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From: "Verna Dinkins" <>
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 04:44:46 PDT

I subscribed to this list a couple of months ago and there hasn't been
any movement of information yet. Fellow Dinkins I think it's time we
started pulling together here. I have over 300 years of DINKINS
information, starting in the mid 1600s, to share with you . My direct
line is John J. and Sally Dinkins born NC, migrated to TN,KY, and MO. I
may have information you could use and you may have information that
would help me connect all these families, but we'll never know if
someone doesn't start, so let me go first. This is just a sample of the
information I have

1.John J. Dinkins (circa1780)NC-(1859)TN
Sally Unknown (circa 1786)NC-(185?)TN

1.1. Edward G. Dinkins
m: 1/18/1830 TN
Sarah Sullivan

1.2. Lucy R. Dinkins (1810)TN-(after 1860) Yazoo Co., MS
m: 9/6/1836 Sumner Co. TN
E. R. M. Reynolds (1810)TN-(after 1860)Yazoo Co., MS 4 children

1.2.1. Mary C. Reynolds (1838)TN
m 1st: 4/26/1858
Samuel H. Nesmith
m 2nd: Evin Hall

1.2.2. William H. H. Reynolds (1841)TN-(Civil War)

1.2.3 James Clay Jones Reynolds (4/25/1844)TN-(2/10/1892)MS
m: 12/31/1868
Harriett Thornell Perkins (3/11/1838)NC-(unknown)

1.2.4. John Richard Patillo Reynolds (1849)MS-(unknown)AR
m 1st: 12/23/1871
Souvinia Downs
m 2nd:6/7/1878
Susan Evers

1.3. T. L. Dinkins (1804)TN-(unknown) 2 children

1.3.1. Ann Dinkins (1836)TN
1.3.2. Mary Dinkins (1838)TN

1.4. James W. Dinkins (1812)TN
m: 3/2/1840
(Mary?) Jane Gant (1823)TN 2 children

1.4.1. James Dinkins (1839)
1.4.2. Robert Dinkins (1850)

1.5. John Wesley Dinkins (11/26/1813)-(3/19/1862)Allen Co., KY
m: 3/22/1838 Allen Co., KY
Irena Harrison (9/16/1818)-(12/14/1895) Allen Co. KY 12 children
(note: Irena Harrison Dinkins married 2nd: 11/14/1867 KY to Andrew J.

1.5.1.Harrietta Eliza Dinkins (5/28/1840)
m1st: 8/5/1857 Allen Co., KY
Benjamin C. Lovelace (less?) 1 child Ellar L. Lovelace
Dutch Wadkins

Harritta Eliza Dinkins
m: 2nd 3/16/1865 Allen Co. KY
Eldridge P. (ZEB) Killman 3 children Florence Killman Nora Killman Virgil Killman

1.5.2. Sarah Jane Mary Dinkins (11/23/1841)
m: 4/1/1858 Allen Co., KY
Francis A. Calvert (killed near home while on leave from Civil
War, no children)

1.5.3. Lucy Ann Dinkins (9/1/1843)
m: 4/30/1863 Allen Co., KY
Tilman H. (Bud) Stamps 2 children Rebecca C. Stamps (1864) Lewis Stamps Mattie T. Stamps (1868)
Douglas Boren

1.5.4. Elvira T. Dinkins (10/26/1845)
m: 6/18/1869 Allen Co., KY
Granville Travelstead no children

1.5.5. Mary Frances Dinkins (5/26/1847)
m: 3/27/1865 Allen Co., KY
Joseph A Stamps 10 children Charles Stamps Jocie Stamps m: Unknown Watkins Maggie Stamps m: Pete Carter Rena Stamps Mattie Stamps m: Unknown Newman Bell Stamps Helen Stamps Samuel Stamps Lula Stamps m: Unknown Watkins Thomas Stamps

1.5.6. Lucinda Addeline Dinkins (10/27/1848)
m: 12/3/1866 Allen Co., KY
Emery Hinton (10/13/1843)-(9/23/1923) 3 children
(buried Walker Chapel Church Cemetery, Allen Co., TN) Amanda Hinton m: John B. Wade Robert Hinton Bettie Hinton

1.5.7. John G. Huston Dinkins (7/5/1850)
Unknown Lyles 2 children Ottie Dinkins m: James Lewis Rastus R. Dinkins (1/12/1873)-(1959)
B. A. Unknown (7/9/1875(-(5/4/1916) 3 children Daughter Dinkins Garland H. Dinkins (12/6/1897)-(1/29/1979)
Annie B. Unknown 1 child N. M. Dinkins (F) (1/14/1916)-(7/3/1916)

1.5.8. William Henry Dinkins (4/22/1852) never married
buried Walker Chapel Church Cemetery, Allen Co., KY

1.5.9. Thomas M. Dinkins (4/15/1854)
Ellar Wagoner
(moved to Texas)

1.5.10. Clara Helen Dinkins (6/14/1856)-(7/15/1921)
m: 11/11/1875 Allen Co., KY
Luther Milton Garrison (4/22/1854)-(4/22/1923) 3 children
Luther & Clara buried Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery, Allen Co., KY Emmett Washington Garrison (10/15/1877)-4/24/1965)
Ollie I. Keen (4/19/1884)-(5/25/1965) 3 children C. Erskine Garrison (2/16/1905)
(he compiled information on John Wesley Dinkins and family) Beva E. Garrison m: Will S. Wygal Felbert Garrison

1.5.11. Irene Dora Dinkins (4/14/1858)
William Garrett 2 children Tillman Garrett James Garrett
(family moved to texas)

1.5.12. Louella Rebecca Dinkins (2/5/1860)
m: 10/17/1880 Sumner Co., TN
David Hinton 2 children Emery Hinton Eva Hinton

1.6. William C Dinkins (12/12/1815)TN-(9/10/1856)MO
m: 8/30/1838 Sumner Co., TN
Lucinda Harrison (7/24/1821)KY-(3/28/1899)MO 8 children
Parents: William Harrison and Mary E. Pratt

1.6.1. Mary Ann Dinkins (7/23/1839)TN-(12/24/1899)MO
(never married)
1.6.2. John H. Dinkins (?/??/1841)TN-(4/14/1863)MO
(no record of marriage or children)
1.6.3. Thomas Newton Dinkins (4/10/1844)KY-(1/18/1892)MO
m: 9/10/1867
Myra Louisa Farris (3/13/1849)MO-(1/18/1892)MO 12 children
(twins died at birth)
Parents: Lucian N. Farris and Nancy Hyatt William L. Dinkins (7/11/1868)MO-(8/9/1873)MO
(buried: Buffington Cemetery, Ellington, MO) John Thomas Dinkins (3/9/1870)MO-(12/10/1949)MO
(buried: Parkview Cemetery, Farmington,MO)
m 1st: 12/22/1892 Reynolds Co,MO
Effie M. Larkin (10/1874)MO-(8/12/1909)MO
(buriedCenterville, MO?)
Parents: Sampson Larkin and Elizabeth Cundiff
m 2nd 12/31/1911 St. Francois Co., MO
Ella Holmes (4/21/1883)MO-(12/13/1972)MO
(buried: Parkview Cemetery, Farmington, MO)
Parents: James Holmes and Mary Elizabeth McClanahan Mary Bell Dinkins (1/28/1872)MO-(12/31/1944)CO
(buried: Fairview Cemetery, Craig, CO) Ida Lee Dinkins (3/1874)MO Eliza Dinkins (6/12/1876)MO-(11/29/1915)MO
(buried: Buffington Cemetery, Ellington, MO) Albert P. Dinkins (11/1877)MO-(9/29/1917)TX
(buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, TX) Luvenia J. Dinkins (11/22/1879)MO-(12/19/1963)MO Byron Lee Dinkins (5/15/1881)MO-(7/8/1962)MO
(buried: Annapolis Cemetery, Annapolis, MO) Weldon Wade Dinkins (10/15/1883)MO-(5/21/1912)MO
(buried: Buffington Cemetery, Ellington, MO) Laura Dinkins (8/18/1887)MO-(12/11/1935)MO
(buried: Sutton Cemetery, Vulcan, MO)
1.6.4. Eliza Jane Dinkins (6/11/1946)KY-(1/13/1926)MO
1.6.5. Matthew G. Dinkins (11/1/1848 KY-(1/6/1914)MO
1.6.6. James Marion Dinkins (2/? 1851)KY-(7/?/1919)WA?
1.6.7. Sarah Dinkins (3/12/1853)MO?-(4?28?1869)MO
1.6.8. Carrel Francis Dinkins (3/21/1857)MO-(2/6/1917)WA

1.7. Eliza A. Dinkins (1819)TN-(1878)Allen Co., KY
Henry Killman 8 children

1.7.1 J. C. Killman (M) (1840)TN
1.7.2 Matilda Killman (1842)KY
1.7.3. J. T. Killman (M) (1844)KY
1.7.4.E. P. Killman (M) (1847)KY
1.7.5. Henry Killman (1849)KY
1.7.6. P. H. Killman (M) (1/24/1851)KY
1.7.7. William Killman (7/22/1854)KY
1.7.8. Benjamin Killman (2/16/1857)KY

1.8. Thomas Dinkins (1820)TN

1.9. Matthew Turner Dinkins (1822/1825)-(10/15/1895)KY
m: 9/13/1857 Allen Co., KY
Roxy L. Wilson (4/1841)-(6/22/1908) 13 children
(both buried Stony Point Church Cemetery, Allen Co., KY)

1.9.1. Sarah J. Dinkins (9/28/1858)
Ewen Willoughby no children
1.9.2. Thomas Dinkins (11/22/1859)-(1/24/1901)KY
Icy E. Harrison (1/7/1870) no children
1.9.3. William Temple Dinkins (1863)
m: 9/2/1883 Sumner Co., TN
Arena E. Calvert 3 children Lucian Dinkins Marvin Dinkins Dollie Mae Dinkins

1.9.4. Martha J. Dinkins (1864) (never married, died Ohio)
1.9.5. Francis Marion Dinkins (1/9/1866)-(11/13/1944)
(buried Eaker Cemetery, Bollinger Co., MO)
Mary Ann Williams (4/28/1866)-(11/11/1951) 8 children John Dinkins
Unknown 4 children Doris Dinkins Ralph Dinkins Gladys Dinkins Jack Dinkins Charles Dinkins
Unknown 7 children Jessie Dinkins Maxcine Dinkins Opal Dinkins Gertrude Dinkins Carl Dinkins Lois Dinkins Charles Dinkins Jr. Bertha Dinkins (no children) Katie Dinkins
Noah Sturgeon 6 children Nadine Sturgeon Jean Sturgeon Dallas Sturgeon Albert Sturgeon Ruth Sturgeon Bob Sturgeon Lucian B. Dinkins
m: 1st
Lillian Harkey 2 children Lucian B. Dinkins Jr. Bob Dinkins

Lucian B. Dinkins
m: 2nd
Mabel Unknown 4 children Donald Dinkins
1, Richard Dinkins Margie (Margaret?) Dinkins Keneth Dinkins Luther Dinkins (died at an early age, no decendants) Ray (Roy?) Dinkins
Olathe Hahn 3 children Dale Dinkins Doyle Dinkins Mary Dinkins Earnest Dinkins (died at an early age, no decendants)

1.9.6. George (W.or H.) Dinkins (6/1868)
D. Unknown 2? children Matthew W. Dinkins (9/1895) Lily Dinkins (8/1897)
(possible 3rd child, Wiley Dinkins)

1.9.7. Eana D. Dinkins (3/25/1870)-(1/13/1946)
m: 3/12/1891 Sumner Co., TN
John H. Borders 3 children
(both buried Stony Point Church Cemetery, Allen Co., KY) Claude Borders Douglas Borders Paul Borders

1.9.8. Albert T. Dinkins (6/2/1873)-(2/3/1951)
m: 12/1885
Julia Willoughby 3 children Roy Dinkins Roxie Dinkins Daughter Dinkins

1.9.9. Minerva A. Dinkins (1874)
m: 3/12/1891
R. C. Powell

1.9.10. Samuel H. Dinkins (3/1876)
Sarah Bell Pearson (10/1/1879)-(12/29/1917)
(daughter of Henry Pearson and Sarah A. Thompson)

1.9.11. John Martin Dinkins (12/15/1877)-(7/23/1954)
Minnie Miller (12/6/1881)-(8/27/1908)
m: 2nd 10/7/1909
Nettie Belt (2/10/1893)-(3/21/1964)

1.9.12. James B. Dinkins (1/1879)-(4/25/1949)
(never married)
1.9.13. Amanda Dinkins (1/1884)

1.10. Martha J. Dinkins (1829)TN
m: 9/7/1854 Sumner Co., TN
William Thornton (1827)NC 1 child

1.10.1 John W. Dinkins (4/9/1856)

1.11. Elizabeth Dinkins (1830)TN
m: 12/25/1845 Sumner Co., TN
Chesteen C. Gant (1826)TN 2 children

1.11.1. Thomas Gant (1847)
1.11.2. John Gant (1849)

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