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Subject: RE: Cherokee Blackwells
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 01:16:43 EDT

In response to David Blackwell's letter of earlier today:

I hope to add some information that I have just recently come across. I don't
know where to start........I will just list the different items and let
someone respond to them.............

#1 from Hamilton County Pioneers (Chattanooga, TN) by John Wilson; 1998,


"The Blackwells were among the earliest settlers in the lush valley of E.
Brainerd. John Lindsay Blackwell became a major for the Confederate army and
Oscar Lindsay Blackwell was a beloved doctor ......for 55 yrs.

The Blackwell genealogy was copied by Rebecca Lindsay Blackwell and handed
down in fragments to her granddaugther, Cynthia Warlick. The family traces
back to John Blackwell who came from Germany to S.C. at an early day. His
sons were Jesse, John, William and Ambrose. The daughters were Kizziah who
married a Morris, Leah who married a Pettigrew and later a Satterwhite,
Elizabeth who married a Sosebee, and Charity who married a Trimble.

Jesse married a Miller, and their sons were Wm., Lindsay and Jedidiah. The
dau's were Nancy and Mary who married Hensley's, Susie who married a Harper,
Elizabeth who married a Brooks, and Charity who married a Bowers. Wm., son of
Jesse, was born in 1792. He married Rebecca Lindsay who was born the same yr.
The Lindsays came from SC from Scotland. Rebecca was the dau. of Jms. and
Elizabeth Cunningham Lindsay of Pendleton. Jms. Lindsay's father was killed
in the Revolution.

The Blackwells and Lindsays came from Franklin Co, GA, where Wm. Blackwell
and Rebecca Lindsay were married in 1816. In 1820, the William Blackwells
moved to Hall Co., (Gainesville, GA). In 1834, they pushed on to Chickamauga
Creek on a farm that straddled the GA-TN line. Indians lived along the creek
and its west branch for centuries. Many years later some of the Blackwell
descendants still could recall names of many of the Indians who were their
neighbors until the Trail of Tears in 1838." ......... more on this family
line is given.......

#2 David states in his letter today that "Joel Blackwell of Monroe Co, TN
who was convicted of horse theft, and had a brother in Rhea Co., TN, was
possibly the son of William Blackwell and Sarah Adair of NC/GA."

I recently found in Monroe Co, TN records a Court case where Sarah
Blackwell was brought to Court because of a land dispute. It was stated that
her son, JOEL, had contrived w/ another gentleman (this is from memory) to
sell her land that lies on Spring Creek. (This land lies near/on the border
of Monroe and Polk Counties, near Springtown, TN) It also mentions that she
had a grandson named JOHN. This Court case occurred around 1843 - 1848.
There was a follow-up case regarding the same dispute yrs. later. It was
mentioned that she was very old and illiterate. (Joel must not have been of
very high moral character!)

As I have mentioned previously in my posts, my great-great grandfather was
Noah Blackwell, born Jan. 15, 1818. He lived in Springtown, TN. He is in
both the Monroe Co census (1870) and the Polk Co census (1860) and other
years. Maybe he is listed in both counties because of the closeness of the
lines on Spring Creek? His son, my great grandfather, was William Lafayette
Blackwell, who married Sarah Armanda Woody. They called him "Fate". (There
is a "William" who posted a query on the Blackwell Family Page in May of '97
looking for a Lost Blackwell, "Fate" and Sarah from Benton, TN...........if
you are reading this, please write..... :)

1840 TN census: Sarah Blackwell (PO-18) PO = Polk
Samuel Blackwell (PO-16)
Sylvester Blackwell (PO-04)
John P. Blackwell (PO-04)
00002-00001 (my Noah may be ? the other male

Joe C. Blackwell (MO-142) MO = Monroe

#3 I checked a book out today, Cherokee Blood, V. 1, by Shirley Hoskins,
which is a gleaning of the Eastern Cherokee Applications of 1906 - 1909 and
low and behold, there is a Sarah Adair included in an application of Nannie
Coleman. The listing is as follows:

A Fields, Lucey
1 Harris, ( ) (spouse)

a Walker, John B
1 Lowery, Betsey

AA Harris, Nancy b. GA
1 Adair, Walter S. b. GA

aa Walker, Jack b. TN
1 ( ), Emily S. b. TN

AAA Adair, James W.
AAB Adair, Sarah A. b. ? - d. 1866
AAC Adair, Edward M.
AAD Adair, Mary B. d. 1867
AAE Adair, Lucy F. C
AAF Adair, Hugh M.
AAG Adair, Minerva M. d. 1867
AAH Adair, Elizabeth N. b. GA D
1 Walker, Timothy b. TN d. 1894 E

aaa Walker, Elizabeth

AAHA Walker, Nannie CW 1845 - ?
1 Coleman, James A. 1848 - ?
AAHB Walker, Emma 1844 - ?
1 Drake, ( )
AAHC Walker, Jack 1847
goes on to AAHK ...Walker, Thomas 1868-1890

Notes: Nannie Coleman was accepted, Ft. Gibson, OK. (related roll #'s

B - He was Major John Walker
C - Died during the 1850's
D - Lived in Going Snake District, Indian Territory in 1851
E - He was born in Calhoun, TN. He enrolled for annuities in 1835, 1851,
1874, 1880. He lived in Tahlequah District #321 in 1851.

Also, Clayton Blackwell posted the Revolutionary record of John Blackwell on
10/5/98, which corresponds with the above information. If John was in Burke
Co., NC during the Revolution, the move over to TN would have been a "no
brainer". I have other family members (ancestors) that did the exact same
thing around the 1830's. And, if John had 12 children as Clayton said, who
knows where they all went and how they all connect. sum it up, there is something to this VA/TN/GA/SC and NJ

Please, if you have any thoughts on this, I am all ears!

Sincerely, Angela (Pierce) Groenhout

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