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Subject: [AUS-WA] *** Help Wanted: W/Aust Monday February 5 ***
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G'day ALL.

Here's the Can You Help? column from Monday's West Australian.

* The photograph mentioned in the first article can be scanned and forwarded
as a PRIVATE attachment to any chatterer who is interstate or overseas and
unable to get access to the West Australian newspaper.

* Fellow chatterer Sharon BECCARIA gets a run this week with the article
devoted to her surname while the ABORIGINAL COUSINS article comes from a
lady in Queensland who wrote to me asking where she could advertise her
search and forthcoming reunion.

Keep sm:)ing, ROB!!

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CAN YOU HELP: Monday 5/2/2001 (The West Australian, p. 31)

PHOTO: Looking for Jessie and Alfred: The pair sent packages of clothes,
food, and cakes to a family in Norway after World War II for several years.
The parcels were addressed to Morten and Sigrig Hana. Their son Svein is
holidaying in Perth and hopes to say thank you in person before he flies out
this afternoon. Contact Svein Hana, 0415 351 840 (this morning only) or write
to him at Froylandsveien 3, N-4355 Kvernaland, Norway. Email < >

ABORIGINAL COUSINS: Amanda Barlow in Queensland is casting a wide net in
search of her family who were scattered and lost as members of the "stolen
generation". Amanda is looking for the descendants of her great-grandfather's
brothers and sisters. The nine girls and three boys were taken from their
home on the Atherton Tableland about 100 years ago. They were the children of
Polly Kelly and Billy Barlow and some names of their descendants include:
Joe, Ivy and Lucy Barlow, also Litia and Jessie Barlow. Amanda has been
searching for three years and has tried all the appropriate channels. A
family reunion is to be held in Queensland at Christmas for the Barlows,
Kerrs, Kellys, Purcells, Johnsons, and Murrays who originated from Charters
Towers, Croydon, the Atherton Tablelands and Yarrabah. Amanda is appealing to
anyone who may have any information which will help piece the jigsaw
together. Contact: Amanda Barlow, 23 Madge Street, Rockhampton, Qld 4701.
Telephone (07) 4926 4770. Email: < >.

BECCARIA: Descendants of Alessandro and Anna Maria Beccaria's children are
sought for family history: Eliza (born 1911), Elsa (1912), and Alec (ca.
1918). The family lived in Kalgoorlie. Contact: Sharon Beccaria, telephone
(08) 9226 0502. Email: < >.

BURMA RAILWAY TOUR: Groups of Australians will be visiting Thailand and Burma
to participate in a war memorial service at Hellfire Pass on Anzac Day, April
25, 2001. There are two groups, 10-day and 14-day, leaving April 19. Further
details available to anyone interested in joining them. Contact: Faye or
George (08) 9381 9644.

CRAYFISHERMEN: The writer is researching the history of the Abrolhos Islands
crayfishery and would like to hear news of Ron Ronan, who in 1935 at the age
of 15 was involved with a crayfish cannery at the Abrolhos Islands. Ron had a
sister named Esther who married Alf Turner. Also, Laurie Cousins and his
brother who were involved in the Abrolhos crayfishery in the 1940s. They were
in the industry with Peter Duperouzal, and the boats Flying Cloud, Edna, and
Thelma. Contact: Ron Bertelsen, 61A Eastern Road, Geraldton 6530. Telephone
(08) 9964 2149.

DUNKLEY/READ: Confirmation is sought about the families of sisters Muriel and
Laurel Pell who were born in WA in 1913 and 1920 respectively. Muriel married
Ira Clifford Dunkley and their children's names are believed to be Clifford,
Brian and Valerie. Laurel married Robert Read and their children's names are
Peter, Vanessa, Gail and Roberta. Contact: Evelyn Bryan, telephone (08)
9341 5703.

HIGGINS: Seeking Robert and Barry Higgins, or any members of their respective
families. Robert and Barry are sons of Clement Claude Higgins, born 1912 in
Pingelly, son of Richard and Eliza Higgins. Claude died in 1964. The
information is sought for inclusion in a nearly completed book about the
Higgins family of Mourambine and Pingelly. Contact: Lesley Lane, 1 Pembroke
Street, Bicton 6157. Telephone (08) 9438 2235. Email: < >.

JOHANSEN: Norwegian immigrant, Helge (Joe) Johansen lived in Fremantle in the
late 60s early 70s where he worked as a seaman. He died on board the ship
Nancy Heath on December 5, 1975, and is buried at Shellharbour in New South
Wales. Family from Norway are seeking any information about his life in
Australia. In particular from "Margie". The family has a letter written by
"Margie" three weeks before Joe's death. Names mentioned in the letter
include her neighbour Julie, Jan and Ollie, Gladys and Peter, Paul McCarthy,
and Donna. Very little is known about him or his sad passing. Contact: Mr and
Mrs K. Hermansen, 18 North Street, Woombah, NSW 2469. Telephone (02)
6645 9074. Email: < >.

KEANE/HITCHCOCK: Irish sisters Honora and Mary Keane arrived in WA on the
Travencore on January 13, 1853. Mary married William Scott at Albany in 1854
and settled at Norlup, Scotts Brook. Mary's descendants would like to know
what became of Honora. She is believed to have married David Hitchcock of
Middle Swan. Contact: Kim Scott, (08) 9451 8605, or Ian McCormick (08)
9390 6143.

KNIGHT: Richard Knight attended Pinjarra Senior High School in 1977 before
returning to Perth later that year to live in St James. News of Richard's
whereabouts is sought by his Pinjarra friend and neighbour, Paul, whose
family Richard may remember because they had a pet kangaroo. Contact: Can You
Help? (08) 9482 3382.

LEES: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Lucy Catherine Lees? She was last
known to be living in the Willagee-Fremantle area about 30 years ago. Lucy
would be in her 80s now. Her half-brother, whom she has never met, is
visiting Perth from Indonesia until March 2 and he would love to see her
before he returns. News of a Bill McGuinness, an old friend of Lucy, could
help. Contact: Milton Edwards, 40/188 North Beach Drive, Tuart Hill, 6060.
Telephone (08) 9440 5907.

MATTHEWS: Looking for the children of June Beryl Matthews to complete a
family tree. Their names are believed to be Wielan Frederick, Robert John,
Lorrain, Sheryl, and Kenneth and would be in their 50s now. June and her
family were from Perth. Contact: Fay Ward, (08) 9390 2773.

MIKLOS/MIKLIS: A wedding ring was found in a lost property box several years
ago. The inscription on the inside of the band reads, Miklos (or possibly
Miklis), 1953. There is also a date. It is hoped to return the ring to its
rightful owner, or nearest kin. Contact: Shirley Crawford, (08) 9364 7524.
Email: < >.

MELBOURNE MILITARY HOSPITAL: An English veteran is hoping someone will
remember the hospital where he stayed when taken ill while serving on HMS
Ranee in 1944. The ship had called into Port Melbourne and he was put in a
hospital "of sorts". It was a low building of wooden structure, and the
patients were all RAAF - he being the only Englishman. There was a township
nearby, possibly St Kilda, where he remembers having a meal at a restaurant
"with cubicles". Our writer would love to hear from anyone who remembers
where, and a photograph would be a bonus. Contact: S. Tiffin, 2 Falconry
Court, 7 Fairfield South, Kingston-On-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2UR, England.

NICHOLLS: William Hugh Nicholls was born in Cornwall, UK, and went to WA
about 1896. Information is sought for the Nicholls family history. Does he
have any descendants or relatives still living in WA? Contact: T. Abel, 78
Brushy Creek Road, Lenah Valley, Tasmania 7008. Email:
< >.

NUGENT: News of the whereabouts of Trevor Nugent is sought by an old
Geraldton high school friend from the early 1950s. He later joined the RAAF
and his last known address was "Canning Highway" in 1960. Contact: Peter
Jeans, (08) 9576 1468. Email: < >.

NURSE CALL: "Michael" hopes to find the dedicated nurse who was so caring
after he had a serious accident while riding his racing bike in Shenton Road,
Swanbourne, in the evening twilight 50 years ago. It was late 1949 or early
1950. Michael spent time in Fremantle Hospital with a head injury and the
nurse patiently taught him English and even washed and ironed his bloodied
shirt ready for when it was time for him to leave the hospital. Michael was a
"New Australian" and lived in the Swanbourne army camp. Our unknown nurse
lived in Claremont. She may not remember Michael, but he will never forget
her kindness, and would like to say "thank you". Contact: Can You Help? (08)
9482 3382.

PENNIMENT/EGAN: Old friends and acquaintances of Daniel and Bonnie Egan (nee
Penniment) are sought from the years prior to the 1960s. Photographs and
information about their early days would be appreciated by their daughter who
is compiling the family history. Does anyone know about Bonnie's trip to New
Zealand in the 30s? Who were the friends in her photographs? Daniel and
Bonnie were both born in Kalgoorlie. They married in Pinjarra in 1938, and
lived in Meekatharra in the 40s, Norseman in the 50s, also in Kalgoorlie for
short periods as well. Contact: Pat Liebich, (08) 9414 1453. Email:
< >.

RARE DROP: The writer has two bottles of wine, Jack Starr's Merrivale Shiraz
1974, "grown, trodden and bottled for Perth Lemming Club. Priced 11.75".
There is a picture of three Lemmings on the label with the words, Selfus
Destructus Glorius. Information is sought about the club and the wine.
Contact: R. Logie, telephone/fax (08) 9885 1029.

VETERANS: Extreme Disabled Society of WA: All EDA recipients and their
partners/carers are warmly invited to the general meeting to be held at the
Cityplace Community Centre, Perth railway station (upper level) on Wednesday
(7/2) at 9.45am. Refreshments will be served. Inquiries, contact: Aurelie
Bergin (08) 9402 2043.

VETERANS: National Service 11th Intake, 21 Platoon, A Company, Puckapunyal,
February 1968: A lunch will be held at Rigby's Tavern (rear 221 St Georges
Terrace, Perth) on Wednesday February 7 at 12.30pm. Contact: Lisa at Rigby's,
telephone (08) 9324 1196, or Rod McLennan 9381 4851.

VETERANS: Ex Prisoners of War: The Ex Prisoners of War Association (WA) is
combining its annual memorial service with the morning service of the Wesley
Church, corner William and Hay Streets, Perth, next Sunday February 11 at
10am. The annual service is conducted on the Sunday preceding the date of the
Fall of Singapore. All ex POWs, their wives, widows and families, and
interested members of the public, are invited to attend in remembrance of
those "who gave their tomorrow so that we may have our today". Wreaths and
tokens of remembrance may be laid by anybody. Please advise if you wish to
attend. Contact: Arthur Leggett, (08) 9279 9340.

VETERANS: Royal Naval Association (Marmion): The association meets at the
Whitford Sea Sports Club, Ocean Reef Boat Harbour, on the second Tuesday of
every month at 1900 for 1930. If you served in the Andrew, Harry Tates, Navy,
FAA, DEMS, or Merchant Navy, or in the Royal Australian naval forces or any
other navy, you are invited to "come aboard" and will be assured of a warm
welcome. Wives and sweethearts are also welcome, either just to visit, or
become an associate member. Next meeting, February 13. Contact: Aubrey,
telephone (08) 9304 7017.

VETERANS: 2 Aust. Radar Detach. AIF: Ron Paton would like to hear from former
members to organise a reunion. Contact: Ron Paton, telephone 0408 271 025.

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