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Subject: Re: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Andries Pietersen de Haes & Catharina Hagedoorn
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 10:58:05 -0400
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Thank you very much for the additions and clarifications, Richard.

> Jonathan Dyer's first son was named Robert so there might be a link. I have
> data on other Dyer's if that is important

I am interested in the Dyers. Is it known where the two male Dyers,
sons of Jonathan Dyer of Albany, lived? Please let me know if they
also disappeared from Albany. Where they went if known.

I am only in the very beginning of gathering info about the Dyers. But
here is one more of the Dyers of Delaware, and another link to yet
another de Haes. Maybe something here will open the way to more
answers that I or someone else can use. If anyone sees something
interesting, ask; I'll see what else I might have.

Mary DYER:
Mary Dyer, who died in 1778, had first been married to Nicholas
Hammond, then became the second wife of Abraham Wynkoop. He was a
merchant, lived in Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware.
Baptized in NYDRC, 1703 Jul 04; Benjamin Wynkoop, Femmetje Van der
Heul; Abraham; Johannis Van der Heul, Elisabeth Van der Heul.

Abraham Wynkoop, born New York, was later of Philadelphia, then
Delaware. He was first married to Esther Fisher, with whom he had two
children, Phoebe (1729- ) and Benjamin (1734-1803). Abraham Wynkoop
was then married to Mary Dyer (need info on her!!), with whom he had
James (d. ca 1790/1793) and Abram.

James Wynkoop was married on 27 March 1777, Middletown, Delaware, to
Hester Peterson, who died before ca 1793. James was a physician who
practiced medicine in Baltimore, and in Middletown, New Castle County,
Delaware. Hester Peterson was the daughter of Grace van Dyck (need
parents & info on her!!) and Jacob Peterson, also a physician of
Middletown Delaware, who was born about 1733 and died 7 January 1774
at Middletown, New Castle County, Delaware. Jacob's parents were
Andrew Peterson and his second wife, Hester van Bebber. Andrew's first
wife had been Lydia Williams-Neering, who was bapt. 20 May, 1685 in
the New York Dutch Reformed Church, daughter of Anna Catharina de
Meyer of New York, and John Williams Neering.

+-- Cornelis Evertsz Wynkoop +ca 1677
+-- Benjamin Wynkoop 1675
| +-- Maria Jans Langedyck +ca 1679
+-- Abraham Wynkoop ca 1703-/1789
| | +-- Abraham Van der Heul
| +-- Femmetje Van der Heul 1671
| +-- Trintje Hendricks
James Wynkoop +1790/1793
| +-- Mary Dyer +1778
| +-- Grace van Dyck +1793/
Hester Peterson +/1793
| +-- Adam Peterson ca 1645-/1703
| +-- Andrew Peterson ca 1685-1741
| | +-- [Unknown]
+-- Jacob Peterson ca 1733-1774
| +-- Jacob (Isaacs) van Bebber ca 1640-1705
| +-- Hendrick (Jacobsz) van Bebber ca 1665-1733
| | +-- Styntie van Dulcken +1711
+-- Hester Van Bibber 1704-1772
+-- Cathalyntgen Bongaerts +1715

The people I have been discussing here, many of Dutch descent, lived
in the vicinity of Middletown and Odessa, Delaware. Now look at one
more link to a de Hayes in Delaware (we really are coming around to
close this loop):

Alexander D' Hinojossa, Vice-Director at New Amstel (New Castle), 1659
-1663, obtained a large tract of land in the Appoquinimink area of New
Castle County --the vicinity of Middletown and Odessa (Cantwell's
Bridge). After the British took over, D' Hinojossa's estate was
confiscated and granted to Captain Edmund Cantwell. His son Richard,
be it remembered, married a Mary Dyer. One of their children, Richard
Cantwell, married Elentie Peterson (b. ca 1705), who was another of
the children of Andrew Peterson and his first wife, Lydia

Alexander D' Hinojossa must have been married before 1656 to a
Margarita de Haes, for in march 1656, they baptized son, Alexander,
Jr. in New Amsterdam DRC:
1656 Mar 05; Alexander d'Hinjasa, Margarita de Haes; Alexander; Frans
Fyn and his wife

So... who's this Margarita de Haes, and how does she fit in with the rest??

Who can find de needle in de Haes-stack which will start sewing up
some of these loose ends?

Thanks again,
Liz J

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