hambleton Junr., Elizabeth, David and Mourning Hambleton
infants of tender years by Richard Richardson their next Friend agnst.
Sarah Hambleton Administrix of David Hambleton, dec'd. & Duke Hambleton
infant of sd. David by Sarah Hambleton his mother and special Gdn...p 196
p 77, 14 Sept. 1778 Ordered that Archelaus Harris be allowed at the rate
of L10 per year for providing for a poor child of Thomas Coleman a
Continental soldier. Ordered that the Treas. pay L10. p 223
COURT 16 Feb 1780:
p 79, Oaths in Court--Same Order for Benjamin Harris proving that he was
a Soldier in Captain Christopher Hudson's Co. in the year 1758; sd.
Benjamin being dead Overton Harris is Heir at Law. This claim is proven
by the oath of Frederick Harris. p 290
p 82, 12 Feb 1781 Nancey Harris infant of Benjamin Harris dec'd. with
approbation of the Ct. made choice of John Baker for her Gdn. who with
Martin Baker his Sec. made bond. p 321
p 83, 8 Oct 1781 It appearing to the court that Milley Harris the wife of
Benjamin Harris who is now in the Continental Service is very poor and
has four small children. Ordered she apply to the Treas. of the State for
money to purchase 5 barrells of corn and 250 lbs. of pork. p 335-336
p 84, 9 April 1782 Wm Harris Gdn. to orphans of Collins Johnson to appear
in Ct. to show cause why he has failed to return an account. p 354
p 87, 88, 91, 92
Name & Rank, Year of Service, Unit & Officer, Proved by oath of, Acres
p 290 Benj. Harris, Pvt 1758 Rangers/Hudson Frederick Harris, 50
p 296 Edward Harris 1760 Rangers/Meridith Wm Melton ---
Order Book 1774-1782
p 149, 9 Sept. 1776 Frederick Harris, Ens.
p 174-175, 8 Sep 1777 Frederick Harris, 2nd Lt. under Capt John Bagby
p 176, 8 Sep 1777 Wm Harris, Ens.
p 181, 12 Jan 1778 Wm Harris, 2nd Lt.

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