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Alfred Maloy Childers Private, 9th Texas Artillery
By Linda Sartin

In Red River County, Texas 1958 Liza was about 78 years old. Liza Jane
was the seventh child of Alfred Maloy (McCleod) Childers and Lucinda
L. C. Childers settled in North Carolina and had about 14 sons. They
had a large plantation which was destroyed during the Civil War. Some
maps still show a Childersville, or Childersburg, located in North
Carolina. After the war the family migrated to Kentucky where the
brothers created a large family owned business venture.One family raised
grain; another raised cattle; one butchered the cattle and sold the
meat; another would tan the skin for leather goods, and so on. At some
point there was a falling out and each family went their separate
ways. Alfred's parents were L. C. Childers and Emily Herrington.
Supposedly Emily went back home to Ireland to visit family, died, and
was buried there. L. C. is supposed to be buried in the McKenzie
Cemetery in Red River County. A triangular piece of land next to a small
church and the McCoy grade school is where L.C. is supposed to be
buried, next to the barbed wire fence. L. C.came to visit when she was a
small girl and passed away before he could return home. It is overgrown
with Johnson grass as high as your shoulders. C. J. and his cousin Carl
went searching, but only found one tall gravestone and a lot of
The State of Texas has since erected a marker in the front of the
cemetery memorializing McKenzie College which stood on that spot in the
1800's. The McCoy school and church are gone. The McKenzie family had
cleared off and installed cyclone fencing to a portion of the graveyard
but the original barbed wire fencing was still there as well as the tall
gravestone belonging to a member of the McKenzie family. Instead of
Johnson grass, small trees have come up everywhere in the older, unkept
part of the cemetery. Sink holes and rotted wood are now where graves
and wooden markers had been. L.C.'s grave was not found.
Some records have been found to substantiate what is known of the
Childers family.
Alfred Maloy Childers was living in Lamar County, Texas when the 1860
U.S. Census was taken. His name is listed as A.M. Childers and he is 23
years old from North Carolina. He owns $200 worth of real estate. His
wife's name is Mary C. She is 16 years old and hails from Illinois. They
were married in Lamar County on April 12, 1860 and her maiden name was
Hulen. Also living with them is Elizabeth Burnet, age 28, also from
North Carolina, also owning $200 worth of real estate, and her children;
Sarah R., age 6 and Cynthia, age 4, both born in Texas. Originally
Elizabeth was assumed to be the sister of Alfred because of her age and
place of birth but there is a record of an Elizabeth Hulen marrying W.
B.Burnette on 22 Dec 1853 in Lamar County. Therefore, Elizabeth is most
likely the sister of Mary. A. M. Childers is Dwelling 178 Family 181.
Dwelling 178 Family 180 of the same census is Thomas Hulen, age 56 from
North Carolina, wife Sarah, age 59 also from North Carolina, and Francis
Ashbrook, female age 3, no relationship mentioned, born in the Choctaw
Nation. Thomas and Sarah are probably the parents of Mary and Elizabeth
although proof of this has not been found.
Alfred was accepted into service as a Private in the 9th Field Battery
on 18 January 1862 at Paris, Lamar Co., Texas by James M. Daniel for the
period of the war. He was 24 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, with grey
eyes and light hair, a farmer from North Carolina with sound body and
good health.Alfred appeared on the 28 Feb 1862 Company Muster-In Roll as
Alonzo M. Childers. On the March and April 1862 Company Muster Roll his
name is also listed as Alonzo M. Childers. The Descriptive Roll for him
on April 8th, 1862 has his name as Alex M. Childress. The March and
April 1863 Company Muster Roll has his name as A. M. Childress, being
present and having last been paid by Maj. Dyer to Feb. 28, 1863. The
Company Muster Roll for May and June 1862 changed the name of the unit
from Capt. James M. Daniel's Co.(Lamar Light Artillery) to (Lamar Art'y)
Texas Vols. There is a card for A. M. Childers with no further remarks.
July and August 1862 finds A. M. sick in camp. September and October
1862, A. M. has a Company Muster Roll card with no remarks. November and
December 1862, A. M. is present and sick in camp having last been paid
by Capt. B. C. Jones to August 31, 1862. The Company Muster Roll for
January and February 1863 has A. M. present and having last been paid by
Capt. B. C.Jones to October 31, 1862. A.M. is on detached service with
section of guns at Shreveport, Louisiana on the November and December
1863 Company Muster Roll having last been paid by Lt. Wright to April
30, 1863. A. M. is present on the Company Muster Roll for January and
February 1864 having last been paid by Lt. Wright to April 30, 1863.
February 1864 is the last record of A. M. Childers' service in the Civil
War. John Wesley Childers(Alfred's fifth child) said Alfred lost a leg
in the war and was given 40 acres and a mule in place of traveling money
to return home. There is no record, to this date, to substantiate
this.On his widow's CSA pension application in 1915 Lucinda C. Osborne
Childress states that she and Alfred were married in Tites (Titus)Co,
Texas in December of 1866. The Titus County Courthouse burned in 1885
and all records prior to that were lost. There appears to be no grave
for Mary C. Hulen Childers in Lamar County, or for her parents but
possibly one for her sister. There is a record for Elizabeth Burnett who
died ?Jan 1870? and is buried in a unknown cemetery in Lamar Co., Texas.
With so little concrete data many questions remain about what happened
to Alfred and his first wife between 1863 and 1866.
In 1870, Alfred is living in Red River County, Texas. He is now 33
years old, still saying he was born in North Carolina. His wife is
Lucinda, age 22, from Tennessee (daughter of William and Martha Osborne
of Virginia). They have two children: James, age 3, and Margaret, age 1,
both born in Texas. The US Census for Red River County in 1880 is in
very poor condition. After much searching Alfred and his family still
could not be found although the probability is high that they were
living there at the time. The 1890 US Census was destroyed by fire.
During the years between 1866 and 1889 ALFRED CHILDERS and LUCINDA
OSBORNE had the following children:
i. JAMES FRANKLIN CHILDERS, born 1 Nov 1866, Clarksville, Red River Co.,
Texas; died 1 Jan 1936,Summerfield, Oklahoma; married (1) MATILDA JANE
GASSAWAY; born 1868, Arkansas; died Vinita, Oklahoma;married (2) MARY
JANE SPRUELL; born 20 Mar 1892, Hartman, Arkansas; died 3 Aug 1964,
Summerfield,Ok; married (3) JULIE MYERS.

ii. MARGARET ELIZABETH CHILDERS, born 27 Dec 1868, Clarksville, Red
River Co., Texas; died 17 Mar 1950,Okla City, Oklahoma; married WILLIAM

iii. WILLIAM THOMAS CHILDERS, born 28 Apr 1871, Clarksville, Red River
Co., Texas; died 30 Dec 1946,Glendale, Arizona; married AMANDA ALICE
SMITH; born 1874; died 1964.

iv. MARY FRANCIS CHILDERS, born 18 Sep 1875, Clarksville, Red River Co.,
Texas; died Weleetka, Oklahoma;married ELIJAH GREEN SMITH.

v. JOHN WESLEY CHILDERS, born 19 Feb 1876, Clarksville, Red River Co.,
Texas; died 22 Oct 1958, Clarkesville,Red River Co., Texas; married (1)
MATTIE GREEN; married (2) MATTIE E. MOSS, 24 Jun 1902, Red River
Co.,Texas; born 6 Apr 1884, Georgia; died 21 Jun 1928, Clarkesville, Red
River County, Texas; married (3) NETTIE BELL DERRYBERRY, about 1933;
born 27 Nov 1898, Oklahoma; died 27 Feb 1981, Red River Co,Tx.

vi. ROBERT E. LEE CHILDERS, born 25 Jul 1878, Clarksville, Red River
Co., Texas; died 20 Oct 1954, Clarksville, Red River Co., Texas; married
VIRGINIA INEZ RIDDLES; born 1888; died 1924.

vii. LIZA JANE CHILDERS, born 22 Nov 1880, Clarksville, Red River Co.,
Texas; died 7 Sep 1974, Red River County, Texas; married (1) NAPOLEAN
BONAPARTE HUMPHREY, 8 Nov 1900, Lamar Co., Texas; born 7 Jun 1864; died
15 Sep 1917,Clarkesville, Red River County, Texas; married (2) WALTER T.
WELCH; born 3 Feb 1893; died 5 Oct 1979, Red River County, Texas.

viii.ALFRED MALOY CHILDERS,JR.born 23 Jan 1884,Clarksville, Red River
Co., Texas; died 8 Dec 1947, Wilburton, Oklahoma; married BOBBIE BERNICE

ix. RUFIS MARION CHILDERS, born 22 May 1886, Clarksville, Red River Co.,

x. BENJAMIN HARRISON CHILDERS, born 5 May 1889, Clarksville, Red River
Co., Texas; died 1949, Weleetka,Oklahoma; married ODESSA MAE DAVIS; born
1897; died 1952, Weleetka, Oklahoma..

Lucinda C. Childress filed for Alfred's Civil War pension in 1915. On
the application she says Alfred died in April of 1894. He is buried in
the Lone Star Cemetery located in Red River Co., Texas outside of
Clarksville. Originally his tombstone was a piece of petrified wood with
his name carved in it.Later a CSA tombstone was erected by his
descendents to mark the grave. The tombstone says he was born 28 Jan
1837 and died 5 Apr 1894. Lucinda said she had been living in Oklahoma
since 1905. Included with the pension application file was a letter by
her son, B. H. Childers(s) stating that she had died before recieving
the pension money and asked if they could use it to pay for her burial

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