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From: "Richard Dorman, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [FLDUVAL] Florida Playboys
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 23:48:11 -0400
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Yvonne, Well, you question to me was : Who were the members of the
Florida Playboys? I asked my father...he said he remembered them, they
had a T>V> show, and were on the radio in the 40's / 50" , however, did
not remember any of the member's names...I called my cousin, Frank...He
also remembered the name of the group, again, could not, or did not
remember any of their names...then he started talking about some group
called THE Rotagilla..(ALLIGATOR)...which had nothing to do with THE
FLORIDA PLAYBOYS........He only remembered them being on radio and
t.v....He said if I called a friend of his, he would surely know...a
Jimmy Strickland....as Jimmy use to have a T,V. Show every Saturday
Night...remember??? Well, Yvonne, Jimmy didn't answer the phone. So,
all I know is that it was a country / western band. Now, if I can
guess, perhaps, either Linda or Virginia Atter sung in it..But, then, I
don't see how that could be right, being called The Florida Playboys,
you know...and Bill Clinton wasn't living here in Jax. back then...so I
am at a total loss...Who were the members??? Richard... dale johnson

> That obit look-up was an offer for emailer . Yvonne

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